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How to Perform a Mundan Ceremony of a Baby

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Are you planning to perform Mundan ceremony for your baby? Find out the ritual of Mundan and the precautions which should followed while performing Mundan ceremony of a baby.

The Mundan ceremony or Mundan Sanskar is a Hindu ritual that involves the tonsuring of the baby’s head. This ritual of doing away of the hair retained from birth is performed by Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims too. This tonsuring is done after the baby completes his first year and anytime between three years of age. One particular point that is required to be strictly observed, the ritual should take place in an odd year and an odd month. Usually the Mundan is done on the 7th, 9th and or the 11th month.

The Procedure of The Mundan Sanskar

Some parents want to perform the Mundan on the banks of the holy river Ganga, but these days due to pressing time and other issues, the ritual is carried out at home too. A Brahmin or a priest is called over and he organises a ‘Havan’ or a ‘Homa’. A barber who actually specialises in this ritual of Mundan is called over or the baby is taken to the nearby temple, where he or she gets his or her head shaved.

The hair that is shaved off cannot be thrown off just like that. Every single strand of hair is carefully collected and kept to be offered to the God or immersed in the holy waters of the Ganga or any of its tributaries. 

The Mundan is different for the boys and girls. The head of eth girls are completely shaved off while, for the boys, a Chuda or a tuft is kept on the crown of his head. This is also known as Shika and it actually signifies the Gotra that the boy belongs to.

After the Mundan is over a paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied on the head of the baby. This is not only a ritual that is done as a part of the purifying act, but it also ensures that the antiseptic properties of the Haldi (turmeric) and sandalwood prevent the possible occurrence or any sort of irritation or infection. It is also advisable not to apply any soap or shampoo on the head of baby for the same cause. The sandalwood gives a cooling sensation and the turmeric is well known for its antiseptic properties.

Precautions for Doing Mundan

Let us have a look at the precautions that should be followed while doing Mundan of a baby.

  • You need to be sure that the barber you have called for the Mundan is actually a specialist in the act. 
  • Make sure that the barber uses sterilised equipment and the blade is a new one that is used in the razor.
  • Get your appointment in the local temple or salon so that you can get the Mundan done by someone who can be trusted.
  • Make sure that the baby is rested well enough so that he does not get cranky during the Mundan. It might be very difficult to get it done well if the baby is fidgety or crying.
  • Finally, note that there is no mirror in front of the baby. The point is the baby should not get to see the process as it is possible that it scares him.
It is interesting to note that modern nuclear families may not always get the time and opportunity to follow this ritual of Mundan as per traditions. So they opt for a tonsure in the salon that has the facility for shaving the head of a baby and specialises in that process. This is indeed a modern facility that is offered by many renowned salons in the big cities of India.

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.4 months ago
As our ancestor was do offer (Cattle’s Balli ) to the Goddess on ritual Bal Mundan , is it right to offer cattle’s balli to the Goddess.
.4 months ago
As our ancestor was do offer (Cattle’s Balli ) to the Goddess on ritual Bal Mundan , is it right to offer cattle’s balli to the Goddess.
.4 months ago
As our ancestor was do offer (Cattle’s Balli ) to the Goddess on ritual Bal Mundan , is it right to offer cattle’s balli to the Goddess.
.4 months ago
As our ancestor was do offer (Cattle’s Balli ) to the Goddess on ritual Bal Mundan , is it right to offer cattle’s balli to the Goddess.
Cynthie Clavis.2 years ago
nice to know this ceremony. recently, i had the privilege of attending this ceremony of my Hindu friend's with all festivals this was full of fun and energy. There was singing and dance. i liked this article as it has given me complete information about this unique ceremony.
sudhakar.2 years ago
in our culture, mundan ceremony is a big function where in all relatives and friends are invited. a big function is held with arrangements for elaborate lunch and lots of charity is also done. i like the actual significance behind this function.
radhika singh.2 years ago
mundan is a very important ritual in Hindu culture. it has a religious significance as it frees us from previous birth. My baby's mundan was done when he was9 months old. it was a very big function.
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