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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Aches and Pains > Post Delivery Joint Pain

Post Delivery Joint Pain

Post delivery joint pain is quite common but not all women experience this. Find out how to cope with the joint aches and obtain relief from them.

After completing nine months of your pregnancy tenure, you probably have gathered sufficient information on the varied changes that have taken place in your body. But post delivery, you will be countering a whole lot of new changes taking place and you might want to know your body better in order get yourself equipped to these changes. Many first time mothers are surprised to find that their hips still hurt and knees are having that wobbly feeling, which they had presumed that would go away once the baby is born. Post delivery joint pains are so persistent and at times acute that they leave you wondering about whether you have jumped a decade in your age.

Here are some tips and methods that will help you understand how to deal with these joint pains and strive towards regaining your pre-pregnancy body:

Why Do Joints Ache Post Delivery?

With the progress of your pregnancy, you have been carrying an additional weight that increased with each trimester. So it is quite natural for your system to be stressed out due to the carrying of an additional baggage all these months. The joint pain is primarily attributed to this factor. New mothers also develop a condition called the chronic fatigue syndrome. Many women are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, even before they got pregnant, so the joint pain persists from this cause as well. Then, if you had gone through an epidural, the tailbone might get sprained during the labour, and post delivery it might give you this nagging pain.

The Relaxin Hormone Can Be the Culprit

Relaxin is a hormone that is released by the body during pregnancy in order to loosen up the ligaments. This helps the body to bear the additional weight as the baby grows in your womb; besides, it also relaxes your joints and muscles and thus preparing the body for labour and delivery. The retraction of the ligaments to their original status might take a while after the delivery is over. This is the reason why you may feel pain in your joints as the ligaments are taking time to retract and get back in their pre-pregnancy state.

How Long Do You Need To Endure?

On an average post partum joint pains last from 6 weeks to 6 months. It all depends on the natural stamina of your body to fight back out of the stress and the post delivery environment that you give to your body. As you care for the baby and get involved in daily chores, the pain may get aggravated and stay longer. This can also be enhanced when you carry the baby in your arms, and result in a nagging ache on your wrists and forearms and shoulders. Also if your nursing position is not proper, it can strain your back as you breastfeed your baby. 

All the above mentioned conditions are natural for a new mother and she has to devise means and methods to deal and obtain relief from the post delivery joint pains. Basically, you need to give ample opportunity to your body to heal up. Take care that you follow all instructions and do not exert yourself. Go for regular light exercises once you obtain permission from your doctor and make sure that you report any changes experienced in your body post delivery. A regular physical therapy might help you cope with the joint aches in a better manner.

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Hopps.5 years ago
Indeed a good article. it helps to deal with the post delivery pain in a better way...
Selly.5 years ago
Hi cathy, you need to have a proper investigation done to rule out any disease. Please do the blood tests and also urine test
Cathy.5 years ago
My problem arose after my second delivery. My baby is three months old. I am been having severe joint pains since few weeks. my weight is normal. I had no complications during my pregnancies or delivery. I am also taking calcium supplements but still having joint pains....Please advise
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