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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Diet > An Indian Post Delivery Diet

An Indian Post Delivery Diet

An Indian Post Delivery Diet

An Indian post delivery diet is very beneficial for the post delivery recovery. Read on to know more about the components of an Indian post delivery diet.

Post delivery diet is as important as important as your pregnancy diet. According to the Indian lifestyle, environment, tradition and beliefs, post delivery diet needs to be wholesome one that ensures nutrition for both the mother and the child. Thereby, there are certain elements that are considered to be essential in the Indian post delivery diet. They can effectively reduce the common post delivery issues like anaemia, fatigue,
depression and constipation.

An essential part of the Indian post delivery diet is that any food that is believed to be ‘cold’ must be avoided. This means that any type of food or any food that has coolant properties ought to be avoided. Apart from hot milk, even water is recommended to be served as lukewarm. It should be taken throughout the day and separately in between meals.

Components of An Indian Post Delivery Diet

Given below are some foods that are regarded as an essential part of Indian post delivery diet:

Date Laddu – They comprise of shredded dates, ground almonds, and grated coconut. The ingredients are roasted and made into balls and served as an item in breakfast or an in between meal snack. They are high in good, fat and nutrition.

Methi Laddu – These are made from fenugreek seeds, whole wheat flour, soybean flour, date flour, ground cashews and almonds. They are very high in protein and nutrition content and help in lactation.

Dink or Gondh Laddu – These are made from edible gum or Dink, some Ghee, Moong Dal flour, soybean flour and coconut paste. They are rich in protein, vital nutrients and helps in speeding up the recovery.

Ajwain Paratha – These are bread made from whole wheat flour mixed with Ajwain (Aniseed). They aid digestion and improve lactation. Ajwain is also known to cleanse the uterus.

Dalia Idli – It comprises of coarsely ground whole wheat grains or Dalia, which is very high in fibre and helps the new mother deal with constipation that is common during post delivery.

Harira and Panjiri – These are traditional recipes that are known to aid lactation and replenish the mother with vital nutrients.

Aliv Kheer – This is a sweet dish that can be had as an afternoon snack or after meals. It has a very high vitamin and mineral content. Made from Aliv or watercress seeds that are cooked in milk, it is high in vitamin B1, B6, C and K.

Ginger Candy – These small candy balls are a nutritious snack made from ginger roots, some Khova or milk powder and Ghee. It helps in digestion and is considered to improve the blood circulation and induce high energy levels.

Rava Sheera – This is primarily a breakfast recipe, made from semolina, Ghee, ground almonds and milk. It is high in vitamin C, essential fats and fibre.

Besides all these and several other traditional recipes that are still followed by and served by elders in Indian households to the new mother, it is also recommended that she is given a spoonful of Ghee or clarified butter with her meals. Pure Ghee is believed to be high in nutritional content and helps in the recovery of the body that has undergone the stress of pregnancy and childbirth.

Therefore, an Indian post delivery diet can be considered to be a great help in recovery stage of post delivery, raise your energy levels through adequate nutritional content, ensure your breastmilk is high in nutrition for the growth and development of your baby and help to prepare your body for the parental duties.

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nishu.2 years ago
First 40 days are meant for you to recuperate, gain strength and bond with your baby. Resting and eating well is important during this time. Although rest may not be easy for you and with the newborn baby as you have to feed every two hours and change diapers frequently. Your mum, mum-in-law or trained maids can be of help during this period.

Breastfeed exclusively for six months. You need to have a good diet during pregnancy (calories intake would increase to 330 calories/day). Therefore immediate and fast weight reduction should not be targeted. Eating healthy food will only reduce weight sensibly.
Mayuri.7 years ago
an article written according to Indian sensibilities. Post delivery diet in India is special and helps the mother in speedy recovery
Sharmistha.7 years ago
after my delivery i was given methi ladoos and dry ginger powder with cow ghee. Methi ladoo helped in milk production while dry ginger and ghee helped in recovery
Madhoo.7 years ago
Good article! Indian post delivery diet is very healthy and helps in quick healing and recovery
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Mrigank Mrigank
Indian post delivery diet is a good diet which aids quick recovery. it mainly consists of dink or gond ladoos, methi ladoos, ghee, ajwain, saunf or fennel, and ginger. all these either aid digestion o...
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Manika Manika
Indian post delivery diet is full of foods that keep the body warm and thus help in healing. Any food that is cold is avoided. To promote healing even water is boiled and then given warm. Ghee and son...
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