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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I shall be grateful if could confirm whether Hib Titer vaccine is SAME AS Haemophilus Influenzae B vaccine (HIB). If there is a difference kindly give me details.

Meher (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes the are one and the same

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: My daughter was given her second dose of immunization including polio drops last week. After about an hour or so, she was breastfeeded. But, immediately after breastfeeding, she vomitted. Do you think the immunization drops may not have been absorbed? Should we have it repeated?

Seema (Gohati, India)

A: Do not worry, by the time the child completes 5 years, she would have received at least 10 doses of oral polio drops. The child will receive adequate protection through one of those doses.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: What is to be done is the BCG vaccination sign does not show the vaccine mark? I have read somewhere that if the mark does not show, then the child will have to be vaccinated again. Is this true? Please let me know.

Shalini (Mumbai, India)

A: Get a Mantoux test done on your child. If it is negative, you need to revaccinate.

Q: My son has taken the following vaccinations by the time she turned a year old: BCG, ORAL POLIO, HEPATITIS B, MMR. He has not been given any vaccination since then as he is on a homeopethic treatment for freequent cold and cough. Has he missed out some vaccainations. Kindly advise.

Meenakshi (Mathura, India)

A: I think he has missed a couple of vaccines - 1st year Booster of DPT and oral polio, Typhoid vaccine and chickenpox vaccine. Get in touch with your paediatrician.

Q: Is it necessary to vaccinate my child for Hepatitis A? Some doctors in our area say it is necessary and others say it is not.

Kiran (Chennai, India)

A: Hepatitis A is an optional vaccine. Personally, I feel it is not necessary. But there is no harm if your child is vaccinated. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: Our doctor has suggested that we take our baby for an HIB injection. However, she says that it is not necessary. I would like to know what HIB is, and if it is costly.

Suraj (Haryana, India)

A: Most infections for the children in the age group 3 months to 3 years are caused by bacteria called Haemophilus influenza. Vaccines are available for only one of its types - type B. In western countries, all children are routinely vaccinated against this along with Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough vaccines. If you can afford it, you can have your child vaccinated without worrying about any major side effects. This vaccination is not routinely done in India, but it is no doubt good to have it done. Please check with your local pharmacy for the prices.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: We are planning a trip to India with our three year old son. Beside the normal vaccinations they receive in the US, what other vaccinations would they have to take before visiting India?

Viren (Los Angeles, USA)

A: Only Typhoid, Malaria and Hepatitis.

Q: My daughter was given three injections: B.C.G, DPT and Hepatitis-B when she completed her first month. The BCG injection is supposed to swell. It has been a week since she took the dose, but nothing as such has happened. Should the injection be given again?

Jivani (Mumbai, India)

A: Even though all the BCG vaccines should swell, burst and produce a scar in about 4-6 weeks, this does not happen in all the cases. This might be due to poor technique of injection. But, this does not mean she needs another vaccination. But, if you are worried then he should have a mantoux test first before attempting a second BCG vaccination. I personally would not worry about it.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: We have missed our son's 3rd dose of Hepatitis-B Vaccine due last week. Should we repeat all the three doses or should we just give him the final dose?

Kalpana (Delhi, India)

A: Just give the missed dose. Get his antibody levels checked. If it is still low, you can give her one more dose.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: My child was given BCG vaccination after 3 days of birth but the mark is not visible. Should the vaccination be repeated?

Pooja (Mumbai, India)

A: I would suggest that you get a Mantoux test done. If it is negative, you may repeat the BCG.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: I have been told that I need to give my baby the BCG vaccine. Could you tell me what disease the vaccine will protect my child against? Does the vaccine have any side effects like fever, pain or swelling? What are the consequences of not taking it?

Devika (Lucknow, India)

A: BCG vaccine is a compulsory vaccine. It is a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis. There are absolutely no side effects like fever/pain etc. There will be a nodule at the site of the injection 2 months after the injection.

Dr. Subba Rao

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