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Health Problems and Conception
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Health Problems and Conception >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have tried to get pregnant for over four years now and finally my doctor found out the possible reason for that - I have a high prolactin level, which he garnered from my blood-test. I have been taking Bromocriptine for 3 months and hope I can get pregnant soon. I have been under a lot of stress trying to get pregnant, and have been smoking and drinking around three times a month. How dangerous is this, if I want to conceive?

Prema (Albuquerque, USA)

A: Yes, being infertile can be stressful, and many couples turn to smoking or alcohol in order to help them cope with the stress. However, there are better and more effective ways of stress relief, such as yoga and meditation - and you need to explore these! I am glad you are concerned about the possible adverse effects smoking and drinking may have on your baby - this shows you are a responsible adult, and will be good mother! Pre-pregnancy healthcare is a good time to improve all your health habits, and you have enough motivation to do so now, if you are planning to get pregnant, and want to have a health baby. Your past health habits will not affect your pregnancy, so don't worry about this.

Dr. Malpani

Q: We have been trying to conceive for the last 3 months. However, of late I have been getting severe cramps in my legs which continue till I get my period. This time they have not stopped after my last periods on 5th may. The doctors has diagnosed lack of salt + vitamins and prescribed the same for 20 day. Even after 1 week of medication there has been no improvement in the cramps which now last throughout the day. What should I do?

Kavita (Jodhpur, India)

A: Try taking Tab. Daflon 500mg ,one tablet twice a day. Tab. Shelcal 500mg thrice a day for 15 days and cap. Evion 400 mg one at night daily for 15 days.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I have been married for three years, and we would now like to have a baby. Recently my periods continued for two months. My doctor said that I have an infection, and gave me medicines. I recovered, but then it started again. What should I do?

Avantika (Banglore, India)

A: First ensure that the pelvic infection is completely gone. Then check if your tubes are open and that you are ovulating regularly. Get your husband's semen analysis done.

Q: I have a yeast infection for several years and have lost weight due to the medication. Now I want to get pregnant. What complications can happen? Should I test for fertility also?

Vyoma (Detroit, USA)

A: You must have lost weight due to some other reason. Have you checked out if the infection is indeed fungal? You should get a check-up done before trying for a baby.

Q: I am thirty two years old and have been married for 8 years. I have a 5 year old son. We wish to have a 2nd child, but I unable to conceive. I had suffered from pleurosis, but have recovered from the same. My x-ray reports are now normal. I am not on any kind of medication. I had met my family doctor regarding the possibility of a second child, and she had suggested Laparoscopy. My first delivery was normal and I have had no miscarriages. In these circumstances, should I go for laparoscopy or can I take any medicines to conceive. Can you suggest any medicines?

Jyoti (Mumbai, India)

A: You can do some blood tests and an X- ray test called hsg instead of laparoscopy. And then, with the help of medications, you will get pregnant.

Q: My friend's wife contracted the rubella virus during pregnancy, and her son was born with weak eyes and weak hearing. He is also very underweight. Now my friend and his wife want a second child, but the blood test report indicated that she has rubella virus. How should they go forward? What are the chances of having a healthy child?

Manish (Nasik, India)

A: She will have to see if the infection is old or new. If she already had rubella, chances are that this infection will be an old one so if her Rubella IgM is negative, she can have a healthy child.

Q: I have been diabetic for the past 3 years. I have one daughter. We want to have a second child, and are planning for the second child in the coming few months. My diabetes is not under control. My main concern is that can I become pregnant at this stage and if I can, will I have a normal healthy baby? If not, when can I plan for having a baby?

Sheetal (London, U.K)

A: You will need to get your diabetes under control and maintain it during pregnancy in order to have a normal healthy baby. Any change or fluctuation in blood sugar during pregnancy can lead to a fluctuation in the baby's blood sugar.

Q: I have a kidney stone. What should I eat? Can I conceive?

Prachi (Cochin, India)

A: Whether you can conceive or not depends on the size of the kidney stone and on its location. Avoid foods which contain oxalates like tomatoes and cabbage.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

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