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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My baby was born premature. He does not sleeping and cries if we keep him on the bed. He wants to be carried all the time. He has reddish marks on his forehead and eyes since birth. Will these marks go?

Sapna (Alibaug, India)

A: I am sure your baby is just going through a phase. I am not sure whether he has colic. Babies up to 3 months get these pains which could go on for hours together. However, if he cries because he's been put to bed, you could try a sling. Bathing him before bedtime might also help. Those little marks should go away by the time your child is a year old.

Dr. Balasubramanian

Q: My baby is 5 months old. When should I stop breastfeeding my child and start her on solids? She is very colicky. Any remedy?

Amisha (London, U.K)

A: Do not stop breastfeeding until your child is at least a year old. Generally, we advise solid feeds by 6 months of age. Depending on what is locally available, you may start on commercially available cereal foods. If you have the time, prepare Ragi porridge or Khitchdi at home.

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