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Mensturation Post Delivery
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I still breastfeed my 1.5 year old boy. But my periods never returned since he is born. My doctor says they will start once I stop breastfeeding. But I am concerned that there is no other problem.

Premal (Snowdon, U.K)

A: It is natural for delay in return of menstruation due to breast-feeding. Now that your baby is old enough, you can stop breastfeeding & wait for menstruation to start.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: My angel is one year old. I breastfeed her once or twice daily. Several days she refuses my feed. Before pregnancy, my cycle was once every 30 days. But after delivery, I got my first period after 6 months and have been getting it every 45 days only. Is this normal. When will my 30 day cycle resume. Am I fertile now?

Namita (Philadelphia, USA)

A: Your cycle of 45 days could be because of breast-feeding. If your cycle does not come back to 30 days after you stop breast feeding then you must see your doctor.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: Since delivery, I am having irregular clotting. My baby is 6 months old now. If I take gynecologist CVP it stops but then appears again. I feel totally exhausted & very sick. Kindly advise what should be done.

Blossom (Berryville, USA)

A: You will need to see a gynecologist. Also get a sonography done to check if all is okay inside the uterus.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am having mensuration problem for past 6 months. I had a c-section delivery 14 months ago. My regular period used to be 30 to 35 days. But now for past 6 months it occurs once in 2 months. Please advise.

Amena (Snowdon, U.K)

A: Some women experience menstural disturbances after delivery, it could be the result of some hormonal imbalance or it could happen if you are still breast feeding the baby even though it may be an occasional feed. I advise you to consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible for an examination to help determine the cause of the menstural irregularity.

Dr. Sahni

Q: I had my periods once after my caesarean, after which I haven't had any. I also get irritated very easily nowadays. Is it related to the periods? I am breastfeeding my child.

Meera (Calicut, India)

A: Please check if you are pregnant. It is possible that this is why you have stopped getting your periods, and are irritable.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I am breastfeeding. When will my menstrual cycle start? How long should I take calcium and iron?

Rishika (Elgin, USA)

A: It is difficult to predict when your menstruation will start if you are still breastfeeding. You will need to take iron for 3 months after delivery but calcium is to be continued for as long as you are breastfeeding. Even if you haven't started menstruating, it is better to use some form of contraception as a precaution.

Q: My son is 1.4 years old. I breastfeed him at nights and on holidays, as I am a working woman. I feed her on demand. However I have not got my periods since delivery. Is this normal?

Sonali (Mumbai, India)

A: It is normal not to get your period as long as you are breastfeeding your child. In any case, to be on the safe side get a sonography done. Use some form of contraceptive for now, until you get your periods.

Q: Ever since I got my baby, my periods have reduced. They last for only 1-2 days. As a result of this, I am gaining weight.

Neha (California, U.S.A.)

A: Please get a sonography and blood tests done to see if there is any change in your hormone levels, and then show the result to a gynaecologist.

Dr. Asha Paranjpe

Q: I got my periods, the first time after my delivery, once, and haven't got my periods since then. It is close to 2 months now. I know I am not pregnant. Can you please explain this?

Leena (Jaipur, India)

A: If you are breastfeeding, it is possible to have an irregular cycle. But do get a pregnancy test done anyway, and if it is negative, take a contraceptive injection after you get your period. This will ensure protection for three months, and is a safe method of birth control for breastfeeding mothers.

Q: I delivered a child 18 months ago by C-Section. For the past 7 months my periods have been extremely irregular. I get my period once in two months. What could be the reason?

Megha (Cochin, India)

A: Some women experience menstrual disturbances after delivery. These disturbances could be the result of some hormonal imbalance or it could happen if you are still breast feeding the baby even though it may be an occasional feed. Consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible for an examination to help determine the cause of the menstrual irregularity.

Dr. Sahni

Q: I have been getting my period every 45 days after my second delivery. I stopped breast feeding two months ago. Is this normal?

Anama (Chennai, India)

A: Your periods should get back to normal in a few months. If they don't, see your gynaecologist who will prescribe medication to set them right.

Dr. Sahni

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