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  LITTLE LADY - by Editor

Groom your little princess so she grows up into a fine young lady, no less than a real princess.

Almost everything that is taught in a world-class finishing school can be taught at home. What a finishing school does, however, is lay a lot of emphasis on subjects that we just skim over. So, if your daughter has a bad walk, chances are that you will just correct her every now and again while at a finishing school the teachers will ensure that your daughter's walk improves through practice.


How can you help your daughter improve her walk One of the simplest ways to do this is to make her walk balancing a book on her head. You could also make her practice by making her walk for a short while everyday, with her arms crossed at the elbows, behind her. This will ensure that she doesn't slouch.

Remember, it doesn't help to push. Instead of telling her to walk straight, give her a solution to how she can learn how to walk straight. Most girls do love to learn, and chances are that she will not take your encouraging her to walk straight, negatively. If possible, practice with her when you can.


Have you ever seen a princess with a hair out of place Teach your child the important of looking neat and well groomed. Her hair doesn't have to be well styled, it is enough if it just neat, and shines with health. Of course, as she grows older, she can take more care when styling her hair, but as for now, ensure that she keeps her hair neat.


How does your daughter sit in public Let her put her feet up when she is in her own room or perhaps even when she is at home surrounded by the immediate family, but when in company, teach her that she should sit elegantly. Elegant means sitting with your feet and knees together. Yes, it is proper to cross feet at the knees, but the more elegant way to sit would be to cross feet at the ankles. Also, your daughter should sit up straight and erect. After all, a princess never slouches.


Take a look at your own nails first before checking out those of your child. Are they clean If they have dirt stuck in them, clean them out. Make it a habit to clean them regularly, and if you cannot keep them clean, then clip them short. Similarly, don't let your daughter grow her nails long as a child, and if she wants to grow them long when she is older, make sure she keeps them clean. Keeping nails neat and clipped or well-trimmed takes priority over aspects like make-up. A great shade of lipstick makes a good impression, but dirty nails destroy it. So always carry a nail cutter with you in your purse so you can clean and trim your nails whenever you are travelling or when you have a little spare time. A great substitute for a nail cutter, to clean your nails, is a toothpick . so if you are ever at a party and suddenly realize that your nails are filthy, just pick up a toothpick, go to the restroom, and clean out your nails. Also, if you find you just cannot keep nails clean, apply nail polish, but make sure you either remove it or reapply it when it chips.

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Comments on Article

Name: Disha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I think this article is a bit too much. I mean I want my daughter to be beautiful and well groomed but not so prip and proper that I would correct her walk and the way she sits. What am I planning to make her Queen ElizabethNULL!
Name: Tan
City:   NewJersey USA
Comments:   I found this article good in certain ways as it gives us a general guideline as what we should do to improve our daughter's overall appearance. Take the good points out of it rather than condeming it.Probably we will apply some of these things when the times comes!! Every mother wants her daughter to be neat clean and be presentable and not Queen Elizabeth(!!!???) that is how one should read this article and try and apply the suggestions.
Name: dips
City:   Fremont,USA
Comments:   Nice article. It is really imp to Teach certain things like sitting & walking straight,eating without making noise,respecting elders etc at very young age.So it will become their habit for the life. Queen Elizabeth
Name: sweta
City:   new jersey
Comments:   elizabeth! haha.. maybe you dont want her to be like the queen, but i wouldnt mind my daughter to be as regal as a queen and i think this article is great, bec if you want your daughter to be like a princess, it tells u what you can do. remember the movie my fair ladyNULL ahh.. thanks for this great article
Name: Disha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Why don't you just write your opinions and not comment about mine!
Name: Deepa
City:   dubai
Comments:   Disha dear dont get upset ..this is a discussion board and everyones free to discuss about anythinn they have felt regarding what they u had said ur opinions on what u felt on the article ..these ppl seemed to have liked it so they have every right in saying what was good too.. c'mon cheer up! smiles
Name: Disha
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   It doesn't matter to me if ppl like the article and commented, what I didn't like is their opinion about my comment. It clearly says add your opinion about what you think of this article. Anyway, why bother about it, it's just an article for christ sake!
Name: anu
City:   los angles
Comments:   I think this is a great article as I have three girls.This is so helpful , as a matter of fact I am going to have my older daughter read this article to be a little bit more motivated. So two thumbs up and keep up with great information.
Name: Merina Paul
City:   UAE
Comments:   This is a great article. My princess is just 2 years old. I want to implement on her these above qualities.
Name: ****
City:   *****
Comments:   why would u want someone to be a boring princess why don't u just let them be kids while they still can!
Name: lynn
City:   winnipeg cananda
Comments:   you guys im 17, my mom said some of the stuff from the article to me years ago and let me decide if i wanted to try it, or if i wanted to wait adn try it when i was older... Disha is right you dont want your child to become a queen elizabeth clone, but some of the things that the article sugests are actually okay.. just dont go overboard.. make you daughter acceptable the way my mom made me and if you think its too much than just stop.. the whole walking thing is stupid.. but keeping yourself well groomed is a good lesson to learn...
Name: Conserbed parent!
City:   Singapore
Comments:   Well this article is not just about grooming your little ones to ´Queen Elizabeth´ but to teach them the importance of cleanliness.And the topic about ´walking´.As a dutiful parent, I´ll try my very best to teach my little one to walk properly. And talking abt plans to make yr little one the next ´Queen´. My reply is ´Y NOT´?????
Name: ...
City:   ....
Comments:   i know you have to be clean but really, walking and sitting properly? that´s just weird...
Name: anaswara
City:   delhi
Comments:   this is too much.
Name: xauoqpb hcezu
City:   hpnqdcwy
Comments:   evsmow vqbx jzhkxutw swpvbolg egcdjnsl lpujiqxt hcgr
Name: dsyorcbp qrpimev
City:   uifcwzekd
Comments:   eckwt bfted zfvqdoj trcpqbau zdaewrki mipux pvni rilnadcb tldkhvnim
Name: Boatemaa
City:   Accra, Ghana
Comments:   I think the article is very helpful. You dont have to do everything in it but the general drift is very helpful.
Name: Wikl
City:   nEieGhREdHhTLe
Comments:   Good post..
Name: deviantART
City:   RuJfSmpgmmcWTRG
Comments:   Good post, admin.
Name: Xhizors
City:   sIinCYwuqzXd
Comments:   Good post, admin.

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