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Disadvantages of Bottle Feeding

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Bottle feeding has a lot of disadvantages over breastfeeding. Bottle feeding should be avoided as much as possible. The disadvantages of bottle feeding cannot be overlooked as baby is deprived from the immense benefits of breastfeeding. Read on to find more about the disadvantages of bottle feeding.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that breastfeeding is good for the health of the infant and it adds up manifold benefits to the health of the mother too. Yet there are situations in which many mothers have to opt for bottle feeding their infants. Sometimes it is impractical and unreasonable to breast feed and mothers decide to feed the child with bottle.

In fact, it is completely the mother’s decision what she chooses to be the best for her and her child and for this no one can be termed as a good or bad mother. No matter whether it is because of some unavoidable reason or just because of wish, mothers who bottle feed their infants should know about the disadvantages of bottle feeding and precautions to avoid them.

Disadvantages for Bottle Feeding

Have a look at the common disadvantages of bottle feeding.


Though various types of formula milk substitutes are available and most of them claim to offer all essential nutrients to the child, it is not the truth. It also depends on the brand and makes of the formula what nutrients the child is receiving.


It has been observed that children who are fed with bottle suffer from indigestion and gas most often. The uneasiness that it causes can be seen in the infants and sometimes you are unable to handle and treat it also.


Second most irritating and exasperating thing is that it is full of fuss and hassle. Even if you are not feeling well and you do not have time, you have to clean and sterilize the bottle daily at least once. Also, if you are tired of the whole day’s work schedule and want to have a good and complete rest at night, you cannot do so because you have to get up and prepare the milk for your infant when he is hungry.

Preparation Time

Preparing of formula milk takes time. You cannot even prepare and keep it stored. It is very important that you prepare only that quantity of milk which is consumable by your child. This is often not completely possible and the rest of the milk gets wasted.

Deciding the Brand

Most of the new parents choose the formula they see in the hospitals being use. However, it is not always true that the hospitals use the best formula milk. It can also be because that brand provides formula milk at low price to the hospitals and in this way their marketing strategy gets fulfilled.


No matter what formula or alternative you choose, bottle feeding is definitely expensive than breastfeeding. It is not just the cost of the formula milk, but you need to keep the bottles clean and maintained so that the health and hygiene is also taken care of simultaneously. You need to clean the bottle, sterilize it and then keep is safely aside so that it can be used when needed.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages for bottle feeding. It completely depends on you and your circumstances what you choose for your baby. The ultimate decision certainly should be made by the parents.

If you are a new parent, consider the points that are in favour of bottle feeding along with taking into account the disadvantages. There are various brands that prepare formula milk more nutritious and balanced and if your child digests it well, it might be good for your child also. Consider all factors and take the decision prudently.

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Raavi.3 years ago
Informative article, though bottle feeding has many disadvantages still it is used widely. this may also be due to many misconceptions regarding breast feeding.
Kanchan Singh.3 years ago
There are lot of hassles like washing and cleaning the bottles carefully before feeding. Sterilization also needs to be proper to prevent infections.
Maya.3 years ago
Bottle feeding is a boon for mothers who are working or who are unable to feed the baby but extreme care is needed while bottle feeding.
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