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Tips for Parents to Give Preschool Interview

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Interview and admission procedure to a preschool is not a bed of roses. Many parents have a harrowing experience during admissions to a reputed preschool. The most dreaded part is the interview. Read on the following tips to make the preschool interview process sweet and memorable one.

Parents are found to have a tough time in preparing their kids for their first preschool interview. But they are equally worried about the parents’ interview too. Giving a
preschool interview is not really a tough job for parents. You are simply required to answer a few questions and be prepared for some sudden queries that might crop up. Basically being parents, it is expected that you are aware about every detail related to your kid. So if you are just able to chill, you will have less to worry about.

Here are a few tips on how you can deal with a preschool interview while admitting your child:

First know the Preschool Well

Every preschool has a definite set of rules and philosophy. So when you choose to apply for the enrolment of your child at a certain preschool, it is implied that you are aware of what the preschool stands for and have a fair idea of its curriculum. The interview will first test on how well you are informed about the curriculum and requirements of the preschool.

Through the interview the preschool will try to judge if you are happy with the mode of teaching and the philosophy of the school and whether you align with their views. This is important so as to avoid future misunderstandings and complications.

Questions on the Child’s Habits

The Nap Time of your Kid

This is important to know whether it aligns with that of the school and how will you help to adjust with the changes. Is the child prone to make fuss during sleep time and does he have any special habits or requirements?

Activity Regimen of the Kid

Do you practice your kid regular activity sessions? If so, what activities do you make him do and for how long. This helps the preschool to determine whether they need to introduce the child to an exercise regimen or just carry forward what he is already used to doing.

Food Habits

The parents are likely to be questioned if the kid has any definite food habits. Whether he is allergic to certain foods and most importantly if he has a choking tendency or whether he is a fussy eater.

Toilet Training

The school needs to know about the toilet training of the kid. Parents are expected to present the child toilet trained and adjust according to the school schedule. Parents would be questioned on whether they have encouraged the kid to take frequent toilet trips at regular intervals.

Medical Details

Questions are asked on the immunization records of the kids. Parents are asked whether the kid has any specific medical conditions and whether he requires special care. Then it is also asked whether the kid is suffering from any allergies.

Finally, What your Kid Knows

Although the preschool is entitled to teach your child but they prefer, if your kid already knows few of the basics. Some of these preliminary things are like shapes, colours, alphabets, numbers and sounds. These are things that the kid is expected to be taught at home. So the interview will test how sincere you are with your kid as it is you who would be responsible to teach and help the kid practice what the teachers at the preschool has taught him.

There would be questions on the manner in which you teach your kid. Like if you make use of educational toys and books. You will be asked on how you have aided the development of the child’s lateral thinking skills. Whether the kid is able to follow simple instructions, his confidence levels and the manner in which he usually responds to pressure along with how he usually behaves with strangers and peer groups.

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B APARANA - 84988 23331;
Sunaiyya.2 years ago
great article....keep it up
Vishal dhoipode.2 years ago
Preschool interview is stressful if not prepared because one blunder can devoid the child of getting admitted to that preschool. Your article was really helpful as it helped me to know what to expect in such interviews.
Unveda.2 years ago
nice tips and very helpful....
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