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Parents of Preschoolers  Discussion Forum
Health Issues:removing toddler's body hair
Name: ritu
hi everyone.when i was pregnant, i asked a question here about removing hair on my to-be baby's body,as my hubby is very hairy and i was affraid, my little girl would have lots of hair too. well, she was born with hair, and some amma's told me not to worry,and tht the hair would fall off by itself. some even discouraged using oil massage, coz, it'll make the baby dark. since i had/have no help from either side of my family( love marraige, n loads of problems) i had to look after my baby myself. now, she'll be 2 in a few days, and the hair on her body has not lessened. her forehead is covered wid so much hair, and so is her back. now, i feel cheated... seems like there was no proper advise.. i knw of a lady who does daily 'til'oil(sesame seed), and, her baby is hairless!! he even has a wonderful glow, and the colour tone of his body(though wheat-ish colour) is so smooth. i feel sooo bad... anyways, theres no point in regretting.. but,now, i wanna do oil massage for her daily, and also a 'chandan' (sandalwood paste) massage. pls advise if tht would be any good. i really need lots of comfort, but truthfull replies pls. thankyou all in advance. your wisdom is very precious to me.
Name: Leily
Subject:  Hairy toddler
Hi Rito,
I just saw your post for 2006,My daughter is 3 years and she is very hairy on her back,hands and shoulders.I am really concerned, what did you do for your little one?

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Name: manisha
Subject:  reply
Dear ritu
it was the same case with me. but with or without massage, the hair do shed a lot of extent. so do not worry.
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Name: Ritu
Subject:  Hair
Don't worry...we use Channa (Besan) flour, turmeric, yogurt paste to give shower to the babies to remove hair.
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Name: console
Subject:  hai!
dont worry! she is still a can apply turmeric paste and wash is said to have powers to remove hair.there is no need to be worried she will grow to be a beautiful girl.take care.
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Name: saima
Subject:  baby hair
i have just post a message.kindly someone also tell me that can it b removed hair at this age.i shall b very thankful
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Name: saima
Subject:  how to remove baby´ s hair
hello dears
i have a baby girl of 6 month and she has alot of hair on her forehead,arms,legs and all over the body i m very much worried.kindly someone give me a true suggetion.i m very worried,kindly help me.
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removing toddler's body hair

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