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Breastfeeding - Express Milk
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My baby is 5 months old and I have been breast feeding her exclusively. I now want to express milk and feed her with a bottle. How much milk should I express?

Kalpana (Indianapolis, USA)

A: A rough idea of the amount of feed he requires is 'as many ounces per feed as he weighs in kg'. If he weighs 5 kg, he needs 5 oz (150ml) per feed. I would however strongly advise you against starting a bottle and introducing non-milk supplemental feeds instead (to be given by katori-spoon). Whatever milk he gets in the first year should preferably be yours, and directly. Even a 9-5 job can be managed by giving supplemental feeds when away and breast-feeds when home.

Dr. Gajendragadkar

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