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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Any solutions for curing psoraisis skin disease.
Venkatesh (Chennai, India)

A: A doctor would be of more help, since this is just for beauty queries. However, I know someone who applied ghee every night to her feet and slept wearing socks, and it really helped her with her psoraisis. Perhaps you could try this too.
Vidula Chopra

Q: I suffer from Psoriasis for the last 10 years or so. Approximately 3 years ago I developed Psoriatis arthritis in one of my hand joints. Recently my psoriasis is spreading to other parts of my body from the initial sites, which were both elbows. Are there any alternatives to Cortisone creams, Vitamin D analogs etc? Any new treatments coming? What can I do to stop further progression of this disease?
Deepen (Mississauga, Canada)

A: Psoriasis is a long-term disease. Try antioxidants. Relaxation and meditation too should be of benefit. Steroids/Vitamin D analogues and anti-inflammatory drugs are the mainstay. Check with your dermatologist if you are a fit candidate for Methotrexate/Cyclosporin A.

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