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Eating Problems:2 year old son not eating
Name: Rukma Sen
Since my son was six months he has been a very bad eater.He is two years now and i am still struggling . He can stay without food the whole day . At times we feel he is hungry and is cranky too but still will not have food . We tried giving him various types of preparations but of no use . He is underweight . He is just 9.5 kgs at 2 yrs . Even height wise i feel he is not growing . I have been working and now am planning to quit my work .It is really frustrating . He is only on liquid diet .Can anybody suggest what kind of food i should try to give my child which will help to increase his weight. Pls help.Also would like to know if this is a common problem among children as i don't see anybody i know facing a similar problem.

Name: Meena
Subject:  Son does not eat anything!!
Hi All,

My son is a preterm baby and is 2.2 years now.
He is quite good and active but only problem that I face taht he does not eat anything. He is very skiny. Till now he dont want to eat roti or rice. He is on mic khicdi which is in liquid form only. But now he has stopped eating that too.
Dnt like sweet daliya or anything which is sweet.
I am failed to know that what he likes to eat. Now he has stopped taking milk too. I am really concern what shoudl I do and how I shoudl make him to eat anything.
Though I am working but i try to give him time after my office.
But he feels hungry anytime.
Seniors plz guide what should I do to make him comfortable in eating.
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Name: liz
Subject:  smothies for babys
Well when my son wouldn' t eat and i was worried about his wieght i tried meal replacements. I would mix about half a bottle with a banana and some frozen berries. I then would blend it all up and use a bubble tea straw for him to drink it.You can also try a pedeatrician and see if there' s any classes in your area.
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Name: pritee
Subject:  2 yr old not eating
hi rukuma,

stop all liquids !!! let him play & play till he is VERY HUNGRY even whole day. but no liquids.

take a few days leave & try this.

i am sure u feel guilty or rather made to feel guilty that u should leave ur job.... this decision is entirely urs. sitting in front of the child may or may not help. just get u more frustrated.

i think someone elderly home person could help, sometimes they know how to !!

hope it works ...
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Name: jalpa
Subject:  dont
dont worry all children at this age do this, i had same problem what id di was i stopped giving him liquid and only option he had was solid food and he understood that he has no choice
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Name: ann
Subject:  2 year old not eating
my son had the same problem. his two and half now and use to wear clothes for a 12 mopnth old. i took himn too the nutrisionist and she told me to give him a bowl of cereal before bed time. he would never take it for me and i were ready to give up. so i started playing little games with him. like telling him he can only have a small bite of food. he started to eat little bits at dinner then and drink bout 10ml of milk at dinner time. i just ketp at it and now days he eats bit more and drink bout 50mls. just never get angry with him and have a battle at the table. i know its hard but really trh hard. and if ur done eating take the food away. dont forse him to much. he will eat eventually. make an appointment with a dietishian.
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Name: meera
Subject:  Hope this works
Hi Rukma..I know how you feel...My 2yr old daughter is also a very fussy eater and was quite underweight. My PD suggested pediasure and it has worked. In past six months she has gained weight,height and even her appetite has increased. I also tried Dabur janam Ghunti for incresing appetite. diet with flavours of lemon,pepper,ginger etc. got her interested in atleast trying the new food. It was quit a struggle but don't lose hope...even pureeing foods and feeding has brought me good results. good luck..meera
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Name: Rukma Sen
Subject:  Thanks
Thanks Meera ,

I too started on pediasure just recently . Hope it works. i too will try the Dabur janam Ghunti .Thanks a lot once again
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Name: neetika
Subject:  same problem - 2 yr old does not eat
i have a similar problem with my son. he is also 2 plus. he never ever asked for anything to eat...till date. i force him on soup and custard everyday...and whatever least gets into his tummy, he is sustained by that only. But come summer, i am going to put him on banana shake. this will be really helpful and a good storehouse of energy. you can also try feeding banana shake in feeding bottle...maybe while your kid is asleep.
any more ideas...anybody...plzzzz i am desperate for any advice!!
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Name: mother of 2.5 year old
Subject:  try these
hi Rukma, neetika and all the other moms of fussy eaters,
in this summer try to feed water melon as it is very good in summer . if they don t like pieces try in juice form with a colorful straw.definetly that will attract kids. never ver bribe them with chocolates or any junk for having their food.instead of one full meal try feeding in regular intervals with cereals,fruits, boiled veggies or boiled chana or rajma what evr they like.start experimenting with all the available foods and one or the othe definetly they like.pedia sure is also a nice choice to combine with milk.but i feel for kids of 2 years age need more solids than liquids. make them to tire lot by cycling or playing in park etc. then definetly they will feel hungry.i will accompain with my son who os 2.5 year when he is cycling or playing in park. i make him to run and play in the park rather than sitting in merry- go- round.i made him a habit of cycling everyday for almost 20-30 min then he will go and play in park.start with 5-10 min of cycling and gradually increase.hope all these firm with kids when you are making them to learn a few good habbits. never melt before them.
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Name: suncitha
Subject:  fussy eater
Hi Rukma,
Just b'cos all the kids u know are eating well dosen't mean that u'r kid should also should eat like them. i know so many kids who are fussy eaters like your son and don't take anything for a whole day. It is very difficult to figure out why kids behave like that. Ok now coming to your case it is time u'r son have something solid but you told he takes only liquid diet. Have u ever checked with the dr as to whether he has any problem with his throat. B'cos if they have they will refuse to take solid food. Now don't worry even liquid food can be made nutritious. Try giving him oats (the thickness u have to decide depending on u'r sons taste)mixed with carrot halwa, cornflakes(mixed fruits), broken wheat with which you can make kanji and finely chopped and cooked sabji. Try giving all this.
You told u r working. with whom does he stay when you go to work. If you are putting him in a daycare ask your parents or in-laws to come and stay with you for a few weeks to see whether it could make any changes. Wish you all the best
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