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You are here: Home > Message Boards > Relationships >  Womens Issues >Pain & Bleeding at first night...
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  Womens Issues: Pain & Bleeding at first night...
Name: Shilpi
Date: 2002-05-03
Hi Friends, I am going to get married in few months. and as I have heard my friends and cousins talking abt the bleeding, the girls having at first my question is, Is that true, if the girls are having sexual relationsships first time should bleed....or it depends on physical situation of a girl??? I m confused....
Also, I have heard my friends saying it is very painful having sex the first is that pain tolerable?? or not??? I don't know, at one side, I m sooo excited and on the other hand...I m help me out here...
Name: jinu
Subject:  for u shilpa
Date: 2013-07-02
ask ur hubby to maintain slow strokes.............. no need of lubricz... the pain u giv excite the partner and makes a good love making scenes.... then ..enjoy the pain for a real pleasure.......:) njoy buddy
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Name: hh
Subject:  hh
Date: 2013-07-02
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Name: advice
Subject:  Pain during first night.
Date: 2003-05-31
Dont be scared about the pain. Follow the following tips.
Remove all your garments, including underwear before lying with your hubby.
apply lubicant oil in your vagina area liberally with your finger.
First lie on your back and keep your legs apart for your husband to have a comfortable intercourse.
After a few stokes you will feel comfort and there will not be much pain.

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Name: Shilpi
Subject:  Hi all...
Date: 2002-07-31
Hi Friends... Thank you very much... I m feeling much comfortable by hearing your opinions.. well, my marriage is going to be an arranged one... but I know my to be hubby almost year and a half..... but we haven't been to our first intercourse yet... N e way, Thank you very much, Ria, Chitra, Sree, Sunil, Sandra, Kabita, Priya...... Now, I m not scared at all..... and I have got my answers.... :)..
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Name: chitra
Subject:  first night
Date: 2002-05-30
Hi Shilpi,

It is my opinion that very few couples make love on the first night. i am talking ofcourse about arranged marriages. first of all u should try to get to know u'r husband a little more before jumping into sex. so it ususally takes atleast 3days to a week before u have sex for the first time. by then, u are quite relaxed and eager that u do not realize the pain at all. of course since it is the first time, it is a bit uncomfortable the first few times, but i wouldnt say the pain is that bad. so cheers and enjoy and think about the great time u are going to have together.
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Name: kabita
Subject:  do not worry
Date: 2002-05-30
Do not worry, when I got marry, I was also had the same feeling like you.
Try to use lubricated oilment for the first two three times and do not scared just enjoy that will make your body relax which will result you less pain.
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Name: Ria
Subject:  First Night
Date: 2002-05-30
Hi Shilpi,

Yes, It pains the first few times u have sex. But then gradually it goes away and then its enjoyable. I had a love marriage and inspite of knowing my husband before marriage, we didnt have sex on the first night. We just hugged and kissed... Because on the first night we r very tired and then the scary thought about painful intercourse. So u can decide with ur would be hubby to have sex after 1-2 days of ur marriage. In that way u can come to know ur husband and u wont be nervous & scared when u have sex. Regarding bleeding, not all girls bleed. I didnt have any bleeding. I guess it depends on the body of the girl. So dont worry about that. I read Sandra's reply and its too scary. Its not that scary okay. She's written that she bled for 3 days. I have not heard anyone having bleeding for 3 days. So its not that bad. The important thing is that ur husband should take it slow, not rush into things. Use lot of lubrication first few times until u r comfortable, it helps a lot. And tell ur husband not to force himself on u, just these things and u will enjoy sex. Happy Marriage and all the best in life.
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Name: sree
Subject:  hai
Date: 2002-05-30
No pain is unbearable which ultimately gives pleasure. What you heard is correct. Pain yes. but not unbearable. As suggested by others forget about all this and enjoy dreaming happy things
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Name: sunil
Subject:  don't worry
Date: 2002-05-29
hey i have been married a year ago..but during my first night there wasn't any bleeding to my wife...but she told that she had experienced lotof pain..the pain was there for 4-5 of sex..after that she is enjoying evry bit of...same with me
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Name: Priya
Subject:  Pain and Bleeding
Date: 2002-05-29
Hi Shilpi,

I am married for 3 years now and dont bother if u bleed or no on the first night. Why should u bother about bleeding on the first night. In this 21st century leave behind all those old fashioned thoughts. Just enjoy ur first night if u bleed u bleed otherwise dont bother.

Regarding pain yes it pains too much and u have to tolerate it, no choice atleast upto 7-8 times. But after that its a good feeling.

So enjoy.
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Name: Sandra
Subject:  My 1st time
Date: 2002-05-11
When I was 17 I lost it!!! I dont mean to scare you or anything but it did hurt like HELL!!!! I bled for 3 days and everytime I had to pee, it burned so bad....But at the time when I was in pain I would say to myself. The pain will go away and nothing bad is wrong...Now that I look back on that day and experice I am GALD that I lost it to HIM <3 and that we had that special moment together...
Congrads on your up coming marriage and dont be scared of the pain its all over in a matter of a !!!POP!!!! and since you are waiting for your MR.RIGHT aka your almost hubby!!!!
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Name: twinkle
Subject:  fresher
Date: 2012-11-19
hey...! i am getting married next month and very excited about it... i am new to this board
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Pain & Bleeding at first night...

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