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  BANGS - by Editor

If you are looking for a drastically different hairstyle but don�t want to lose the length, consider bangs.

Simply cutting out bangs make you look like a completely different person without sacrificing too much hair, or without using chemicals.

What kind of hair do bangs look good on Bangs look great on straight hair, while they could look a bit messy on curly hair. Some people prefer the messy look, so if you�re one of them, go for it! However, remember that your bangs will not fall down straight on your forehead as they will if you have straight hair. Every time the wind blows, your bangs will fly backwards, but if your hair is straight, your bangs will just flop right back into place. One way to overcome this is to iron bangs straight. Curly hair with ironed straight bangs looks bang-on glam. Pull your curls back into a half ponytail and let the bangs fall straight on your forehead for instant sex appeal.

Minimal Risk

The best part about bangs is that even if they look bad, you can part them in the centre or on the side and let them sit like flicks. In addition, they will grow out in no time, and you can start tucking the longer strands behind your ear. Compare this with chopping off your entire hair for a new look, and then deciding you liked long hair better after all!

Two Looks!

You could also simply gel back the bangs and leave your hair loose. So, you can wear bangs, or you can brush them up: two hairstyles and two completely different looks at the same time!


Bangs make your face look a little smaller, so if you have a wide forehead, bangs are a great option to even out your features. Bangs look great on smaller faces as well, especially if you have short hair. They then help in adding height to your face and making your features stand out. You could in fact use bangs to even out your face in various ways.

Bang Styles

You can have various styles in bangs. Your bangs can be really thin and sparse, or they can be thick. They can be long, up to your eyebrows or even up to your eyes if you want to get a bit funkier, or short, just an inch from your hairline. (Think Sadhana). Needless to say, your hair needs to be poker straight to carry off very short bangs.


Bangs force people to focus on your eyes, making them look larger and more prominent. This works best if you highlight your hair a little, and add stronger highlights to your bangs. Remember, it doesn�t matter if you completely saturate your bangs with chemicals, since you will be keeping them short and trimming them regularly, getting rid of split ends at top speed.

Low Maintenance

You don�t need to make frequent trips to the parlour to keep your bangs in shape. It is easy to trim your bangs at home by yourself, while you let the rest of your hair grow longer. Wet your hair, and cut after straightening bangs with a comb. You could also get away with trimming bangs at random. Very cool.

En Vogue

Bangs jazz up your look instantly and make you look with it in a second, since bangs are very much en vogue. Or you could go retro and combine straight bangs with a few curled ones. Don�t be afraid of gelling and spraying your bangs to keep them in place.

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Feedback on article
Name: Julie
City:   clearwater
Comments:   i have a round wide head with a long forehead. i have bangs but itis hard to decide to grow them out this summer because i dont know if that would make my forehead look bigger> I have thin hair too so what should i do please i am soo desprite!!!!
Name: Bry
City:   london
Comments:   I WANT PICTURES. discribing how it looks is'nt enough i want examples!
Name: F
City:   shyz
Comments:   I have a round head and big features to match..i dont have a big forehead, do bangs go with round heads... THATS ALL I NEED TO KNOW b4 i do this drastic change
Name: kayla
City:   new zealand
Comments:   i got full bangs cut the other day and love them ,they come down my forehead to my eye brow line and are cut straight across from temple to temple,i also got some blonde streaks and foils added ,i really reccomend both to all..thanks kayla
Name: Robin
City:   Eureka
Comments:   I just got bangs and they look horrible!! I hav 3blonde long straight hair and i really need some new styles to do to look better PLEASE HELP!
Name: Nina
City:   SG
Comments:   I have bangs now but I dislike them. They are way too short. And I think bangs do not suit me :( when I look sort of a fool when combing my bangs on the forehead.
Name: Claudia
City:   havasu
Comments:   I have just plane straight bangs and i want bangs that go to the side(if u know what i mean), but i dont know what celebrity has that so i can show my hairstylist
Name: Maya
City:   LahIslambbad
Comments:   What is meant by Bangs
Name: Maha
City:   Sydney Australia
Comments:   i have a very small forehead and a round face and was wondering if and what bangs will suit me could you please show me pictures of people with small foreheads and bangs
Name: Catrina ***
City:   hehehehe u wish ;-)
Comments:   I have CURLY FRIZZY hair with a LONG WIDE FORHEAD...and I don't known if I should get bangs or not (because of the type of my hair). I had bangs before, in fourth grade (I'm now in (ninth),and they looked absolutely HORRIBLE back then! My hair dresser make them thick and the hair all came from one point on my head and, I don't know why, but it looked awfull like that. Back then, I blow dried them straight and it still looked bad. I've been asking my friends and family what they think and almos tall of them said that they think i would look bad like that. So, what should I do because I really think that bangs would help out my features.
Name: Preeti
City:   delhi
Comments:   could u plz provide the photograph of the given hair cut.
Name: tara
City:   Ulladulla
Comments:   i havent had bangs before and was thinking about gettin them could you please send me some different photos so that i can decide and show my hairdresser! all types please- thick thin wispy soft etc thanx
Name: jessica Carr
City:   brisbane
Comments:   hi, i have a huge big forehead but with an oval face. i hsve long blonde hair and wanting to know whether a sweeping fringe would look good to take the emphasis off my big forehead
Name: lizzie
City:   sacramento
Comments:   I have an oval face and i'm a brunette with carmel highlights. I'm thinking about getting bangs but I'm afraid it won't turn out the way i want it to. Can u e-mail me pictures of bang styles that you recommend for my face shape Thank you!
Name: lizzie
City:   sacramento
Comments:   By the way, my hair is straight, and about 3 inches under my shoulders.thanx!
Name: Thayla
City:   Somewhere
Comments:   I have a big forehead and slim face. My hair is long and thick. I have bangs already that slick to the side, how should I wear my hair I've had it like this for a while and I want a new look or just a new style, but don't want to show my big forehead. Can you please help me!!!!
Name: sara
City:   Sherburne NY
Comments:   I have thick curly hair and an oval face. Should i get bangs I am looking for a new look but are bangs for me
Name: sarah
City:   miami
Comments:   i have long, dark brown hair and i straighen it and usually wear it up because i think it suits me best. i have sort of thick bangs and am thinking of like parting them down the center and having like side bangs and just put them some what behind my u think that would be a good look
Name: alyssa
City:   philadelphia
Comments:   I am thinking about getting bangs again. I had them before but grew them in. Is it a good idea to get bangs again And how should they look
Name: kayla
City:   Sydney Australia
Comments:   i have an oval face with a big forehead, and very thin hair.I get teased often of my forehead. I was wondering what kind of hair style you prefer.
Name: Talisa
City:   willingboro,NJ
Comments:   I have an long face with a big forehead, and very thin hair.Is it a good idea to get bangs again And how should they look And what kind of bangs should I get
Name: Lauren
City:   houston
Comments:   i have an oval fave with a big forehead and i get teased about it more then u could imagine how should i get my hair cut to take the attention off my forhead
Name: kelly
City:   canada
Name: neena
City:   b.c surrey
Comments:   can u show sum pics of peopel with small forehead and banges that will go with it cuz i ahve a small forhead n i hate it i really want bangs
Name: kayla
City:   west monroe
Comments:   i have a kind of wide forehead and round face. i want the long side swept bangs. i have brown hair about 2-3 inches past my shoulders. do u think it would look okay plz send pics !!!
Name: lola
City:   Perth
Comments:   i have really chubby cheeks when I smile and a small round face with light blonde hair will a thick, side bang suit me
Name: lola
City:   Perth
Comments:   Could you plz send me some pictures to
Name: lauren
City:   setauket,NY
Comments:   i have long brown hair i want side bangs. but i dont know hoe to get them done. i need pictures REALLY bad send them please
Name: kerry
City:   lockport, ny
Comments:   i have shoulder length curly hair..(frizzy) most of the time..i have side swept bangs but i want to elminate the bangs..but i have a high forehead and my eyebrows are really light. can u please send me some pictures of curly hair w/bangs..cause i think i'm the only one out there..i either see curly hair no bangs or straight hair w/bangs.. help i a fashion no no?
Name: Allison
City:   washington, dc
Comments:   Hi i have a medium forehead,,not too small or too big,,i have curly hair but i straigten it. It is a couple inches past my shoulders,,i really want bangs that are at my eyebrows or above and mbaye go to the side somwhat. can u send some pics of things that would look good ihave brown hair.
Name: danielle
City:   new paltz
Comments:   i have a long face and a small for head, i also think that my face is slanted slightly and i have a big nose. is there anything that i could do to possibly make my nose look smaller my eyes bigger and look at least some what pretty..please help me
Name: Jess
City:   miami, florida
Comments:   you guys should have pics. gives me a feel of how it should turn out.
Name: Allison
City:   Sandborn, IN
Comments:   I'm very interested in adding some longer swoopy bangs to my hairstyle. i have longer curly hair and i need change it up a little. pictures would be great so i don't go to my hairstylist empty-handed. i'd like to get an idea of how it would look before i try it out on myself.
Name: Lisa
City:   nyack
Comments:   I'm very interested in adding some layered tusseled bangs to my hairstyle. i have butt-length straight hair and i need change it up a little. I can't find pics online to show. pictures would be great so i don't go to my hairstylist empty-handed.Thanks!
Name: deepti
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi my hair is short and thin.does this kind suit me.i have large me some photos.
Name: randi
City:   michigan
Comments:   plz help me i dont wanna go to the bathroom all the time and pull up my eyebros plz tell me what to do
Name: Person
City:   Somewhere
Comments:   I need pics of what side bangs really look nice I need a response because I am doing my hair today... Thanx
Name: gp
City:   michigan
Comments:   I ave the same porblem as maha, I have a round face, and a small forehead, and I was wondering if bangs would look good on me
Name: Tater
City:   St. Louis
Comments:   Very good tips
Name: corinna
City:   plain old denison tx were ever
Comments:   i'm a blond very pritty but i feal like i nead to change my hair and get bangs my hair has lovely natural highlites and if enyones measuring my hair is at the lingth of my belly buten across eneyway i kinda have a long face and my chin stickes out a little but hay if it runs in the family i gguess ou can't fi it i have a big bro and he saies that i should'nt do anything becouse i'm pritty the way i ame i have blue eyes and glasses but i want contacts but lik my mom wont let me get them becouse shse afrade theil knock outt of myy head when i;m laying basketbal or tackle foot ball (i'm kinda a tom girl) but i hate to have my hair up it just annoyes my you know whel plz send me some kinda long side bangs on glasses type with long face and blond hair sry if i took up to much of your tie buti need to talk my town is sooooborig
Name: corinna
City:   denison tx
Comments:   ps i have to streten myhair or it looks like a rat sleped in it so i hav strate hair. hanks
Name: corinna
City:   denison tx
Comments:   hime again sry i rad theothers and i'm kinda like catrina*** you know the whole he he hehe you wish thing on the town
Name: Victoria
City:   Fort Collins, CO
Comments:   I have straight waist length brunette hair that is all one length. Would bangs or some sort of sweep look good with hair this length Could you send me some pics, if possible Thank you!
Name: ashly
City:   brooklyn!!!! ny
Comments:   I have a big forehead a bigg!head , im always teased at school ,im going to highschool, and i want a hot hairstyle that will hide and make my head look smaller and my forehead,please i beggan u i need it!
Name: Marisa
City:   Barbados
Comments:   I have a long foredhead and a long face and i got to high school and i'm always teased at school but if i get bangs then it would look weird cause the hair is coming from way back i don't know what to do
Name: Chelsea
City:   maryland
Comments:   i have long thin straight blonde hair without bangs. i have a large forehead but im scared to get drastic bangs. im thinking thick blunt side bangs and a few inches off will add thickness to it and hide some forehead but im afraid they'll be hard to style and end up looking bad..
Name: chekeita
City:   little rock
Comments:   i like the fact that I have bangs because it brings my face out it does really make it look smaller and then when your hair is cut in layers it makes a big difference on how it looks maybe even letting it stay long and curly is a good look also
Name: Diana
City:   Navarre
Comments:   i have a short forehead and was wondering if bangs would look good on face is round. i have long medium brown hair. i want bangs that go to the sides with a side part. can you show me examples
Name: Nena
City:   Tucson
Comments:   I have a small forehead and round face. I love the betty Page look, but want to know which style of bangs work best with my type of face. I have large dark eyes and dark hair.
Name: Mary
City:   Torrance CA
Comments:   I have the same prob as maha, and gp....I have a round face with a small forehead...whayt kinda bangs would look good on me. I want to get them soo bad to change my look, but i dont want them to make my face look even smaller....Would bangs eeven suit me HELP

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