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You are here : home > Child Development > Social Behaviour > Difficult Children - Moody, Disobedient, Naughty

Difficult Children - Moody, Disobedient, Naughty

Most of a toddler's actions are aimed at attracting your attention.She will behave in an increasingly willful manner in an attempt to assert her independence.This must not be taken as being disobedient.Dealing with a naughty or disobedient child needs extreme patience.

My child is moody and disobedient

Most of a toddler's actions are aimed at attracting your attention. Thus, she may try speaking to you, crying, hitting you or annoying you. She is not particular whether the attention is positive or negative as long as she can catch your eye. Once you respond to her, she will smile or laugh at you. She will behave in an increasingly wilful manner in an attempt to assert her independence. Do not thwart her attempts at independence at every stage, although it may express itself as disobedience. This can lead to her developing a negative attitude in the future. Your baby will have frequent mood swings veering between extreme displays of affection and anger. The good news is that your child will become more participative in play and this is a good opportunity to teach them to share.

How do I deal with a naughty child

A naughty child is one who knows the difference between right and wrong, but lacks the maturity to exert self-control and do the right thing. They are usually apologetic and contrite when caught. However, often you will find that they are doing the exact same thing you had scolded them for doing just an hour ago. You have to be very patient with naughty children. Initially, you should try the sympathetic approach, speaking to them frequently. If this fails, punishment becomes necessary. Corporal punishment is not an option. Restricting or withdrawing privileges is much more effective. 

My child does not seem to listen to me

A disobedient child is one who deliberately flouts authority. Children like this really try your patience. A disobedient child is rarely contrite or apologetic. His defiance leads to confrontations. Remember that physical punishment is likely to lead to aggression and truculence on his part. A programme that is a combination of reasoning and positive reinforcement is recommended. Explain to the child that her activities are anti-social or dangerous and suggest how she should behave. 

Is my child being particularly difficult

This is the time you will probably realize why this stage has been referred to as "the terrible twos." Nothing seems to be easy any more. You and your child just do not seem to understand each other. Your child is trying to spread her wings a little bit for the first time. She will constantly waver between asserting her independence and seeking your approval. She will become frustrated trying to do things for herself too soon. She will not allow you to help, although she may need your assistance. She will probably bite off more than she can chew in her quest to take charge of her life. This is an exasperating experience for you as you walk the fine line between encouraging her to be self-reliant and laying down the law.
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Recent comments (154 comments)
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Name: hiyasshi
Country: India

Ah someone please help me. My boy is @ 10 years old. No doubt sharp in studies n music bt totally indisciplined. He is not liked by his teachers n his frnds. Even he hads no friend. He irritates others by his activities too much that no body talks about his positive qualities all are always complainting about him. His teacher say to put him on meditation bt how that i dont know. Please india parenting team help me to make him sincere. Perhaps v r not good parents
Name: payal
Country: India

My little one gets moody if she we forget to give what I promise. So, I am extra careful when making promises to her. She cries silently in the night and that makes me feel terribly bad. And it happened one night. Very good article!
Name: payal
Country: India

My little one gets moody if she we forget to give what I promise. So, I am extra careful when making promises to her. She cries silently in the night and that makes me feel terribly bad. And it happened one night. Very good article!
Name: Praveen Premkumar
Country: India

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Name: Natalie
Country: South Africa

If you came here looking for advise on how to teach your child manners,help him/her grow to their full potential and become a decent adults, please ignore most of the comments from UK parents. I have stayed in England for some time and they have a law whereby parents are not allowed to spank their children. I agree that children should not be abused or neglected but light spanking is neither of these. The children in UK are rude,unpleasant and totally out of control. The roles have reversed and now the children are hitting their parents. The lack of discipline has had a detrimental effect on their "new generation". Whilst talking to some children does work, other children need to feel unpleasant smacks on the bum in order to think twice about misbehaving. Some people are so stupid is scary.
Name: Meenakshi Singh
Country: India

My little one is 1.6 months now.since i m working i dont get much time to spend with tackle his naughtiness i never hit him or scream at him.i simply put things in order and ask him to do the same way with his toys.this way he has started bieng organised since the kids of his age imitate things and learn from them.
Name: Rishita
Country: dubai

yes its very true. even my son is very moody. we have to keep trying different tricks to please him.
Name: Rashmi
Country: india

my daughter is two and she is very naughty despite understanding good or bad!but fortunately she comes around and says sorry after i punish's very true that children nowadays do need smaking here and there
Name: Cyn
Country: usa

i have an almost 5-yr old boy who does not want to mind me at all; this has been a challenge ever since he was born. whenever i discipline him, he seems to think it is ok to hit and scream at me. we are seeking some outside help finally, because all children, when growing up and learning right from wrong, get upset. but our son should have outgrown this by now. please say a prayer for us.
Name: Anon
Country: england

i think that your article is interesting & useful although i don't understand why others have to write such filth & ruin the nature of this site
Name: katie
Country: netherlands

i have read through the views on this webpage and think some people are completely sick. although you were probably having a sick laugh you should definately grow up. there are people in this world that had had terrible things happen to them and i don't think you have the right to make fun of other peoples problems.
Name: Darshana
Country: india

spanking should not be allow because it teaches children to hit back and effect children's because it teaches child to hit back and it effect child's behaviour.
Name: Ashley
Country: indonesia

child smaking is bad and people should use positive disipline with there voices
Name: shivangi
Country: germany

this article is very helpfull to me,,i m trying to follow dis,,but i guess i ve to be very kewl and clam,, but it works,,,thanks
Name: Min
Country: usa

this is to cyn. my son is also almost 5yrs.old. we had alot of the same problems and feelings. he should of outgrown it by now. we found a condition called o.d.d. look it up online, it bet it will spark a light bulb for you. hope it helps. p.s the key really is consistancy and stay calm. they feed off your reactions.
Name: leigh
Country: england

my child is nearly 5 and she is agressive,impatient and screams,kicks and shouts im at the end of my teather what should i do?
Name: hh
Country: india

my son is also naughty so when hes bad i grab him by the ear bring him to a chair and spank and its very hardit leaves big hand prints him then his father whippes him. if he says bad words he gets all of that with a bar of soap in his mouth then i put him in his room then he has to write a letter to me and who ever he did the naughty thing to and it says why he did it what he did and what the consenquence is
Name: henryetta
Country: england

i think you are all sick, children dont deserve to be beaten
Name: sue
Country: usa

i have twin boys that are very naughty but sometimes i spank them, and other times i just laugh because it's so cute watching them grow and become somewhat independent. i let them explore and really just let them have fun. spanking is good sometimes but joining in what they are doing will help you understand why they do the things they do. everything is so new to them, let play with the pots. they grow up really fast, we'll have time to punish them when they understand what they are doing wrong. at 18 months, my boys are just exploring.
Name: Sara
Country: usa

i have a 6 year old niece that has been through a lot of trauma, and she seems to take it all out on my family and her single mother. she doesn't listen very well, take baths, brush her teeth, or brush her hair. i really don't know what to do. please email me if you have an answer as: froggi62585@yah
Name: a mother of 2
Country: england

excellent advice if only people would listen.children these days have to much telly watching and not enough other stimulation,like walking.also they have forgotton ow to play they need computers etc,whereas when i was young like many of you i spent hours collecting bits and pieces like empty bottles etc to play shop with my need to be taught how to use their imaginations again to prevent boredom which leads to naughty behavior and crime in later life.i know this as my daughter who is 5 has been really trying and i often cried because i felt i couldnt cope but i got really good help and took all the advice i was given on board.rating for this site is excellent.
Name: The Beaten
Country: england

i was smacked as a child. now i beat people up for a living. if the people you love are capable of inflicting physical pain they detach your emotions. sure you just might learn respect. more likely to learn to bottle up your resentment develop anger management issuse be unable to relate to peers and make suitable social connections. might as well just buy them a gun and teach them to climb clock towers. smacking is only an indication of a parent without the necessary social skills or intellegence to be a parent in the first place. if you smack your child your legacy will be violence. nice going mom/pop! learn to deal with your own anger. learn the skills you need to control your kids. read a book and stop taking advice from crack pots with enough time to post drivvel on noticeboards. must go now have to break a guys knee-caps. happy smacking wackos!
Name: Tiffany
Country: usa

my son will be 3yrs old the end of feb. i am a 18yr old mom. which i have my mom and dad here with me, but he is one, how do i put it, wild youngin. he does the opposite of what i say to do all the time. spankin, switching, or timeouts does nothing. it might sit him down for at least 5 minutes but he will be back up doing it again. i tell him that he dont need to be doing this and that and talking to him but he will get mad and start hitting me, i spank him, and he will hit me again. i was just woundering if anyone knew if that was abnormal or was it just a typical 3yr old. i just want at least 2 yrs to pass by so he will listen a little better. i hate to see him getting kicked out of preschool. which he loves kids, going to church, writing, drawing, and etc. but from experienced moms out there the question is for yall.. is it going to get better ? or is it just out for the worst?
Name: concerned sane parent
Country: england

im very dissapointed that some sad individuals think they have the god given right to put pathetic sick comments on this site that has been designed purely for parents with genuine worries about their thing i have to say to you saddo`s grow up and get a bloody life.moronic prats!and to the people that created this web site and allow this rubbish to be displayed,i will certainly warn people against your website as i think most of the people who leave messages are sick sick sick,i don`t normally condone violence but give me 5 mins in a room with some of these twats and they wont be printing such crap again in a hurry.from a normal well balanced mother.
Name: abc
Country: usa

article is too brief ... more helpful tips should have been there .. not really satisfied.


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