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Top 10 Tips for Raising a Successful Student

Top 10 Tips for Raising a Successful Student
All parents want their children to succeed in their academics. Encouragement and support of parents is very crucial for helping children excel in their studies. Have a quick look at the top 10 tips for raising a successful student.

Every child is a genius. But how you mould your child and direct her matters the most. School days with lots of other pressures along with that of studies, have made children of this generation quite busy. However, coping with the academic tasks is challenging for both, children and their parents.
“Morning shows the day”. This is a popular saying and fits in many different circumstances. The way you train your child from the beginning decides her future and life. So, if you are looking forward to raising successful students, you have to take care of few things today. Here are some of the best tips to help you make your child successful in school and life.

1. Support Your Child

If your child has already started going to school and brings in lower grades, do not punish your child. She needs help and support and you are the best person to give that. Find out where she is lagging behind. Focus on regular practice and revisions to help her improve her grades. Parental involvement is very necessary for improving a child’s academic performance.

2. Pay Attention to Regular Homework

Your child must be getting homework from school. Make sure the day’s work gets completed before going to bed. Pending work or backlogs can only increase pressure and decrease productivity. Even if there is no homework someday, let her revise the studies done in the school.

3. Have a Strict Schedule

Once your child has started going to school, it is very important to maintain a strict timetable for studies. Depending on the class and capability of your child, you can increase the timing. This will inculcate a habit of studying and completing homework the day it has been assigned.

4. Keep in Touch With the Teacher

The teacher of your child can tell you what your child is lacking. This will help you know the right area you need to focus and support your child. Never do homework or assignments for your child.

5. Spend Time with Your Child

Children need their parents’ unconditioned love, support and time. Take some time out of your busy schedule and talk to your children. Let them share their happenings and feelings and you share yours. Just keep in mind that you use the time wisely.

6. Make Reading an Integral Part

If your child is young, read aloud to her and if she is capable of reading, provide her books that match her age and interests. Instead of passing time on television, encourage your child to read good books and magazines.

7. Provide Proper Learning Environment at Home

When your child is studying, take care of the environment inside the house. Do not watch television or talk to other members of the family loudly. Provide a space where your child does not get distracted during this time.

8. Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Some parents believe that participating in such activities might distract the child. In fact, it does the opposite and improves your child’s personality. This will help her work smartly and positively.

9. Keep Your Attitude Positive

Even if your child achieves lower grade, keep your attitude positive. Help her concentrate and improve on the weaker areas. Talk to her and find out what goes wrong and help her overcome that.

10. Be a Role Model

One of the most important things all parents should remember is that children follow what their parents do. So, if you are an organized person and have a proper schedule in your life, your children will follow suit.
In addition to the above tips, make sure your child eats well and nutritious food daily and has a good sleep at night. Some of these recommendations are not easy to follow, especially for working parents. You have to set your priorities in life.

How to encourage children to succeed in their academics? What are the ways to make children study well? What is the importance of extracurricular activities? Discuss here.

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Ishika.6 years ago
Parents should make children understand the importance of hard work. No success can come without hard work and it is essential for being a successful student as well.
Sneha.6 years ago
Parents should know what children are doing and make sure that they study everyday for being a successful student.
Sonia.6 years ago
Parental involvement is a must to raise children into successful students.
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