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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child is very slow in eating his food and doing his homework. Even his teacher tells us that he is slow in doing any written work given in class. Otherwise he is very active in all other normal activities.
Marina (Atlanta, USA)

A: Your child may be a slow learner i.e. he may be having beginnings of dyslexia which makes him slow at writing. It is also possible that he requires more practice with speed. Try and give him dictation at home so he builds up speed. Donít worry about his slow eating, as long as he finishes off his meals. You could try rewarding him if he finishes his food fast. Do not punish him for eating slow. Prepare food that he likes to eat.
Dr. Jyoti Sangle

Q: My daughter has a learning disability. She tries his best, but just can't remember. What is the treatment for this?
Kavita (Canada, USA)

A: There are no medicines available to increase the memory. Non-allopathic medicines which claim to increase memory have never had any clinical trials. Your son has got learning disability and its best that we should try to see whether any change in the way we teach him could help. Try talking to his teacher or his educational psychologist, if he has one.

Q: I would like to know about the testing procedures for finding out whether a child is afflicted with dyslexia. Could you give me the addresses of good centres/doctors/counsellors for treating dyslexia?
Rajiv (Jaipur, India)

A: Dyslexia is a reading disability. It occurs due to a fault in the processing and interpreting graphic symbols by the brain. This has nothing to do with eyes. However, it is good to see an eye specialist first to rule out any eye problems, which might be interpreted as dyslexia. Unfortunately, I don't know any counsellors in Jaipur. Please check with your local paediatricians.

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