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  FOOT CORNS - by Editor
Tired of the intense pain that accompanies unsightly cornsNULL As if it wasn't bad enough that corns ruin the appearance of a beautiful pair of feet, they also have to hurt like hell! Read on for help with coping with corns.

What causes cornsNULL

Corns are essentially nature's way of protecting your feet, or so nature believes. Just as we develop blisters on our hands after a few days of hard manual labour before the skin on our hands begins to toughen, so also, if any particular part of the foot is under pressure either due to friction or due to uncomfortable footwear, that part will start growing extra skin, to pad the area from the friction or discomfort.

When the extra skin is distributed all over the feet, it is called calluses. But when it is limited to one concentrated area, you have what is called a corn.

If corn is just dead skin, why does it hurtNULL

This is because the dead skin is in a concentrated area, and it is formed in the shape of a cone, with the point of the cone digging into your foot.

What if I just ignore the cornNULL

First of all, ignoring the corn will not make it go away. In fact, the problem will only worsen. As more skin keeps growing around the corn, the corn keeps getting pushed deeper and deeper into the skin, which makes it more painful. This will also make removal more difficult.

More often than not, you need to take a serious look at your footwear. Invest in the most comfortable footwear you can afford. Cheap footwear is tempting, but they rarely provide adequate support to your feet and are the most common cause for corns.

Remember, your feet bear your entire body weight so if you weigh 60 kg, each foot is constantly carrying around with it 30 kg of weight. Squeeze them into uncomfortable shoes and heels, and all this weight is instantly redistributed unevenly around your feet, leading to foot problems. Feet are built extremely tough, so the very fact that they are crying out for help means that they have been subjected to far too much abuse!

Any home remediesNULL

One of the best home remedies is to soak your feet in warm, salted water for around five to ten minutes. Then apply soap and rub your foot, concentrating on the area around the corn, with a pumice stone, for five minutes. Do this every night, and slowly, the dead skin will soften and come out.

It is not recommended that you try and scrape off the skin with a blade, but if you are confident that you would like to try this quick fix, soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes first, to soften the skin. You can then try to scrape off the corn with a blade very gently. If the corn is too deep, you may not be able to get it all out.

Soak a stale piece of bread in vinegar, place it on the corn, and tape it to your foot. Leave it on overnight. This will help soften the corn.

What's the commercial remedyNULL

Apply corn caps on your corns, and within a few days the corns will soften and you will be able to peel them off just like you wax hair. However, these caps contain acid to dissolve the tough skin, so the surrounding skin of your feet may get affected, and get sore and a little tender. To avoid this, you could protect the skin around the corn with cotton before pasting on the corn cap. Skin specialists can also remove corns, so if nothing else works, visit your skin or foot specialist.

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Feedback on article
Name: Tejas Shah
City:   India (Mumbai)
Comments:   I had a corn 2 years back. I was aroung 18. It was very painfull, but I opted for a small operation, It really worked, It is little painfull but really worth, Doctor just removes (Cuts) the affected part from deep inside, so ther are no changes for it to grow again. But the thing is that now I have got Another corn in Other leg, I guess corns are some genetic problem cause my Dad also has some. ;) But I am trying some solutions like SELECTINE or even THUJA but these are temporary removal methods. NO WAY OUT other than surgery
Name: Amber
City:   USA
Comments:   I did just as it said- I made a little pedicure, soaked my feet in soapy salty warm water, after 10 minutes i took the foot out which had a corn and began scrubbing it with a pumice stone. well that was one month ago. today, one corn is completely gone and the other is almost gone. there's one problem-they're red now!!! i guess it was because of all the scrubbing. PLEASE tell me how to PROPERLY get rid of corns without making it red! it's not irritating or hurting, its just red now. i don't know what to do!
Name: santosh
City:   Kuwait
Comments:   I have thick corn in my right leg,it is very painfull some time i can not walk even i am trying the KRACK SR Cream.Lets see if it work out. I will try above mentioned remedie.
Name: Shruti Patel
City:   Florida, USA
Comments:   I have 2 thick and big corns in both feets from many years but it is not painful at all. It is just hard skin. Please give me a suggetion that how to remove it. Thank you.
Name: junku
City:   bham
Comments:   omg
Name: Madhavi
City:   India (Hyderabad)
Comments:   Hello Every one, I dont know if the thing in my foot is a corn or not...let me tell you what exactly had happened...5 or 6 months back, i had a thorn in my foot. so what i did was i took a safety pin and then tried to remove it....some how i felt that it is not gone...then i bought a new blade and tried to cut or scrap a little and tried to remove the thorn...but accidentally i cut it a little deep...blood oozed out...i stoped doing that...I left my leg and continued with my daily routine...without covering my foot with anything (I think dust got stocked in the wound)....when it got heeled, i tried to open it again with a it started this way, opening and heeling happened for 5 to 6 times from past 5 months....then a corn kind of a thing started growing on my foot...but at the center of the corn, a mass of skin had grown which pained even more. when i used corn caps, with a doctor´s suggestion, except for the mass of hard skin at the center of the corn, every thing got removed. after peeling away the hard skin around the mass of skin, it stood out like a small doctor had cut it away...but it started paining again...and the mass of skin started growing again...please give me a suggestion for this....i am unable to walk...i am scared of surgeries...will they give local anesthesia before cutting it?
Name: Mark Scott
City:   London
Comments:   I will be in India during December 2006, please tell me where I can have a corn removed by surgery, oh I will be in Bombay
Name: myra sanches
City:   mumbai
Comments:   O would like to remove my corns. Which doctor should I contact. Please give me the details with address & tel. number of the surgeon.
Name: smitha
City:   thrissur
Comments:   my son is only 3 years old as we know this time childerns have smooth skin but my son is having cracks in his legs please give me remedies for this
Name: Madhavi
City:   asdfasdfasdf
Comments:   corn caps help a lot for corns in the foot...try it out
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I am at home right now after a corn extraction. Trust me, CORN CAPS doesnt work!!! YOU MUST GO TO A DERMITOLOGIST SURGEON TO GET IT EXTRACTED. It is a slightly painful procedure, if required they will give you a local anesteshia. It will take 34 days for the cut wound to heal. But I am already relieved after 6 months of pain
Name: dtnhb nbwhl
City:   avrewxtz
Comments:   hxtalvk mgpx zcgthelom sfaglxke gqsvtherl nfygoem kaqrcjbz
Name: xvhs hticxga
City:   acktrhz
Comments:   wejsfg exvjp jcwfkg amcne ofugvi wxam conqykfej yocujla ikeqfh
Name: Elizabeth
City:   New York
Comments:   Thankz it really worked.
Name: heena
City:   london
Comments:   hi ive got two corns on my second and third toe there horrible to look at and i hate wearing sandles ive tried scrapping and plaster the soaking technique (everything) no good my last hope is surgery but i need to find a good one and werer its not so expensive can you help me.
Name: Munna
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I got 3 corns in my left leg and one corn in my right leg i used corn caps but it is not at all useful.i just want to know exact reason behind corn formation.
Name: kiran
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   hi am having 2 corns in eah foot.they r so unable to walk.i have tried corn caps.what happened to the corns i don´t know but the surrounding skin got peeled´s very ugly to look at not able to understand.i heard of the surgery done to remove corns.can u please let me know where is t done n how much does it cost??is it a painful surgery??how much time does it take to completely heal??
Name: meladie
City:   los angeles
Name: vanita gulati
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   i have many corns on my hands around 12on right hand and 4 on left on fingers. please suggest some home remedy or medicine for it. i tried ´DUOFILM´.
Name: venkatbathula
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Hi i had a someting like corn or what i dont know but i am suffering from 3years it is like my right lag ton which i got 4 time opration but of no use now also it paining.i have taken many madicin . tell me what to do?
Name: sameen
City:   lahore
Comments:   i have corn too,my doc suggest me an ointment named whitfield double strenght it worked but very time taking proccess
Name: samir
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, My mom is suffering from the corns for last 15 years and has not able to get a proper medication for the same.Now the condition of her feet is terrible and she is not able to work properly.Also one of her toe finger was removed because of the corn.Anyone aware of any sure shot treatment please reply back to me. Thanks in advance.
Name: samir
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, My mom is suffering from the corns for last 15 years and has not able to get a proper medication for the same.Now the condition of her feet is terrible and she is not able to work properly.Also one of her toe finger was removed because of the corn.Anyone aware of any sure shot treatment please reply back to me at samirlalrediffmailcom. Thanks in advance.
Name: Bhogesha
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi I hv corns in my right foot 7 and in left foot 2 and 1 in right thumb since 18 years. i had minor operation 10 yrs back but it didnt work. i went for homepathy thuja q and calendula q applying 6 months and had got some relief but not cured 100% even 1 corn. i had applied corn caps also but it didnt work. i had undergone homeopathy intake medicines from Dr.Bathra for six months that also not worked. I had applied salactin paint for 2 months but this also not worked. All these treatment i went with suggestion of surgeons but failed. Let me know if anyone can suggest something new for this treatment.
Name: Doll
City:   Berwick, Maine USA
Comments:   Picking and cutting corns is dangerous and can cause infection. You wouldn´t want to have a toe surgically removed would you? Buy Dr. Scholls corn pads. The ones with the salycilic acid disc can be cut to fit the thick area. This is covered with the soft pad, also in the package. Also buy the same kind of protective pads to wear when you have on closed in shoes. I have found that it takes about one and one half months of careful buffing with a pumice stone, and and wearing pads as directed to remove corns. Keep your feet well moisturized to reduce friction when you wear enclosed shoes. If you continue wearing the same shoes that rub, corns just come back again.
Name: JAJA
City:   UignkvnWyTSqjTr
Name: Rose
City:   Kansas City
Comments:   I really like the Pedifix corn protectors. I use them when I get a corn to protect my feet and the corn from my shoe. I was surprised how well they worked. If anyone is interested, I get mine online at Therawear. I hope this helps!
Name: abnsreddy
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   i had two corns in the left foot, with little surgery they were removed by doctor. to heal it takes 2 weeks. they will give anesthecia while doing surgery to the affected part of the leg. it costs around 3k.
Comments:   I had five corns in my single food,how i can remove it this
Name: Alka
City:   Pune, India
Comments:   Hi every one, I had 56 foot corns on my leg and now one has left which will vanish in 1 week. I have tried home remedy, u must try out. Take a glass of lukewarm water, add 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey. Take every day in the morning with empty stomach for 3 months. This process will also detoxify your body. Instead of tying lemon intake of lemon is most effective.
Name: Alka
City:   pune
Comments:   sorry no of foot corn wae 5 to 6
Name: Kumar
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Hi every one, I had 2 small corns on my right leg nad 1 big one on my left for the past 3 months.. currently i am wearing corn cap on left leg alone for past 2 days and its really painful with shoes on. It gets swollen. Thanx 4 de article on Foot corns. I will take medication more seriously as it will not cure of its own.. surgery will be my last option. but i am yet to find the source for this corn. I didn´t change my foot wear.. my job is to just sit and type. Hope u guys get cured soon and walk freely....
Name: Narayan
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi Everyone , the corns seems to be heriditory , as my grnd mother had my father now me i have five corns in left leg that too in little finger , remedy for this is make soft your corn take a File {Dentists used it for practical purpose small tirangular file } rub it gentally everyday {U have a black color kind of things which comes out at the end} until it resolved , i have lost 2 corns now and the other remedy is in village side the therapy is U know the some gum kind of thing in your ear that is taken and applied to the corn u have to burn it , last remedy is u can either use leach for treatment or the heated Brick can be put on the Corn ...
Name: Sunil
City:   Mansa
Comments:   Hi mom hai a corn on the toe of right foot..she is suffering from it from 15 years....she had already used corn cap,had got a operation and burnt the corn with electercity by a doctor in PGI CHANDIGARH...If anybody know about proper treatment of it then plz tell,..
Name: Adnan Shafiq
City:   Lahore
Comments:   Hello, I have a corn on my right foots small finger for 2 months now. I had it treated and then got operated but again it appeared. Right now I am unable to wear any shoes only sandles. It is painful and bad, can anyone tell me hwo to get rid of this thing.
City:   Raipur
Comments:   I have a corn in my left leg sice last six months i tried homeopathy but it didnt worked. i bit relaxed by reading above comments that corn can be cured , thanks
Name: neha
City:   Pune, Maharashtra.
Comments:   Here are some home treatments for easing and removing corns A fresh slice of lemon should be tied over the painful area at night and allowed to remain there the whole night Half a teaspoon of raw papaya juice may be applied three times a day For corns between the toes, dab on vitamin E oil and place a clean piece of cotton or a cotton ball over it. Make sure to use 100percent cotton, not synthetic cosmetic puffs. Put on clean white cotton socks and leave them on overnight after treatment. Vitamin E oil mixed with a crushed garlic clove is good for softening corns and calluses. Make a compress with hot epsom salts, place on area overnight
Name: Pranay
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   i have corn from many years. more then 10 yr. Mu weight also 56 KG. i taken the treatment with doctor and i done treatment for 2 days and after treatment its gone also but after 10 15 days again its start. i done same tratment 4 5 times always same problem its come again and again . now days its very soft easliy i can remove upear threads with my finger. can you pls sugges me how i can clear this my corn problem
Name: gloria
City:   New York
Comments:   made a little pedicure, soaked my feet in soapy salty warm water, after 10 minutes i took the foot out which had a corn and began scrubbing it with a pumice stone. well that was one month ago. today, one corn is completely gone and the other is almost gone. there´s one problemthey´re red now!!! i guess it was because of all the scrubbing. PLEASE tell me how to PROPERLY get rid of corns without making it red! it´s not irritating or hurting, its just red now. i don´t know what to do!?
Name: kaykay
City:   Jamaica
Comments:   I he 2 corn on each little toe i have tried almost every thing there is now i am trying the freezone corn remover and buffing the corns twice a day now i am having sevare pains and am seeing an area of black and i need them away buy my 18th birthday which is in 3 weeks.
Name: stef
City:   chennai
Comments:   i am suffering with a big corn on my left big toe for more than 12 years and the doctor had removed it twicw but it still kept growing back and infact became worse. Then i started to get about 15 small corns under my foot each foot. My friend sugessted that i must apply cater oil every night on the corns i did this for 2 weeks and everthing vanished it became black and dry and fell on its own but the one that i operated is till there and it is very painfull. please advice as to what can be done. Thank You.
Name: satendra
City:   chandigarh, india
Comments:   I m 19 now. i m having two joint corns on my palm of right hand and two on front side of my left hand. its growning day by day: i tried corn caps : i tried cut them with blade: but they grow again:: any home remedy?
Name: Himanshu Choudhary
City:   Moradabad
Comments:   i have 3 corn caps in left leg since 4 month it is very horrable and very painful i am cannot walk properly i am an engineering student so i hope u understand my problem i am not maintain the attendence i have done an operation on corn caps before 1.5 years ago then i m first year now i m 3rd year i am very worry about my leg i am still taking the homeopathy medicen from 3 month but 0% relief on my corn cops so please give me advise what i am do right now i would go an hospital an cut the corn cops or taking the homeopthay medicine for a long time
Name: Arvind
City:   Ghazibad
Comments:   my skin is very dark. i want to become can i be fair
Name: abiy
City:   chennai
Comments:   I lost my left and right large toe nails befor ten years it didn´t grow back i´m a 27 years athelet .can i get treatment
Name: mingmar dolma
City:   lhasa (capital of Tibet)
Comments:   thanks a lot for your wonderful solution to my problem. now, i will do as you have told and i hope i will get my cones away after one month. again thank you very much.
Name: lerato
City:   pretoria
Comments:   hey ppl,plz help,i got corns on each of my toes.its embarassng,cn even wear sandals.they nt da corns dat i cn cut wit a blade,they too soft n realy bad...
Name: lerato
City:   pretoria
Comments:   hey ppl,plz help,i got corns on each of my toes.its embarassng,cn even wear sandals.they nt da corns dat i cn cut wit a blade,they too soft n realy bad...
Name: jatin
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I hv corn rite under my feet, i hurts wenever i walk bare foot or exsert more, i use to chip it off with a blade , but within a week or so it develops again, im using salactin for a last 2 weeks but all other possible solution to this problem?? plz help
Name: Buhle
City:   Pretoria
Comments:   wow, sooo many corns hey, corn phenomenon, lol.

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