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Womens Issues:puja mandir
Name: Divya
Am not sure if this is the right section....
We bought a house and I got a small puja mandir from india....
I have a sitting room upstairs attached to our bed room but looks like a seperate room ,it ' s towards north east sp I planned of keeping the mandir there so it would be conviniebt that we csn go there as soon as we take bath....

But i was suggested not have mandir upstairs it should be down stairs....
so down staris my dinning is towards north east corner ...can I keep mandir there ?
am thinking if people sit on table there legs will be facing towards mandir........

can i do thi s..Can I just keep one vinaya in north east corner down stais and keep the mandir upstairs ??

Let me know.
Name: Moon Light is right
Subject:  It should be thr in ur heart
Mandir is ur heart..
So where is not the should be the question

You can have your pooja room any where in ur house..
As moon Light said...It all depends on the way you take things..

U get peace in heart by keeping it in yuor bedroom also..just go for it..

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Name: supriyasanoj
Subject:  hai
I dont know much about vasthu Shasthra,I am living in US...I have made one small bedroom into Puja room and a office space.My grand mother used to tell me that God should be always placed in higher level...which means we should not keep any idol or pictures on the floor,and if you can spare some space upstairs then it will be best,because if we are keep it downstairs then we will be waking on top of go for the room upstairs...keep a ganesh down on a high table or something.
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Name: Moon Light
Subject:  Hi
All this direction/vastu is a big HOAX ...othervise a person of LOW morality can construct a vastu perfect house and live happilly there after ..will he get the mental piece?

God/Temple is created so that ppl can go their and for a moment forget the worries and be in the state of \" thoughtlessness\" .

Hence place the mandir where you FEEL comfortable and pious and get the calmness and do not place it where it is CONVINIENT to you without getting the above result..... You keep the mandir in such a place that not only you but the others 2 feel calmness/piece of mind when they r near a nut shell If you go in for \" convinience\" than the whole purpose of mandir will be defeated.

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puja mandir

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