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Simha (Leo) The Lion

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Simha rashi is also known as Leo in Latin. It represents lion and the personality traits of people born under this rashi are similar to that of lion. Read on to find interesting facts about Simha rashi.

The characteristics of the Simha are very akin to a lion. They exhibit an air of loyalty. They are prone to choose an action or behave in a manner that puts them in the limelight. They always crave for acknowledgment and appreciation and love to be the centre of attraction in any given gathering. And the need for approval is the Simha's greatest weakness.

Signs of people who are born under the Simha rashi

The Doer and the Action Loving

A Leo is always prepared to act; they love to indulge in things that others will also appreciate. They have this relentless desire to be loved for the good that they are doing to others. The Simha can prove to be a total paradoxical character. They have the potential to be a high-minded leader and they are a very faithful servant as well.

Straightforward in Relationships

This trait flows down to their relationship status too. They seek to attain the domineering position and if they happen to be scorned in love, they can turn extremely cold. They let go of their brilliance and magnanimity and retire into a disinterested shell.

A Simha is very straight forward in the manner that he leads his life. They are always honest in their approach and it is interesting to note that they have a flair for show-off and drama. This naturally follows the trait observed in the lion. Just as the king of the jungle loves appreciation and the aura that surrounds him, a Leo also craves for attention.

Drama and arts is the preferred field

The Simha is often found to be attracted to the theater or anything that is related to performing arts and public relations. This is because they love to meet people and make new connections. They enjoy the job that requires putting up a good presentation and do something that makes them feel important and sought after.

Concerned and Caring

Although they relish being hailed for their achievements, the Simha also does not overlook the sentiments of people who are around them. They are concerned about the well being and the feelings of the people who are attached to them. They also do their best to make them feel better.

The Leo gets his trait from its key planet the Sun. just as the sun is the king of the planetary system, the Leo also revels in being hailed as the most important person around. They have a strong will that acts as the energy that keeps the desire in the furnaces burning. It is this that acts as a motivation to live. The creativity and individuality of the person stems from this very attribute.

The Heat is Sustainable

Just as the sun, the Leo has a lot of light and heat. The principle element of this rashi is fire. Just as a room gets lightened by a candle and even if there are five people to read in its light, it is not going to burn any faster, similarly, a Leo lives on his own energy regardless of the requirement of the situation. A fire lives in the moment; likewise, a Simha relies on his intuition and survival instincts in order to live his life. The brilliance and intensity of the energy of the Leo is pretty high.

Baby Names According to Simha (Leo) Rashi

Simha (Leo) Rashi Letters: M, TT

You can choose names with beginning with the letters M and TT for your baby born under Simha raashi. Choose names like Maalay, Maan, Tanmay, Tanisha which are nice-sounding, short, sweet for your cute little baby boy or baby girl with Simha rashi also known as Leo sign in western astrology. For more baby names on Simha rashi, you can visit's baby name finder.

Simha Facts:

  • Positive qualities - They are regal, decorous, patrician, buoyant, romantic
  • Negative qualities - They can be intolerant, vicious, haughty and vain.
  • Auspicious day - Sunday
  • Fortunate numbers - 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22
  • The colors that suits Simha - Gold, Orange, White, Red
  • Auspicious stones - Sardonynx, Diamond, Amber, Ruby
  • Preferred talisman - Heart and the Ladybird in Metal Gold
  • Famous Simhas - J.R.D. Tata, Vijaylakshi Pandit.

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