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School Admission Queries
Kindly read through our Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your queries. If you still wish to ask a question to our panel of experts, click here for our premium services.

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School Admission Queries >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a query which I would like to ask the counselling psychologist. We are currently going through the school admission process for our daughter. In one of the schools (we are interested that she goes to this school), we were told that everything is fine, but since her speech is not clear, she will have to be reviewed again. This school of high repute also said that our child will be reviewed over and over again till their counsellor is satisfied. I checked with his playschool teachers and they do not find anything wrong with my her speech. Everyone at home also feels that he speaks fine. Do you think it is alright that we let our child go through this review process in that school - will it in anyway damage his development and affect her?

Manisha (Mumbai, India)

A: It is really irritating to hear stories about these so-called hi-fi schools. You know her better than anyone else and you know that there is nothing wrong with her. Her pre-school teachers also agree with this. Obviously pushing your daughter too much will make her frustrated. You don't want your child to grow up remembering how you wanted to send her to a particular school, but she just wasn't good enough to get admission. Who is this counsellor? Is he/she a child psychologist or a speech therapist or a paediatrician? And if so, what does he or she expect from a 3.5 old child? A concert? Perhaps the school is looking for a bribe. Don't let these people intimidate you and your daughter.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: At what age should I send my child to nursery?

Partibha (Noida, India)

A: Place your child in a nursery when he is 3 and a half years old.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: What is the right age to send a child to school?

Avinash (Cochin, India)

A: Nurseries usually accept children just over the age of 3. Parents send their children to play schools after the age of 2.

Dr. Subba Rao

Q: My nephew is getting admitted to school 7 months earlier than his age. He will be younger than other children in his class. Will he be able to cope with the curriculum? Will this early admission affect his development in any way? What is the best age to admit a child to school?

Gopi (Calicut, India)

A: It is nice to note the concern in you for your nephew. Whether early introduction into the school will affect your child is a question difficult to answer. It would be best to closely supervise him than draw conclusions that may bias you at this stage. The right age for him to be in the first grade would be 5 - 5 years you could now calculate backwards according to the system existing in your city. His coping with studies would depend on many other factors much more important than age. Nothing can substitute your personal interest in him and his academics - the school is the medium for his academic development but how he takes on academics and life at a larger perspective is up to your involvement as a parent. There is usually an age gap of around 10 months to a year between the younger and the older children in a particular grade, based on the system of individual schools. It shouldn't make much of a difference.

Dr. Jyoti Sangle

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