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  PUFFY FACE - by Editor

Does your face tend to look puffy every now and again Here are some possible reasons, and what you can do to get rid of the puffiness.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder what happened to your face? It looks bloated and puffy, and you have no idea what went wrong. You just put it down to a bad face day, do whatever makeup you can to look a little better, and continue with your day believing that whatever went wrong will just correct itself eventually. There's nothing you can do about it, right Wrong.

First, think about this. Did you exercise today? If not, why not Perhaps because there is no real sense of urgency. If we don't exercise 3 times a week, we don't fall sick on the weekend. But, if our bodies did indeed tell us what we are doing wrong regularly, we would definitely pay more heed.

However, what most of us don't realize, is that our bodies do let us know, in various ways, that something we are doing is wrong, but most of us either don't notice, or ignore it until it goes away and we feel the full effects only years later,

Our face is an accurate indicator of our health. When our bodies are undergoing hormonal changes, we know because we start developing pimples, or thicker facial hair. When we are very stressed, we start experiencing hairfall. When we smoke too much, our lips go black much before our lungs collapse. Similarly, the effects of unhealthy habits such as an improper diet or lack of exercise are only visible years later. When we start putting on weight, develop high blood pressure, problems with our kidneys or lungs due to excessive smoking or drinking, heart problems, or when we develop any other of the numerous lifestyle related problems, we start getting more conscious about our health and habits. Our faces are thus telling us what we did wrong recently. We drank too much Coke or alcohol, ate too many burgers, or exercised too little.

Similarly our faces get puffy when:

  • We are dehydrated. If we haven't had enough water to drink, our bodies tend to absorb whatever water it can, and as a result blood vessels enlarge, leading to a puffy face. To prevent this, make sure you drink a glass of water every night before going to bed. Keep a bottle of water by your bedside table so you never forget to take that last glass of water. If you wake up and see that your face is puffy, reach for some water immediately and drink up. Avoid tea or coffee, since these are diuretics and will flush even more water out of your system. Keep drinking water through the day, and the puffiness, if caused by dehydration, should reduce.

  • Our diet is inadequate. We need to take in some fat, so that our skin stays supple. In addition, if your body lacks in beta-carotene or vitamin C, it will show in your face. One of the best things you can have to instantly nourish you and your skin is watermelon juice. Put a large piece of the fruit, along with the seeds, in a blender, extract the juice and drink up.
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Feedback on article
Name: Mala
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Hi Suman Do you ever get time to watch a soap/ movie on TV. If yes, then you sure can manage to get sometime to exercise 'daily'. Don't expect miracles to happen! Take care. Mala
Name: kavita
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi Suman! I too get a puffy face when im over stressed. Just learn to relax. Even breathing in and out helps. Ur face needs ur gentle touch. GEnlty apply some good cream to ur face every night
Name: chitra
City:   blr
Comments:   hi there.. i hv experienced this too....this happened more so between my 6th and 8th month of pregnancy....but it gradually goes away with lesser stress, long periods of rest , and of course a good night's sleep... !!:)
Name: lili
City:   Ethiopia
Comments:   Good article. Exercising and dirinking water good ways of removing puffie face. i have been experianced with this and after i started exercising and drinking water i saw a lot of change so lets give some time for our health.
Name: lilik
City:   AA
Comments:   good article. Exercising and drinking water are good ways of removing puffie face. I used to see a puffie eye and face when i woke up in the morning;however, after i start exercising and drinking water i saw a dramatic change.By the way, i love your website keep up. God bless you.
Name: Deborah Alvis
City:   Fort Worth
Comments:   This was a great article.
Name: J P
City:   RADNOR, PA
Name: abhishek
City:   patna
Comments:   my mouth snoute is in downward how can i make it move upward please give me some tips for this i will remain very obliged to you
Name: shikha
City:   louisville
Comments:   god! wow! this article was great...
Name: spopat
City:   usa
Comments:   What about bags under the eyesNULL
Name: Deepti
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   This article is Good. Although, I know most of it, still it helped me remind.
Name: Deepti
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   Hi again. well, Exercise, Drinking more water and Lemon juice, and eating a little fat food( non-spicy) helps you to stay healthy.
Name: padma
City:   France
Comments:   I too had puffy faces and took all your suggestions. Nothing worked and went to the doctor where i found that iam suffering from hypothyroid. So please be carefull. If puffiness lasts for a week please make a visit to your doctor immediately.
Name: Krisi
City:   Riverside
Comments:   Hi, I eat very healthy and drinks lots of water, but I have a very thin face and no matter how much weight i try to gain, underneath my eyes are very hallow and sunken in. How do I fix that or make it betterNULL
Name: Trish
City:   Indore
Comments:   Very well written article! I experienced this last morning and just had no answer that why this happens,untill I read this. Thanks a lot!
Name: Yemi
City:   Lagos
Comments:   Nice article! I wake up every day with a puffy face and eye lids. before the day runs out the swelling goes down except 4 my eyelids.I also react to insect bites badly esp. around the face. What do i doNULL
Name: Kolon
City:   Craits
Comments:   this article was in deed good!
Name: Laura
City:   westminster
Comments:   Anybody knows is drink cherry juice will help?
Name: aishwarya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   my face is always puffy, especially the cheeks. Tried exercising & drinking loads of water, but nothing works. The puffy face makes me look older than my age. require your help.
Name: MeL
City:   Sydney
Comments:   My skin looks really unhealthy and i have puffy eyes.. wats wrong with me?
Name: hina
City:   vierginia
Comments:   my face is round and i have puffy cheeks. it makes my face look so chubby what should i do?
Name: Jai
City:   Albany, New York
Comments:   Thank you!
Name: Dee
City:   auckland
Comments:   I have a puffy face but also sore throat and cough, swollen glands. I think it may be caused by a flu?
Name: Johnny
City:   gandara
Comments:   I am job
Name: Gavin
City:   Vegas
Comments:   If you want to get a quick fix on puffy face mix an egg white with honey apply to face after washing. Let it set (about 10 mins) then wash off and your face will feel nice and tight for the day or night.
Name: Annika
City:   England
Comments:   Hi I wear so you cant usually notice my puffy EYES! But recently i have been wearing contact lenses and my eyes look terrible! My mother spent a lot of money on my contact lenses aswell! Any advice for baggypuffy eyes? Thank You
Name: kelly
City:   london
Comments:   can i play puffy face
Name: baz
City:   Aylesbury, England
Comments:   ggggggg
Name: Alka
City:   Dallas
Comments:   my face is always puffy, especially the cheeks. Tried exercising & drinking loads of water, but nothing works. The puffy face makes me look older than my age. require your help
Name: neha
Comments:   Excellent artical, really whatever written here is so logical and has vital importance in our life hats of to the EDITOR good job
Name: sar
City:   London
Comments:   superb!!!
Name: Toireasa
City:   Irland
Comments:   Excellent artical, really whatever written here is so logical and has vital importance in our life hats of to the EDITOR good job
Name: nita
City:   kuala lumpur
Comments:   hoe to grow my hair longer faster the ancient indian way using no chemicals but herbs.
Name: puffy but healthy
City:   london
Comments:   i consider myself to be healthy, have always had a good diet, lots of water and exercise yet my skin has always looked unhealthy. Im now 24, with large pore, premature wrinkles, puffy face....especially in the morning. And of course scars from my battle with acne...what am i doing wrong?!!! V. good article by the way xxxx
Name: trish
City:   Laguna Beach
Comments:   To the people that say they eat healthy, exercise, drink adequate water but Still have a puffy face (and eyes). What this indicates is an allergy. My sisters and i finally after years of dealing with this realized we had something called Candida Albicans.It is a yeast overgrowth in the body. When i eat a lot of white flour, white sugar, yeast products, excessive alcohol, and etc my face Swells up and so does my sisters. when i don´t eat that way i have a very Slender face (And body!) you should all look into candida it is VEry common. Yeast is in us all, sometimes it just gets rampant and then you have to starve it by taking what it feeds off out of your diet and replacing all the processed foods with veggies, meat and some fruit
Name: Boba Fett
City:   ohio
Comments:   what do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
Name: marck
City:   batangas city
Comments:   this article is very great! hope it can help ma! tnx everyone!
Name: Millmar
City:   Northampton
Comments:   I have had a puffy face since the end of March and it has gradually got worse at times I have been unable to sleep because my face and throat are so heavy I dream I´m suffocating. My eyes have fluid in them as well I have had blood test which come back clear. I look so different and older I feel really depressed as I don´t know why my face is puffy and my eye filled with fluid I look and feel awful. ~Whats wrong with me.
Name: donna
City:   Calgary
Comments:   Difficult to stay hydrated in this dry climate...
Name: marckie
City:   manila
Name: marckie
City:   manila
Comments:   i hve an allergy thts wat i thnk mkes my face puffy, what the best thing i can do? please answer!
Name: sue
City:   ca
Comments:   My eyes are very puffy after I eat sugar and refined foods. I believe it is candida, that is an overgrowth of yeast in your body, which can be caused by over use of antibiotics along with other factors. It grows and feeds on sugar. You must reduce what you are feeding it (refined foods, and then kill it and recolonize you gut with good bacteria for example, acidophilus. There are many things to do to help, but the first step and best is to stop eating sugar and refined foods, white flour, etc. Best to eat vegtables, cooked and raw. Add in some almonds and avocados if you can so you can curb the hunger and they are packed with nutrients. You should get some meat also. Research Candida on the internet, there is so much to learn. But first, stop the intake of refined foods and sugars and up the vegetables.
Name: sharon
City:   Los Angeles, CA.
Comments:   im petite but my face tends to always look puffy which i hate, but i heard if you always tend to look puffy around the eyes or face and stomach, you may be suffering indeed from dehydration n lack of excercise, or may be suffering from hypothyroidism or renal failure as well..
Name: Mike
City:   VKNeVoyck
Comments:   A great resource many thanks!
Name: Allan
City:   Malaysia
Comments:   I have puffy face problem for almost 2years...due to the medicine that i´ve been taking (prednisolone). I dont even wanna look at myself at mirror, anyone here got any solution? I´ve tried exercising & drinking loads of water, but nothing works.
Name: Jinelle
City:   Trinidad And Tobago, West Indi
Comments:   this really helped. thank you. i seldom drink water, but the water that i am now drinking before bedtime, reduces the puffiness in my face at morning. i also feel a little healthy, since i have a low blood count
Name: ab
City:   delhi
Comments:   i have puffy face everyday i wake up drink a lot of water , i exercise the day i exrcs it comes to normal then continuing exercise for a week it again repeats the same symptoms puffy eyes and face nothing is helping me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppp
Name: Stergios
City:   London
Comments:   Hi, I drink a lot of liquid and lemon juice. Smoke 4 ou 5 cigarretes a day only during week, never on weekends. Have an extremelly stressful job and sleep no more than 6 to 7 hours per night. Are these cthe causes for my FLUFFY face in the morning?
Name: silvia
City:   parigi
Comments:   puffy face
Name: madhavi thumuganti
City:   nj
Comments:   hi,i have a very puffy face and chubby cheeks and double chin..i sleep enough,no stress and my work is not hectic..what would be the reason and how to get rid of it?

   Add your feedback here...

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Your Comments:
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