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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It is really difficult to burp my baby. I have tried both shoulder and sitting on lap positions. She does NOT BURP! Is there any other position I should try to get her to burp? She now passes motion three to four times in the hour following feed. Is this because she doesn't burp? She has only breast milk.

Parinita (Jamnagar, India)

A: Let me assure you first, you have a perfectly normal baby. All the things you have mentioned are normal for a newborn baby. Burping has nothing to do with motion. If your baby is vomiting too much after feeds, only then do you need to make sure he burps. Vomiting a little after feeds (posetting) is completely normal. Babies on breast milk receive more sugar and so they open their bowels quite often (upto 6-7 times a day more than formula fed babies). As long as the stools are golden brown, semi-solid and he is passing enough urine, there is no need to worry. Normally babies lose weight and gradually gain it by 10th day. It seems your baby is gaining weight. If he is feeding adequately he should gain 25-30gms a day. Whenever they feed, they have increased bowel activity. Stop worrying and feed him. If you worry too much, it might affect your milk production. So, be a happy mum and have a very happy baby!

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