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Pronounciation Problems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a 10 yr old daughter who has articulation problems. Her speech is not clear and she has difficulty in pronouncing the alphabets 'l' and 'r'. She is getting complexed due to her inability to speak clearly. Is there anything I can do to correct the situation. She has been to a speech therapist before but she showed no signs of improvement.
Raju (Saudi Arabia)

A: Please consult a child psychiatrist.

Q: My son cannot pronounce r. He pronounces it as l instead.
Bhavna (Pune, India)

A: Your child is just about learning to learn to speak. Be patient.

Q: My son does not speak a few words clearly. Otherwise he is quite intelligent and is a good observer. He takes time to pick up a new word. Can you advise us?
Suchi (Mumbai, India)

A: You have not mentioned the age of your son, which is important in providing a diagnosis. Some words are combinations of sounds are known as clusters. Clusters are known to be difficult for developing children to learn. Such difficult combinations are: f and l s and r s and k c and r f and r Very often, children do not speak such combinations till the age of 4 years.

Q: My daughter speaks all letters clearly except for 'r' which she pronounces as 'l'. Is this ok? How can I help her get 'R' right?
Komal (Panaji, India)

A: Many children have problems with the letter R. Eventually they grow out of it.

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