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You are here : home > Baby's Diet > Baby's Diet For Good Health > Benefits of Turmeric > Comments


Name: Manju Nath
Country: Malaysia
Pigmentation free skin is what evryone seeking for in this 21st century especially women today who haunting for Tammanna's skin is a great kick-start! take in a glass of milk with 1 teaspoon ofe turmeric every night before you sign off for the day....You will tend to notice the changes on ur skin tone within 1month :) or you may try putting a leather of mixture made of milk ,honey and turmeric on your sunburn or infection affected area...the result will certainly surprise you:)

Name: robita
Country: India
Turmeric is good for cough and cold also..

Name: Kim.Hardly
Country: India
Turmeric is very good for health, my grandmother says that it is good for having fair complexion so I have a pinch of turmeric powder with milk

Name: ria.khanna
Country: India
hey every1 ..the article and u people comments have been very helpful..thank you all...hope ul stay connected thru this board..

Name: vicky.shah
Country: India
turmeric really reduce pigmentation and glows skin especially use with milk cream

Name: dnrc
Country: Nepal
does turmerc really helps in facial hair fall? in how many days will it shows the result?

Name: Roseline.Chettiar
Country: India
Hi,Ash from :United Kingdom. You have mentioned about eating raw turmeric. Can u pls confirm whether it is root or powder??? how much to take each day??? pls confirm...i have skin problems tooo like that of yours.

Name: Roseline.Chettiar
Country: India
Hi,Ash from :United Kingdom. You have mentioned about eating raw turmeric. Can u pls confirm whether it is root or powder??? how much to take each day??? pls confirm...i have skin problems tooo like that of yours.

Name: xyzc
Country: India
i use trumeric daily on ma skin n beleive me it works i have no scars or hair on ma face n some people also think tat i used 2 do facials on ma face bcoz it glows but i dont do anything except applying turmeric on the face

Name: julie
Country: United Kingdom
which is the best way to take turmeric for the memory, is tablet form ok, if so how much should you take or which other way is better.

Name: diana
Country: United Kingdom
tell me the company name of the turmeric powder because when i went to the shops there were many types and i want glowing skin but dont know which one to choose!

Name: Alwrin
Country: India
do not use turmeric powder which is for cooking as it may contain other ingredients and coloring. buy real turmeric and grind it and mix with gram flour and water or honey. after 10 mins or when it becomes dry, you can wash it off, but make sure you use your face wash or soap to remove the yellow color. and be careful with your clothes, bathrobe, towel, wash basin, bathroom door and all other places as it may turn yellow and very difficult to remove the stain.

Name: HEMANT...
Country: India
i use helps a lot...cleans your face for sure.. but i am still troubled with acne..

Name: lopnlucky
Country: U.S.A.
i use a product called turmeric force. i have found that pain and swelling, intestenal, weight, color of skin have improved. my horses are on 1/2 cup of dried turmeric mixed with tespoon of black pepper in grain with some water to bind.

Name: blueberry
Country: India
hi lala, "kappa" is a malayalam word and it stands for "tapioca"... you will easily get that in indian store which is run by a malayalee in ask around if you have an malayalee or south indian friends..

Name: anna
Country: United Kingdom
i have just had to take off work used tumeric as face mask only left on 5 minutes and i look like i been hit by a bus!! it is very yellow like a big bruise and i cannot get it off!!!

Name: terri
Country: United Kingdom
i have just tried a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of honey and boiling water. i am hoping it will help with my fibromyalgia. i will take every morning for 3 months and record the changes if any?

Name: noodles
Country: Fiji
will it make the hair on my head fall out?

Name: breda
Country: Spain
i cant wait to try the tumeric past on my face. recently i read an artical regarding skin cancer and the result was that the cancer cells died having been treated with tumeric for something like 24hrs good news

Name: Helen
Country: U.S.A.
turmeric helps control my rosacia. i use 1 tsp in 6 to 8 ounces of warm milk daily. do this for 4 or 5 days then skip a couple days befor restarting.

Name: lala
Country: U.S.A.
okay this question is for viji from india "comment: many people think that turmeric help hair fall, even i for that matter. i came across an article which said turmeric helps softening the hair not in falling off. another herb called kuppa meani(available in plenty in south india) actually helps hair fall." where can i find this spice. i've looked for it online and cannot find any information about it, even in indian stores. are you sure you've spelled this correctly? maybe it has a different name...but if this works better on hair then we should know more about it! thanks for your help

Name: vikram
Country: India
abe yaar, i have small hairs all over my face just below my eyes, on my nose tip, whenever i shave it looks bad as because it appears clean in lower part os face but hairy in upper part. each and every one can notice them and i feel ashamed going to college and giving vivas or interviews as all of stare my face and have a laugh inside their mind and don't try to understand what am i answering. pls help gyus my life is misery with hairs

Name: less hair
Country: U.S.A.
if you want less hair on your face or body mix a little turmeric with soy flour and half and half milk or heavy cream. leave on until it dries and rinse off ... your skin will look awesome and after some time you'll have less hair regrowth.

Name: lee
Country: New Zealand
i am a white woman with facial hair. if i use this paste will it strain my skin yellow? is this easily removed with a normal cleanser or does it need to be milk?

Name: Mark
Country: India
will taking 1 tsp of turmeric in water be beneficial? if so, how often should i do this?

Name: hiiii
Country: India
okay guys, i really need your help! im only 14 and im growing facial hair :s has anyone experienced reduced facial hair since using turmeric?

Name: nisha23
Country: India
can you please let me knw if turmeric stops da hair groth on face?

Name: nice girl
Country: India
i really wnt to know if i should eat raw turmeric not powder every morning, i hav dark skin.will be helpful for me.can i hav it in winter season.

Name: vkb
Country: India
i am in agreement with the article and readers' views. i add that i have been using turmeric soaked in water overnight. i drink a glass of this water every day morning. my blood sugar levels are very normal compared to what they were one month ago. i have also shed 5 kgs in a month.

Name: vkb
Country: India
i agree with the views of contributors. i add that i

Name: Tapan
Country: India
is turmeric used as anti cholesterol agent

Name: abaseen
Country: Pakistan
have anyone one tried turmeric for scars spots and pigmentation

Name: tresmarias
Country: Philippines
will try turmeric !

Name: kunyit
Country: Malaysia
how do i use turmeric for tumors?

Name: suvija
Country: India
yes facial hair will be removed

Name: suvija
Country: India
yes facial hair will be removed

Name: Leher
Country: United Kingdom
will tumeric help remove facial hair? please get back to me.

Name: Serena
Country: United Kingdom
can i drink (dry) turmeric powder alone with cold water, or would it cause stomach upset? do i need to boil it first?

Name: suvija
Country: India
if u have sore throat.then boiled milk and 1/4th teaspoon turmeric powder mix cures really.

Country: Canada
turmeric 3 x a day for 3 months cured my sister of cancer. there are no equal to it

Name: T.S.Sundaram.
Country: India
turmeric,frequently used in indian food,is also believed to be one of the protectors against alzheimer’s disease.”

Name: food technologiest
Country: India
turmeric act as antiseptic and also helps in curing dental is mixed with mustard oil,salt n make a paste massage gently on ur teeth gums

Name: Aneeka
Country: United Kingdom
haldi is brill!

Name: seema
Country: India
to effectively remove the yellow stain after applying turmeric on face you use milk. you need a cup of milk and some first aid cotton to wipe off. dip a little of cotton in the milk and clean the skin the same as you do with a cleansing lotion. take a fresh swab of cotton each time you dip in the milk and clean the face. most of yellow stain is removed

Name: bookworm
Country: South Africa
try tumeric mixed with ginger in warm water -try it, write your results here after 2weeks

Country: India
to name: m4dsmu4f country: australia congratulations to have said it. i agree with every letter of what you have said in your comments column. god bless you. october 7,2009.

Country: India
for the query from vina mauritious, about psoraisis. i have heard people telling that turmeric is very beneficial for skin diseases. the skin becomes smooth and fair complexioned. skin diseases are cured when massaged with butter mixed with turmeric powder.vina, you can give a fair trial to this and let me know. nothing is lost. this i have heard from my grand-mother. october 7,2009.

Country: India
i am from bangalore. it is said that turmeric vitalizes the liver by stimulating it. it has the property of stimulating the blood too. early in the morning daily at around 4.30am i boil a teaspoon of turmeric powder in 250 ml of water, add a teaspoon of honey and drink it. no side effects so far. this also helps me in having regular movement of bowels. i am happy with my experiment.

Name: Vina
Country: Mauritius
how can it helps psoraisis

Name: T.S.Sundaram.
Country: India
it is said that turmeric possesses a unique property,not found in any other substance of stimulating and strengthening the liver.the ancient books of ayurveda have accepted this fact.modern dieticians have also accepted this property of turmeric.turmeric can ward off old age and diseases.

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