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  BODY AND FASHION - by Editor
Here are some fashion tips to help you select your wardrobe based on your body-type.

Hips seem to be a big problem spot with most Indian women. It�s so easy to gain weight on our hips, but just so darned difficult to get it off! While you�re struggling to get rid of some of that excess weight, here are some cheats that will help you look like you�re perfectly proportioned. You know the truth though, so although you can look great the way you are, keep exercising and aim to stay fit and within your ideal weight range.


The sari is the perfect garment for Indian women, especially because it so effectively conceals those bulges around our thighs. The problem with the sari is that it conceals excess weight so perfectly, that we really don�t see the need to lose any of it � which is possibly why most of our mothers, who belonged to the daily sari wearing generation, are overweight. Wear saris often, especially at formal gatherings. Remember though that although saris can very effectively conceal large hips, it shows off every spare inch on your tummy. If you have a slim waist and large hips are your only problem, the sari is your best bet.

Churidar kurtas

Churidar kurtas look exceptionally elegant and are very effective at concealing love handles, so prominent in jeans. Opt for a well-fitted kurta that ends at the knees or just above, with a tight churidar. Pair this with matching high heels. You will look a lot slimmer, younger, and taller!

Patiala salwars are also very much in fashion, but if you are trying to look slimmer, a churidar works better than a patiala. If you are very skinny and want to look a little fuller, you could consider opting for this.


If you have large hips, opt for long skirts that fit well at the hips before flaring out slightly. Such mermaid cuts are perfect for slimming down the silhouette below the waist. Don�t wear something with a flair beginning immediately at the waistband. Depending on the fabric and the climate, you can wear these skirts with delicate heels or with boots.


The best jeans for you would be fitted at the hips, with a slight boot cut. Don�t wear jeans or trousers with pockets that open on the sides � these make hips look larger. Opt for jeans in darker shades, like navy or black. You could even consider going in for jeans with vertical stripes, as these have a slimming effect. If you have love handles, you could wear a shirt with your jeans, or a kurti. Kurtis are especially effective at concealing love handles, but the problem again is if you fill up your wardrobe with kurtis, you may lose any incentive to work out and stay fit and toned.

Not everyone has the same body structure or build. Different women are built differently. If you have a larger structure, it may be impossible for you to look as slim as the women you see in beauty magazines, no matter how hard you try. You will only end up damaging your self-esteem in the long run. Also remember that you don�t have to be skinny to look great. Women with larger builds look gorgeous too. Whether you are slim or well built, you should aim to tone your body and exercise regularly. Health should be your prime focus. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to sacrifice your health in order to look slimmer � you will certainly regret it. Also, remember that women with large body structures give birth to tall, well-built children. Your sons will definitely thank you. Your daughter could excel in sports, and she will love the focus, high and huge self-esteem boost being good at a sport brings her.

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