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Parental Dilemmas

raising-children Parental Dilemmas

Facing problems as a parent? Read about common parental dilemmas and problems faced by parents of babies, parents of young children and parents of teenagers. Get some good parenting tips and read about how to be good parents. Parenting is not a child's play. Learn about some common parenting issues.

Parental dilemma may arise in many situations. There is many a time a clash of ideas or friction between parents and children due to generation gap or some other reasons. Dilemmas regarding problems with children are faced by all parents at some point of time.

Dilemmas Faced by Parents of Babies

Parents of babies face many dilemmas regarding issues like feeding, vaccination and other things. Parents are bombarded with opinions from all sides. A parent may want to give their baby a particular food, but their friends may say that food should not be given to babies. Another neighbour might say this food is alright to give your baby, and all these different set of opinions from grand-parents, friends, neighbours and others put the parents in a fix. Regarding vaccinations every parent wants to get their child vaccinated. But, so many people recommend so many different vaccinations for babies which put the parents in a dilemma as to which are the required ones.

However, as the child grows a different set of dilemmas will arise depending on the age.

Dilemmas Faced by Parents of Young Children

As the baby grows big and starts going to preschool a different set of dilemmas arise. Sometimes preschoolers are also given so much homework to do at home. They complain of more homework being given and insist that they want to play. Parents are confused and begin to wonder if children so small should be given any homework at all. Children do not listen and do not want to do their homework, they want to go and play. Parents are left in a dilemma wondering how much homework is appropriate for that age. Another dilemma which parents face related to homework is how much parents should help the children.

Constant bickering and fighting between siblings is also a dilemma faced by many parents. Bed wetting dilemmas and dilemmas regarding homework are also commonly faced by parents of growing children.

Dilemmas Faced by Parents of Teenagers

When the child becomes a teenager, it is altogether a different situation. Teenage years are the years when children are transforming into adults. It is the in between stage between childhood and adulthood. Teenagers are often rebellious and face peer pressure. The most common dilemma faced by parents of teenagers is giving permission. All other parents of your child's friends might have given permission for something and you as a parent may not be very keen to give permission. However, parents must remember that children also need discipline. Parents might feel bad in saying no and feel that they are too strict. However, if parents think they are taking the right decision by saying no, it will help the children in the long run although they may not realize it now.

Other dilemmas faced by parents of teenagers are issues like addiction to alcohol and drugs, the teenager spending too much time on the internet, tattoos, not liking your teenagers group of friends, etc. Nowadays, there is a lot of craze for tattoos and many teenagers want to get tattoos which is something not many parents are happy about. Another common dilemma faced by parents of teenagers is that the parents may not like the kind of friends their children are getting associated with.

But parents of teenagers must remember not to get over-protective and listen to their teenager's point of view also and try to remember how they felt when they were that age.

General Dilemmas Faced by Parents

Some other general dilemmas faced by parents include issues like building self-confidence in the child, teaching children the value of money, and other issues related to punishment and disciplining of children. Single parents face their own different set of dilemmas.

Thus parents must remember that challenges while parenting are bound to occur at all stages and that parenting is definitely not an easy role. But as time flies, and years pass those children who have been brought up well by their parents can turn out into very fine human beings which will make the parents proud and beam with joy!

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Mehul Rawal.3 years ago
I appreciate this article as I find it very relevant. this is what I faced while raising my son single handedly. In my case i was a single parent and i had no one to share my probs with so everything I had to face alone.
Simran Duggal.3 years ago
very good information. I appreciate this article for the sheer fact that it has taken up all the issues or dilemmas faced by parents at different stages of parenting.
Bimal dokania.3 years ago
At every stage of parenting, there is bound to be a situation where parents have to face a dilemma.It is very difficult to face the dilemma at that time but gradually through experience one learns to take things head on.
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