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  TOO THIN - by Editor
Flat can be good, and flat can be bad. Flat screen television: awesome, flat beer: bad, flat breasts: pure evil.

Beauty and health magazines on the whole seem to have no respect whatsoever for the unhappily thin. Before you read any further, it is imperative you understand that though skinnies may feel they've got a raw deal, they should count their blessings. Skinniness is preferable to obesity, and there are far fewer medical problems associated with thinness than with obesity. You don't have to consult a doctor for various ailments due to being underweight unless you have undergone a drastic weight loss - or are anorexic. However, that's another story. We are now concentrating on those lucky few who are thin, healthy, look great but simply feel they could look slightly more attractive and appealing with a little more flesh on the bones.

First, how thin is too thin?

Don't go simply by the height and weight chart attached to your weighing scale. No one says you have to weigh 55 kg if you feel terrific at 50. If the only reason you want to gain weight is for cosmetic purposes, by all means, go for it. Change those bones and angles to soft curves, and then some, for just that extra voluptuousness and oomph.

Get Disciplined

The first thing you have to do is get disciplined. Thankfully, there is no
strict dietary regime you need to follow. What you do need to do though, is try not to skip any meals. So if you are a late riser, it is very possible you have an early lunch and skip breakfast, or have a late breakfast followed by a later, light lunch. See where you are going wrong Others fail to put on weight simply because they are not too fond of food - or their daily food. One look at what's on their plates and they can't stop the 'ugh' that escapes their lips.

You do need to set a target for yourself. Psyche yourself into increasing the quantity you consume. Skinnies have a mysterious ability to stop eating the moment they are full. They can dig into that mouth-watering gooey chocolate cake and simply stop after they've had a piece without a moment of regret. The appetite regulator in skinnies is set lower than the norm, which is why you would also hear a lot of them grumbling about how they stuff themselves and yet fail to gain weight.

Studies show that skinnies burn more than they consume or habitually they simply do not eat enough. 'Not true!' You shriek. 'A blatant lie! I know someone who can gobble a plate full of rice, three chapatis, four pieces of apple pie and never gain a gram.' Well, your friend might be one of those born without adipose cells - the cells that store fat. No matter how much they eat, they don't put on any pounds simply because their bodies have no place to store fat. So they munch their way happily through life without a care in this world. Unfair, I know, but who ever said life was fair I'm sure you also know of others who cannot take a sip of water without gaining weight!

Adipose Cells

People prone to gaining weight have these adipose cells in excess, while others have it in lesser quantities. So before you decide gleefully that you belong to the category of non-existent adipose cells, hold your horses. It is very possible you have a minimum of these cells, but they increase in time as you adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. So all your friends who have watched you stuff yourself without a care in the world, just might get their revenge of watching you pay the price and bloat for your indulgences. You don't want to give them that pleasure, then the best way to maintain a balance is to keep relatively active, exercise regularly and eat at meal times. Meanwhile, get yourself a cookbook, learn some exciting recipes and try to fix your mind more firmly on food's delectable manifestations.

Here are some tips to help you increase your appetite

1. If you are a slow eater and tend to push your veges around the
plate or draw circles with your fork, you probably eat less too. The rule of thumb is the faster you eat, the more you eat. Ever seen a glutton sit down to a meal? His hands fly to mouth with undivided concentration and the table is clear faster than you can say, 'Was that just a Feast with a big F that vanished before my eyes' (A long sentence I know, but we're being realistic here.)

2. Don't drink water immediately before sitting down to a meal, or
in-between meals.

3. If you don't exercise, now is a good time to start. Go for a jog or
swim, sit down for a hearty meal and pig out like there's no tomorrow.

Exercise increases the appetite and though it may seem surprising, you there is a strong possibility that you would actually gain weight. This is because you have little fat to lose, and this would only get converted into muscle, while your intake of food will increase. So if you have been eating two chapatis, your stomach would demand a third.

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Feedback on article
Name: raman
City:   usa
Comments:   iam 65kgsand heightis 5,7 and 29yrs my wife says that iam thin please suggest some tips to increase my weight.
Name: nandita
City:   goa
Comments:   finally an article for those who wanna put some wight on!thanx a lot for the info!!
Name: Bhavin
City:   Gujarat
Comments:   I have been trying to increase my fore-arms like "popayee" , but I cannot, I tried zillions of excercise, but none work, about person trainer, I cannot afford. Do you have any suggestion. I have not worn T-shirt with confidence.
Name: stef
City:   usa
Comments:   i wont a better body. most teens have butt and breasts i have nothing please help me feel better about my self
Name: Savitha v.k
City:   BAngalore
Comments:   i need a better body. I am 42kg, 22years old, height 5,2 my personality is thin, i am havig poor breast. please suggest me some tips-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: maryam
City:   london
Comments:   LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOUR OWN BODY ! you are all beautiful!
Name: Ril1
City:   mal'e ( maldives )
Comments:   tell me how i can gain some weight.
Name: nancy
City:   USA
Comments:   Thanks for this great article i have been looking for something for thin people an di finally found it.....
Name: Adi
City:   kolkata, india
Comments:   I am 32 years old, 5'10" married man father of one 1.5years son but my weight is only 48kgs, i have tried several things like exercise, good meal but failed my weight is as it was neither gained nor lose, i really looked very thin some time myself find me an ugly person but what to do can u suggest me to some medical pills or drugs which can help me to gain weight , which i available in india . please revert Thanking you adi
Name: *~*Emily*~*
City:   USA
Comments:   I am 15 years old... most girls my age have bigger breats i hate being flat chested i wish they would just magically appear on my body i am pretty curvy besides that my butt isnt very flat at all but it not huge its not one of my insecuritys lol i actually get comliments on it, besides that i have wide hips, im 5'6 and 110lbs i dont mind being skinny i just wish i had a bigger bust size i wish i atleast had a size b but a c would be really nice this is a real insecurity of mine i think about it constitally i just wiah there was something i could do to change this about my body
Name: shilpi
City:   beijing
Comments:   hi, i wanna increase my bust size.please advise. i have a great body otherwise but i feel i need to put on more weight around my breasts.I am plump on the thighs and butt and my hip size is 36 but my breasts are only 34.please advise.can i eat specific foods to increase my bust size
Name: swapna
City:   bangalore
Comments:   this is a wonderful website i have come across...and i find it really really helpful.. i am a regular gymer, but still i was unaware of so many things that i just read... Man....good work!! cheers!!
Name: ryan neilsen
City:   prattville al
Comments:   im a thin guy and have been for all my life i am 20 5'6 and whey about 125 yes i would like some tips on gaining a little weight, this information is good thanks
Name: tanya
City:   nj
Comments:   very helpful article thx i have been trying to gain weight since i was 18 i only seem to gain when pregnant i am 25 and 100lbs
Name: Dessiree
City:   Gainesville
Comments:   Sadly-I'm 14 years old and The problem is-I'm a Ballet, Flamenco,and Belly dancer. So I get enough exercise.But I have a weird eating schedule.Some days I can eat and eat and eat.But then the next day I'll eat one spoonfull of rice and I'll get nauseated. And so-I try to control my eating habits but then my mother makes me eat -then I get sick of my stomach. Is there anything I could eat that will help me gain with out getting crazy and eating too much or too little I'f you could please e-mail me a special diet of some kind-I'd really ,TRULY-appreciate it. Thank you.
Name: karishma
City:   st petersburg
Comments:   i'm a girl of 22 years old. my height is 1m74 and my weight is 55 kg. my problem is that im too slim and i want to gain weight and have a nice figure.
Name: lovely
City:   bombay,ind
Comments:   gao!i finally gotta sight dat deals wid skinniness as a problem!i am 17 yrs old,5'3,i have a v narrow body dat makes me feel v.embarrased at times.n 2 add 2 it i do not have a proper breasts or hips v insecure at times.although i recieve loadza compliments 4 d way my face biggest insecurity is my body! me out of this narrow body.....n suggest me a way 2warer breasts n gud hips....plzzz!n is dere n scpe 4 increasin my hieght at this in wen im already 17....waitin 4 ur reply eagerly......lovely
Name: kelly
City:   olathe
Comments:   can you send me info on how to gain weight on my thighs, and butt please help.
Name: kelly
City:   olathe
Comments:   need to gain weight on thighs, and butt sent info, help
Name: cubanchik
City:   Spring Hill
Comments:   I really loved this article. I'm going to keep it near the table so I can remember how to eat. I would really love it if you sent me some info on how to gain weight on my thights and butt though. Please! Thank you
Name: Natasha
City:   Lexington
Comments:   I loved the article, but would also like more info from anyone to help me increase my weight. I want to increase my bust size the most. I am 24, 5'0", and 96 pounds. Anyone..please help!
Name: jayda
City:   USA
Comments:   my breast size is just barely an A cup size and i am 88 pounds... also i am 5" foot... im 14 years old! is something wrong with me... i dont think i have the right proportions... please help me i want to feel confident in my new bathing suit for the summer
Name: Manav D.
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi! I have got MEHA MASS 4000, I am 29 yrs old & my weight is 55 Kgs., i still want to gain weight upto 65-70 kgs, what diet shall I take I am puer Veg., PLZ suggest me THNQ
Name: amy
City:   virginia
Comments:   i am 5" 7' in height. my weight is 110 or 114 some days..but not more. i am toooo thin for my height and people make it a point to tell me i look starved and deprived. i have a loss of apetite because of several issues in my life and eat small portions. i want to put on weight ....quick! help please..i want a fuller body ..which i once use to have..
Name: amy
City:   virginia
Comments:   i am 5" 7' in height. my weight is 110 or 114 pounds some days..but not more. i am toooo thin for my height and people make it a point to tell me i look starved and deprived. i have a loss of apetite because of several issues in my life and eat small portions. i want to put on weight ....quick! help please..i want a fuller body ..which i once use to have..
Name: elaine
City:   usa
Comments:   i am 15 yrs old, about 5'0-5'1 and weigh between 98-100 pounds. i do excercise but i am also a picky eater but i eat alot of junk food. i would like to find ways to help me gain weight.
Name: Sarah
City:   Connecticut
Comments:   Elaine that is the exact same problem I have. If you find anything out please let me know.
Name: Laura
City:   los angeles
Comments:   well i know everyone asks this question but i heard that massaging your breasts helps them grow is that true.becasue i'm going to high school neext year and i do not want to go flat chested becasue it sucks.any answers just email me at thank you
Name: shwetha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   im 21yrs i want to increase the weight iam too thin is there any remedies to gain weightor any ayruvedic medicine to gain weight im 39kg
Name: MARY
Name: rajesh
City:   mumbai
Comments:   my age is 28 and my weight is 40 so i want to put want to weight so guide me. i m working as network engineer. i don,t have fix time to lunch and diner.give me diet chart
Name: Sameera
City:   dubai
Comments: 22 n my weight is only 41kgs,my breast size is also very small ie.32.Can u suggest me ways to increase both.Thanx
Name: primi
City:   ny
Comments:   hi im 15 and only 90 lbs barely an A cup and the only way i gain weight is by eating banannas are thgere any other foods that can help to gain weight plz answer or email me if you get anything thnaks!!!
Name: cynthia
Comments:   i am so glad to have finally found a website like this. I am 13 years, but only 4'10", 63 pounds . last year all of my friends hit puberty, while i stayed in the body of a little girl who is like 7. my chest is flatter than some of the guys in my grade! Recently people have been giving me a lot of unwanted attentiona about my height and weight, and even some obnoxious people about my chest. I am going to try to eat a lot more like you recomend, but i'm just not hungry sometimes. thank you for letting me know there are people like me out there. good luck to everyone.
Name: tara
City:   wolves
Comments:   i have just become a nurse and have to wear a short sleeved uniform...thing is, i have very thin arms. i am quite pretty but my thin body lets me down. I want to be able to put on weight...AND FAST...please could you give me a fast and easy diet that i can use to put on weight before i have to wear my uniform and show off my skinny arms.thanks.this will b a gr8 help and you will b my new frend.luv TAZ.
Name: Sarah
City:   london
Comments:   Could you recommend a specific diet and what foods to eat so i can please GAIN SOME WEIGHT i want a chubbier cuter face. A bit more cheeks and i just can't force myself to eat. Please help!
Name: Shilpa Thakur
City:   New Delhi INDIA
Comments:   I am 30 years old, 5'2" married woman but my weight is only 35kgs, i have tried several things like exercise, good meal but failed my weight is as it was neither gained nor lose, i really looked very thin some time myself find me an ugly person but what to do can u suggest me to some medical pills or proper DIET CHART which can help me to gain weight ,i am havig poor breast I would really love it if you sent me some info on how to gain weight on my thights and butt though. please revert
Name: Charles
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, Best way i would suggest is to exercise and workout in gym atleast for 4 days a week over a period of 4-6 months in a organised and proper fashion.Do it consistenly for couple of months & see the diffrence.Also i would recommend an excellent product also shown on discovery channel for thier patented manufacturing techniques.You mail me if your interested in the product thru my mail.Thank's charles.
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I am 27yr old but my weight is just 45 kgs. I want to gain my weight. What can I take do Is there any way I can take goods tablets so that I can become litle fat.
Name: Melissa
City:   ny manhattan
Comments:   Emily, I totally understand where you are coming from, it sucks doesn't it, I wish I had a bigger bust size, I am like so tiny (aa) that is how tiny I am!
Name: ahmet
City:   izmir
Comments:   Try ashure.. It is a Turkish desert. Perfect for gaining weight, and also very delicious and healthy :). It is a pudding Made by boiling various cereals and dried fruit (like dried grape) together with a little sugar into a pudding.
Name: sofia
City:   usa
Comments:   IM 15 and very skinny people say i look anreic but im not and i really want to gain weight in my butt and thights and lower legs im desprate plz email me sumone I HATE BEING SKINNY
Name: RaZz
City:   England
Comments:   I am very skinny my self an am hoping to gain weight using simple tablets myself i would like help on gaining weight in the simplest way
Name: Awanni
City:   Calgary
Comments:   I am 17 5''7 and about 125 pounds but. I want a bigger butt; my hip and butt size is 36inches. I am happy with my breasts;36B or C.How can I get a bigger butt
Name: Don Shumate
City:   Winston Salem
Comments:   I am chubby but who cares
Name: rita
City:   agra
Comments:   im 22 yrs, 5 ft 6" and weigh only 45 kgs!i look anorexic and people make fun of me. i want a bigger bust size..pls help!
Name: lalala
City:   USA
Comments:   Im 14, 5'0" and 76-78 lbs and it sux! I had just realized I was too skinny last year (4'10" 65lbs) ive always been small, barley any fat but neways to my point, I want some fat on my butt and breasts. I have skinny legs, no butt, no breasts (32A).... its not fair! i need some help on how to gain weight in those areas. Yes ive been gaining some weight, but it seems like the only thing getting bigger is my stomach, it sticks out! I excersize a LOT so i dono why its like that. please help! thnx!
Name: nisha
City:   D.Dun
Name: Kelly
City:   London
Comments:   great site, realy made me see im not the only one out there! you always see programmes and adverts on tv showing people who want to loose weight but what about us skinny ones who want to put it on! we get no attention!! but i will use the tips in this sheet, but please could you send me some information on how to put weight on my legs bum, belly and brests!!! thanx!

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