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Sexual Problems
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After intercourse I found slight spotting. Can you please let me know what might be the reason for this. Do you think I should immediately consult a gynecologist.

Zubein (Mumbai, India)

A: Sometimes there can be a bit of spotting after intercourse. If it happens again, please consult a gynecologist.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My problem is I get itching on the scortum after ejaculation (after having sex or masturbation). This happens only after ejaculation. Kindly advise.

Pranav (Goa, India)

A: You seem to be having some form of a fungal infection. Maintain rigorous hygiene after each intercourse and while bathing, clean the area thoroughly with soap and water. An anti-fungal cream and a powder can be used on prescription of your doctor.

Q: My friend has recommended Stud 5000 spray for prolonged erection. I just want to know if it is advisable to use such sprays during sex, especially when the partner is pregnant.

Mahesh (Delhi, India)

A: You can use the spray during sex, but do not use it when your partner is pregnant. Also, if you suffer from high blood pressure or cardiac ailments you should not use it.

Q: I am married for the past one year. My wife is not able to conceive and we have doubts whether we are in the right process. I want to know the correct way of having sex as both of us are not very clear.

Ronit (Madras, India)

A: We apologize for the delay in replying to your query. The best advice we can give you is to visit your gynaecologist. She/he would be in the best position to guide you and rule out any problem.

Q: My husband does not get an erection. This is very upsetting. What should we do?

Preeti (Bangalore, India)

A: An erection means that the penis becomes stiff because it fills up with blood. I think the problem is that he does not ejaculate (that is, even after getting an erection, no semen comes out from the penis). Is this right? This is called 'anejaculation'. It's not a common problem. One of the reasons for this is diabetes, which can cause retrograde ejaculation, in which the semen, instead of spurting out from the erect penis, goes back into the urinary bladder. You need to see a urologist or andrologit, who can examine and treat your husband.

Q: My husband gets an erection when making love, but dies down soon. What do I do?

Heera (Hyderabad, India)

A: You will need to see a doctor. Your husband can be helped with intra-penile injections or Viagra, to help him to sustain the erection.

Dr. Malpani

Q: Can you get pregnant if you have sex when you have your period?

Julia (Circleville, U.S.A)

A: You can only get pregnant if you have sex during the time you are ovulating (the time when your body realizes an egg). Ovulation generally takes place 14 days prior to your periods. If your cycle is 28 days, ovulation would occur exactly in the middle of the cycle (a cycle begins on the first day of your menstruation to the first day of your next menstruation). Since ovulation and menstruation do not take place at the same time, it is very unlikely that you can get pregnant if you have sex during your period.

Dr. Sahni

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