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Naughty Child

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My three year old son is completely getting out of my controll now. He does not listen to anyone; he has become very naughty, and has lost his appetite. Please tell us something about the psychological needs of children, so that we can better understand him and act accordingly.
Jeniffer (Atlanta, USA)

A: Children become more imaginative and playful by 3 years of age. They start to speak well and run as well. They have many queries all the time. I guess itís all part of the development. They have too much to do and do not find time to eat. His weight is normal, so do not be worried. Always give your child positive reinforcement. Encourage him when he does something well. Once in a while give your child a choice in what he would like to eat or do. Donít force your opinions on him.

Q: My child is very naughty. He doesnít listen to anyone. Even the teachers complain about him. What should I do?
Niharika (Noida, India)

A: Children are meant to be naughty. Do not discipline them. Do punish him if he does something dangerous but otherwise, let him grow as a normal child.

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