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How to Deal With a Hyperactive Child

manners-and-discipline The Hyperactive Child
Hyperactive children are difficult to deal with.  However, if you make minor changes in your and your child’s routine, it is not difficult to change your hyperactive child into a balanced and wise child. Read on to find interesting parenting tips for dealing with hyperactive child.

Dealing with hyperactive children is a challenging task for both parents and teachers. They need to be doing something or the other always. Some children are hyperactive by nature while some become because of the lack of attention that they wish to get from their parents. It has been observed that many children behave in a hyperactive manner just to draw attention of their parents and people around. Though these children are difficult to handle, it is not impossible for parents and teachers to manage them successfully.

Tips for Dealing with Hyperactive Child

Here are some tips for parents to deal with hyperactive children.

Help your Child to be Flexible

Teach your child to be disciplined and at the same time pay attention to giving him some flexibility too. Make sure he knows when you mean discipline, it is purely business. Do not make your relationship with your child centered to instructions and orders. Spend some time with your child and it is better you take him outdoors so that he has full set of enjoyment and he can also make use of his energy level.

Divert Child’s Attention in Right Direction

Impose positive thoughts and activities in your child. Help him pay attention to creativity and get engaged in activities that can divert his energy and help him stay focused and concentrate well in his activities. Remember you need to channelise the energy of your child and take it to the right direction.

Try Alternative Healing Methods

Engage your child in yoga and meditation. This helps the child calm down and concentrate on positive activities more and he will gradually get calmed down. Though even hyperactive children get calmed down eventually, but if you pay attention to engaging him in positive activities, it will help him focus in the right direction in life.

Take your child for a walk regularly. Researches have proved that walking regularly increases concentrating power in people and helps the child get focused in life too.

Teach deep breathing exercises to your child. Teach your child to take deep breaths when he feels aggressiveness and anger in him. If you are able to teach this to your child, your child will not hit or hurt any other child or himself on a matter of impulse or reaction. Deep breathing also helps provide more oxygen to the brain and this in turn calms down the child.

Engage Child in Household Chores

Fix sometime either daily or on weekends and engage your entire family in some creative activity. It can be cleaning each one’s room or cabinet or working in the garden. If the entire family is engaged in the cleaning activity, everyone will enjoy and you will have your work done and at the same time you will be able to engage your child in fruitful work as well.

Encourage Reading

Send your child to chill out and persuade him to read something interesting. Make sure you provide the reading material that is of his interest and let him choose the book that he wants to read at that moment.

Remember, when you are dealing with a hyperactive child you need to be patient and stay calm yourself first. If you spend quality time with your child, it will help you have a good and healthy relationship with your child. Concentrate on long term bonding and communicate well with him no matter if he is small. Just keep in mind that exercise helps focus well and utilize the nervous energy in the right way. Spend time in which all of you enjoy the most.

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Sudatta.1 year ago
Informative read...thanks. I have a super-active 3 year old and have a really hard time managing him. Will try out your suggestions for sure. Another article on similar lines that i found helpful
AAAS.1 year ago
Greetings of the day....! My son is 12 year old and he is very hyper active and his exam result is not up to the mark. He does not know how talk to talk with his grand parents. Does not sit steady for a long time. He get very angry on a small little thing. He is very possessive for his friends. there many more... How will I help him ?
stutee saini.2 years ago
Great article! Gained some valuable insights. My friend's son is a hyperactive child. She used to worry about him a lot and was searching for a good solution. Now, I can suggest this article to her. Thanks a ton! I am also planning to discuss this at my child's school Orchids the International, Bangalore during the interaction session with other parents. Many people would find it useful. THanks again for this article.
KarenD.2 years ago
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.2 years ago
My child is 5 years old and he is too much naughty.....while he watching cartoon...never listens ....he tried to copy like them...not able to understand what to do.
Prajakta.3 years ago
The suggestion in this article will be very helpful for mothers like me.I am worried because of my hyperactive child. He just cannot sit at one place. I get lot of complains from his school and I do not know what to do with this child. I am very upset about my child's behaviour.
Kanak Lata.3 years ago
Really a great article as my kid is hyperactive. I used to wonder how to deal with him but after reading this article, i can say that i have the power to deal with him in a right manner.
ridhima.3 years ago
i donno wether vmy kid is hyperactive child... how to find out that???
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