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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Diet > Foods to be Avoided Post Delivery

Foods to be Avoided Post Delivery

Avoiding certain foods post delivery will help you to prevent unnecessary post delivery weight gain. Read on to know about the foods to be avoided post delivery.

After the delivery, the new mother not only has the responsibility to care for the baby, but for herself as well. In a changed life with added responsibilities, if you do not take good care of yourself, you will expose yourself all the more to the giant dampener – baby blues. So in order to fight that
post delivery depression, and that constant feeling of fatigue, it is important that you check on what you are taking in.

Certain foods are known to cause fatigue by draining out energy and some fill you up with nothing but an added sense of depression. Besides, you must also take note that you need to avoid food that affect the quality and content of your breastmilk. Read the signs given by your body, it will automatically let you know the foods to be avoided post delivery. 

Candy Bars

It is a myth that candy bars are energy boosters. It is true that they make you feel good after consuming them, but the quick spike of energy is actually a facade. Candy bars basically give a surge to your blood sugar levels making you feel good. But it stays for a very short time and no sooner than it crashes, you find yourself in a negative mood. New mothers who are already victim to post delivery depression should particularly stay away from candy bars. Such high sugar foods only enhance the depression as it only raises the hormone levels that cause that depression.

Besides, candy bars contain very high levels of fat, sugar and calories. When you are already weighed down by the pregnancy flab, these added calories will not help your cause to get rid of the extra flab. Post delivery is a restoration period for your body and these candy bars do not have any nutrition that is so important for your body. According to experts an occasional bite of dark chocolate, which is a known mood booster can be consumed, but never a second serving.

Fried Food

Any variety of fried food must be avoided post delivery. They are extremely high in fat and calories. Food that is high in oil content induces fatigue and can also cause mood swings, particularly when you are already coping with baby blues. Burgers, fried meats, fried eggs, any type of fast food and breaded vegetables should be avoided. Such food is also very high in trans-fats that are harmful for a healthy heart and when you are also breastfeeding, they pass on the negative content to your baby as well. Ensure that the only fat you consume, be it the cooking medium is always the healthy ones, like olive oil and canola oil.


Potato or any other varieties of chips are just empty calories and full of fat. The worst part is that you can go on consuming them without realising that you have finished a whole packet of harmful, indigestible fat. They have zero nutrition content and only add to your pregnancy weight, thereby making it even harder to lose that flab.

It is thereby best to stay away from such foods as not only do they induce lethargy and a depressed feeling, but they also add to your worries regarding weight. For new mothers, post delivery weight loss is a serious challenge. Such foods are not only harmful but will keep on adding calories making it all the more difficult for you to shed that extra flab.

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Glen.5 years ago
i think everything in moderation is fine in the post delivery period. you need to be happy and so whatever makes you happy, HAVE it.
Nyasa.5 years ago
Foods that are high in calories should be avoided as they aid weight gain which further adds woes to weight gain issue
Santhilatha.5 years ago
after the delivery, in our culture, it is a must to avoid cold foods or foods that lead to formation of kapha hence sour and bitter foods are to be avoided.
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