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You are here : home > Post Delivery Issues > Post Delivery Sex > Post Delivery Sex Difficulties

Post Delivery Sex Difficulties

A lot of women cope with post delivery sex difficulties. Read on to know more about the causes of post delivery difficulties and how to cope with post delivery sex difficulties.

Post delivery sex needs to be delayed for a certain period of time in order to allow the body to recuperate from the stress of
childbirth. This period often ranges from several weeks to a couple of months depending on the condition of her body and associated organs. This is to alleviate the probable difficulties that might emerge and which is very natural. Enlisted below are two of the most common difficulties that women face after childbirth:

  1. Sexual Dysfunction – This is caused primarily by Episiotomy, or the surgical cut that is made to aid vaginal or normal delivery. This injures the perineum and results in pain and further wear and tear during intercourse, if not allowed to heal properly.

  2. Postnatal Depression – Postnatal depression is the other common difficulty experienced by women post delivery as their minds are predominantly occupied by the needs and well-being of their babies, that they often neglect their own requirements and finally apprehend that they have lost their sex drive. They also fear that they are perhaps not that desirable to their partners anymore, now that they have already become a mother. They become more conscious regarding the appearance and changes in their body after childbirth.

What Causes the Physical Difficulty?

As said earlier, post delivery sex becomes painful when the perineum is still in bad shape, or has not healed enough. Some women can have an intact perineum even after a vaginal delivery. Resuming sex becomes considerably easier in such cases. But in instances where there are tears and lacerations in the perineum, require perineal sutures. Now, these sutures naturally take time to heal and add up to the difficulty in sexual intercourse.

In some women there can also be an anal tear. This is also surgically induced in specific cases to aid the natural childbirth. This happens if the baby is considerably larger in size. Although each is an individual case, with relative associated physical conditions, in general the aforementioned difficulties take approximately two to six months time to heal, accompanied by medical intervention.

There is also another condition that adds to the difficulty – assisted vaginal delivery. This is an added difficulty prospect as forceps and various suction methods are used to aid childbirth.

In comparison, caesarean delivery cases report much lesser difficulties in post delivery sex. But there still might be pain and swelling at the stitch site. Vaginal sex might be easier but the whole activity may be stressful, and so it is advisable to abstain for a certain period of time in order to ascertain that the whole body gets the desired time to heal.

Let the Bleeding Stop

This is another difficulty that stands in the way of post delivery sex. After delivery it is normal for the woman to bleed for around 4-6 weeks. Commonly known as lochia, the bleeding is heaviest just after delivery as the placental remains flow out and gradually lessens down. It has been found in many studies that almost 57% of women reported lesser difficulties in post delivery sex over a period of 6 months.

The physiological as well as a psychological difficulty is predominantly defined by sexual dysfunction. During the post delivery period, due to several hormonal level changes, the woman feels a considerable lower sex drive and her sexual sensations are also not very high. Therefore, the satisfaction and the ability to reach orgasm are also lowered. This is turn reduces the natural lubrication, causing vaginal dryness and makes post delivery sex difficult and painful. Not to forget less desirable too.

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Dana.5 years ago
i was very depressed after the birth of my baby as i was quite sore. i was always irritated. i just hated my was bloated and disproportionate ....quite different from my earlier pre-pregnancy shape.
Amara.5 years ago
Your body needs time to heal after pregnancy. Waiting for 6 weeks till postpartum checkup is best as then doctor checks healing and also you can take his advise before resuming sex.
Falon.5 years ago
It is good to wait for 6 weeks atleast before resuming post delivery sex life. i started before 6 weeks and this led to tearing and bleeding. And then i had to postpone it for 2 more months.
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