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Reflux & Vomiting
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Reflux & Vomiting >>>
 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My baby throws up a lot. This is despite of his being burped and being held up for half an hour after that. The doctor claims that it is normal and that as long as the baby puts on weight there should not be any problem. I give him Dormstal and Digene when he throws up a lot. We also know that he suffers from a lot of gas as she passes it out with her stool (Colic aid - once a day and colimex when he cries a lot). Should I be worried?

Mandakini (Bhubaneshwar, India)

A: Your doctor is probably right. So long as your baby is gaining weight and there is no other complication, everything should be normal. You need not give her drugs like Domstal and Digene.

Dr. R. K. Anand

Q: My son, who is a year old old, vomits at least twice a day - especially after a feed. He is a fussy eater too. His doctor has told me to give him Domstal, but it did not work. The doctor then changed the medication, but there was no improvement. Please help me.

Teesha (Jallandhar, India)

A: Consult a gastroenterologist as the child may have intolerance to a particular food component which may be causing the vomiting. Also, devote as much love and time as possible, without being too indulgent and without reaching the stage of pampering. Your child should feel as secure as possible. Ensure that the feed is given by you and not by a relative or maid. As far as being a fussy eater is concerned, try and be patient. Most children are fussy at this age. Don't use force.

Dr. Jyoti Sangle

Q: My baby is two days old. She has been vomiting quite frequently since birth. What should I do?

Nonabell (Goa, India)

A: You will have to check whether the baby's bowels have any obstruction. Visit a paediatrician, as vomiting can lead to dehydration.

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