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  Shy Kids: shy
Name: hema rajanikanth
Date: 2004-04-14
my daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old. she is normal with family members. when someone new especially male she doesn`t talk to them she never lifts her head to see. she refuses to go to play school.she doesn`t sleep all by herself. she has to be made too sleep. can any one suggest any ideas

Name: ramesh
Subject:  shyness
Date: 2004-06-21
Although not a measure problem as the child grow, he/she will become slightly extrovert.....but it really becomes problematic at the time of their school admissions when they are called for interview etc...

Try to make the child independent...and let them have the chance to speak whenever they are asked not reply on their behalf...and leave them alone with new people and watch them behind the curtain........ I think it is the common habit of most of the children to behave girl 1 1/2 years old do the same.
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Last 7 Posts of this Board
Preschool Suggestion
Hello Vidya! It is the right age for pre school. Try to invite some children of her age to your home and conduct small games. Also, I am sure that she will start mingling with other children. My neice started mingling withe others once she started going to school - Orchids International. She was extremely shy before she joined school. Good Luck!
... - Vishesh Shrivstava [View Message]
Shy kids
The child is free and open with immediate memebers of the family and exhibits shyness towards unfamiliar people - what is there to worry about this? It is very natural and I don' t think there is any cause for concern here! After all, he is just being well behvaed in front of others. Don' t worry unduly about such things.
... - Gaurang Mishra [View Message]
Shy Child
It will most certainly help him! After all, he will get to mingle with kids in his age group. If the problem persists, try pairing your kid with a talkative child and it will work wonders.
... - Varsha Tyagi [View Message]
Talk to her pre school teacher and pair her with a talkative child. Also, host parties and events for neighboueing kids at home . This way she would have to kingle with everyone!
... - Rishabh R [View Message]
Objectives to Overcome Shyness
Hi Snisha! DonĀ“ t worry. My kid exhibited similar behaviour when he was in 2nd standard. DonĀ“ t force him into doing things. Let him be free. Pair him with a talkative child in class and also try and host games or interactions at your home and encourage him to participate within a limited and comfortable circle first. This works well & my kid is much better. Got these ti... - Vishesh Shrivstava [View Message]
I think 10 is still quite young, she still has time to come out of herself more. I used to be very shy and the more people tried to push me, the more shy I was.... - Rhea [View Message]
Shy Kids nature of your childĀ“ s shyness
Shy kids by the time they reach high school open up and become talkative. We need to give them time. My daughter had no such problems but their activities ensured every child participates, even the shy ones. ... - Payal Raval [View Message]

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