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Waiting to try:Archie..a Question on Douching
Name: Sheetal

Hi Archie,
We have 2 year old boy and now would like to have a girl. I had read about douching to conceive boy/girl.When i searched in internet i found an article which says \";Douching can also introduce bacteria to the vagina - thus infecting the environment - which is why douching should only be used when prescribed by a physician. Infections can hinder conception and cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Douching has been traced to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Because it alters the acidity in the vagina - making it impossible for sperm to live and setting up infections, douching is best left for doctor's prescriptions only. Scented tampons and vaginal sprays can also add to these undesirable conditions in the vagina. And these undesirable conditions make it almost impossible for conception to occur.

Another negative and scary aspect of douching is that it may cause cervical cancer.
\";..Also read about altering natural Ph of vagina..

Archie can you please tell me about side effects of douching? is the above mentioned article correct? if so i don't want to take a risk. or should i ask my doctor about this before giving it a try?Please guide...
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Anonymous Name: Archie
Subject:  stay out of it

Dear Sheetal,

It's fair enough to say stay out of this one.

I believe most of said in the article is true and if you want to be far from any discomfort or worrying aspects follow suggestion.

I know some Drs. have varied opinion. Mostly Dr. won't help in choosing sex of your baby. If you can conceive without any treatment they would always ask you to stay away from doubtful material.

Douching is fun otherwise but while fertile period or after conception girls should keep out of it, just to avoid any complications.

Hope this helped.
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Archie..a Question on Douching

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Archie..a Question on Douching

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Archie..a Question on Douching

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