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Common Digestive Problems in Infants

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To take care of baby’s digestive problems, you need to first understand them properly. Constipation and building up of gas are the common digestive problems in babies. Read on to know more about the common digestive problems in babies.

Immature digestive system is the main cause of infants suffering from digestive problems. Baby’s digestive problems are not of a serious nature and usually get resolved on its own with the passage of time.

Certain rare cases of problems in a baby’s digestive system may require medical intervention. Hence it is important to understand and differentiate between the normal spit ups, gas, diarrhea and a serious baby digestive problem. 

Digestive Problems in Infants

Here are some of the common digestive problems that infants suffer from:

Spitting Up or Reflux

Normally all babies will spit up a little immediately after their feed. Parents need not be worried about their infant spitting up. Some babies may throw up more than the others. In case the spitting up is accompanied by visible pain in the infant or if the baby becomes extremely uncomfortable after throwing up it is best to consult a health care provider to rule out the possibility of the infant suffering from acid reflux.

In formula fed babies reflux is often caused due to a particular brand of formula which the infant may find difficult to digest. In such cases it may be worthwhile to switchover to another different brand of formula milk which may suit the infant.


Constipation is another one of baby’s digestive problems which is very common. Constipation is common in babies when they are switching over from breast milk to formula milk.

It is important to understand that passing infrequent stools is not a sign of constipation. Only if a baby is passing hard, dry stools or is experiencing pain while passing stools is it a clear indication of constipation. The need to consult a doctor will arise only if an infant has not been able to pass stools for more than 3 days.

Vomiting or Diarrhea

Vomiting or diarrhea is a sign of viral infection. In case this is not frequent, excessive or painful it is not a major cause of concern. The best way to treat vomiting and diarrhea is to keep the baby well hydrated. Even if the baby continues to vomit it is best to keep giving her fluids. In case vomiting or diarrhea is accompanied by fever or fatigue it is necessary to consult a health care provider.

Excessive Gas Builds Up in Infants

Babies tend to swallow a lot of gas while feeding. Since babies have an immature digestive system they will not be able to get rid of it or eliminate the trapped air naturally. A number of home remedies are effective to get rid of the trapped air in a baby’s stomach. These include massaging the tummy or bi-cycling the baby’s legs. In case the problem persists despite the use of such home cures it may require medical intervention.

Baby digestive problems are quite common and are fairly easy to treat. Thankfully serious digestive disorders are rare in babies. A weak and immature digestive system is the prime cause of most infants having digestive problems.

New parents may have to deal with various types of digestive problems in an infant. Keeping a close watch and looking out for signs which indicate a digestive issue can go a long way in getting rid of the problem quickly and easily. In case baby’s digestive problems persists for a long period of time or if an infant is in pain parents must immediately consult a doctor.
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Aarti.3 years ago
great information for all parents.
Aahna.3 years ago
after feeding my baby spits up. i was very concerned but after reading this article, i was at ease as it is normal. .
Mehendiratta.3 years ago
kids seldom know the hygiene so they suffer from digestive problems. perfect care can prevent such probs.
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