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Weight Concerns:Very Pale and Underweight 2 and half year old
Name: Aoife
I just don't know what to do. My son is only 2and a half and very skinny. His weight seems fine for his age (I\";ve checked it on a few weight charts) but alot of people are commenting on him looking thin. I can see it myself. Myself and my husband do our very best to get him to eat good food but it's hopeless. He will actually get sick if he has to eat something he doesn't like. He eats spegetti, sausages, ceareal etc. He'd gag if I tried to give him vegetables even so I still try him every single day. He's a very clever child. He can count and write his name and everything and sings songs and stuf, so his brain is perfect! (Thank God) . He's very happy. The only issue is the not eating enough. What can I do. He's too skinny. What can I do to put a bit of colour into his face!!!

Also I'm sick of people saying to me \";Would you not feed him a bit more\";. If another person comments on my sons weight I'll crack up. You'd think I wasn't feeding him!!!! Or I don't care about my own son.

Please please help. I feel like a very bad mother.....
Name: Ayanna
Subject:  underweight 2 year old
Since your child likes spaghetti- I would suggest mashing up veg such as carrots, zucchinis, even aubergines in the tomato sauce you use. Most kids can't tell it's in there.
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Name: Shubhendu Singh
Subject:  no worries
I was here to do some research on my MBA project, but I could not resist responding to your quote.

Let me assure you that if the child is playful and eats what he likes when he is hungry, there should not be much to worry about. Its amazing how kids have a system which helps them choose the right amount of food for them.

I do not wish to trivialize your concern and I would definitely seek another opinion from a pediatrician and see if he/ she would prescribe something to increase food intake. But, nothing that would keep me awake.

Good luck!
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Name: nidhi
Subject:  hi
hi aoife
you didnot mention his weight. i also have a 2 and a half year old boy
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Name: kamal
Subject:  please help
dear nidhi

i come to know that ur son is two and half year old kindly read my mail on this board with a subject of worried mom and please reply me.
waiting for ur reply
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Very Pale and Underweight 2 and half year old

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i think it is very serious issue. weight is not proper is common problem but you are saying she eats properly then please do consult a pediatrition they may help you with correct guidence... - saniya [View Message]
even i had the same problem but when child grows up and see other people when he go to school and learn he will stop by himself. its not a big deal. still you keep trying by your side. doctor said for my child that try different tricks on babies they are intelligent and gets what you are doing so you keep trying new things... - prerna [View Message]
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I think it is very important to consult a pediatrician. If she keeps on losing her weight, then it might be an issue. So, consult with the doctor immediately and give her the essential vegetables or cereals to improve her weight.
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I would like to go with Ayanna’s suggestion. It is logical and it will be easily accepted by kids. My daughter is 2 years now and planned to use the same, if in case needed.
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Healthy food
You have mentioned that doctor said your kid is normal. So don’t worry about your kid’s health. Just provide him the nutritious as well as healthy foods. Give him fruits or even fruit juices. Try different dishes every day and don’t make him bore with the regular menus.
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