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When we are asked this question, most of us are tempted to answer 'Yes!' although we know that people who have millions of dollars are not necessarily happier than us. Few of us have not wondered how life would be if we were 'crorepatis'. We'd live in a bigger house, have a nicer car, and we'd be happy. Then. What about now John Lennon once said 'Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.' You're running around trying to earn more money, waiting for that deal to get made, that contract to come through and before you know it, you've lived your life without enjoying or appreciating it.

Money can help you afford nicer things, but it cannot make you happier. True, abject poverty can be depressing. You would be hard pressed to find happiness if you are struggling to make ends meet, don't have enough money for food or shelter, cannot keep warm during the winter or cool during the summer. But if you are earning enough, have a comfortable lifestyle, have a family that loves you, are healthy and intelligent, count yourself lucky.

Want proof Think back to a time when you got something you wanted. Perhaps it was admission to a good college or a great job. You were on a high when you got that appointment letter, and that high lasted for weeks, maybe months. Then you started coming back to earth, and a couple of years later you are once again sitting with the rest of the office gang grumbling about the bad work conditions, your boss and nasty co-workers.

It's the same with money. A sudden windfall will give you a high, but once your feet find the ground, you're back to square one. If you get rich by commuting long hours to your office, working late into the night and neglect your friends and partner, you will find that you are not that happy as a person who may make less money than you do, but who spends time with his family, goes for more vacations with them and doesn't mind kicking up his legs and taking life easy every now and then.

Happiness is all a question of attitude. Study has shown that married people tend to be happier than single ones, though the singles seem to be out having all the fun. Fun is short-lived, while the security of a happy marriage is very fulfilling. This does not apply if you are unhappily married though. Singles are far happier than those trapped in unhappy marriages.

Surprisingly, studies have shown that couples with children are no happier than couples that choose not to have children.

So how happy are you really While we are always told to count are blessings, we don't really do so, and even if we do, we don't put any value or price on our blessings. Here's how you can calculate how rich you really are, in terms of happiness.

Start with your basic annual salary and then add your earnings as shown below:

Being female, 10k - Yes, studies have shown that women on the whole tend to be happier than men, perhaps because they have less of a desire to excel monetarily.

Aged 49 to 70 years, 10k - Older people tend to be more content than youngsters.

Happily married, 70k

Remarried after a divorce, 50k - Add this to the 70k

Work part-time, 30k - You have more time for yourself and for things that really matter.

Love your job, 30k - You spend 2/3rds of your day, and your life, at your job. If you love it, you will be happier than if you dislike it and are working only for the money.

Small commute, 10k

And now, deduct the following from your salary
Commute of an hour or more by car - 30k, by train - 70k
Serious illness - 200k
Recently lost loved one - 170k
Unhappily married - 150k

So remember, real joy is a choice. You can choose to be happy, even without that huge bank balance.

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Feedback on article
Name: Navneet
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i know money is not that important, but somehow one wants more and more. It's literally what makes the world go round.
Name: hali
City:   canada
Comments:   money is importannt but not everything. money is nececity for everything but health. love so many things is more important than money v can`nt purchase life and love so u can think better what is most important in life
Name: Vijay
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Money is required for a secured life and a peaceful life, if money is creating a problem for these two, then this will be the time to think of balance.
Name: Aisha
City:   NewYork
Comments:   Money is not so very a contraversial subject. It is a fact though money might not make very happy,It is a part of hapiness and one of the biggest things to survive in this world.Because though we may deny it, A majority of this world beleives money is everything and unfortunantly in this era..It just might be true.
Name: sarah
City:   lahore
Comments:   In todays world money is everything if u dont have money u cant be happy money can buy happiness for us in many ways eg wat if ur love one is ill n u dont have any money for his check up n drugs,So without money life is useless .Money is not everything but it is a part of life without it we suffer a lot.
Name: Sunny Boy
City:   Melbourne. Australia
Comments:   The people who say money can not buy everything, have never been rich. I have loads and loads of money and i can gurantee u, money can buy everything, and that means everything !!
City:   bangalore
Name: hema
City:   delhi
Comments:   happiness is a state of mind.the connection between money and happiness is not much.if money is there to fulfill the basic needs,then rest is upto the individual how to be happy.i appreciate the is easier to understand in number terms.
Name: Rashmi
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Actully I need your help, can anyone tell me How money is bad,with Example.
Name: Mousumi Das
City:   Pune
Comments:   Money cannot buy happiness that I agree. But money is the part of happiness. Earning money is self satisfaction and strength of the family in today´s world.
Name: bushra
City:   bhopal
Comments:   money is not all about happiness its must for bread n butter,happiness is state of mind n i can say that if we make our own money it really make difference.
Name: Nitu
City:   Ranchi, Shyamali colony
Comments:   Money is a part of life .No doubt money play important role but the question is upto what level? In my view good health is much more important then money. If i am asking to all of you choose your good health or money at that time no body will like to go for money. ultemately what "healt is whealth." If we earn more money and more money from that money we are expending for health then what the matters of money. Therefore we should pray from god to provide us such money so that we can sustain our life and our family life peace fully. Utimatelly one day we have to leave this earth like as TATABIRLADhribhai Ambanithey hve sufficient money why they could not save their life if money is important. Therefore money is nothing but it is Oxygen for this materialistic world .By this we can fullfill our only physical demand.
Name: scott
City:   newark
Comments:   Yes i agree money is not important tools for happiness...but even without money NO LIE OR NO HAPPY...IF you dont want more money..why ur using google adsens is this website and paying hosting, articles etc pls be practical..dont think others are fools.
Name: ruchi
City:   hoshiarpur
Comments:   money is a part of is a coin who has two face.but money is nt god.
Name: naeem
City:   M.B. Din (pakistan)
Comments:   money is neccery in life we like it or not it is essence of why we work, live oa eat... so that we can go back to making more of it without money there is nothing.... no shellter, food,or life.. in other word you are depend on money to live.
Name: sbongiseni
City:   kzn, kosi bay
Comments:   D secret wit money is dt its surrounded by many troubles,d more money u colect d more troublez folow u,ur life start demanding and by then is shortned
Name: sakshi
City:   gwalior
Comments:   I think both r imp. money and happiness.....emmmmmmm no happiness is more imp. coz v can get happy by such a small things also i.e. by love .nd if v r happy v can earn money .
Name: Rashid Amin
City:   Karachi
Comments:   I think r imp money and happiness my wife herlth or my family)
Name: Tieku Diana
City:   Ghana
Comments:   Money is everything.what in this world can be done without money?NOTIHG....It is evil but good.And the only thing money cannot do is to save LIVES...
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