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Gastric Problems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My son, who is seven months old, vomits at least once or twice a day, especially after a feed. He is a fussy eater. His doctor has told me to give him Domstal, but it did not help. He then prescribed a medicine to aid digestion, but which didn't help either.
Hazel (Jaipur, India)

A: The first step you need to take is to consult a gastroenterologist as the child may have intolerance to a particular food component which may be causing the vomiting. Also, devote as much love and time as possible, without being too indulgent and without reaching the stage of pampering. Your child should feel as secure as possible. Ensure that the feed is given by you and not by a relative or maid. As far as being a fussy eater is concerned – try and be patient. Most children are fussy at this age. Don’t use force.
Dr. Jyoti Sangle

Q: My baby is feeding on my milk as well as on formula. She keeps passing a lot of gas and seems to have some pain in her stomach. Can you please suggest a remedy?
Lena (Wales, U.K.)

A: Stop bottle and formula feeds. That is the best solution. Give your baby only breast milk till he turns 6 months old.

Q: My child is extremely colicky. I give him Colic Acid. Is this alright? Can you prescribe a better medicine for colic?
Magret (Dubai)

A: I do not know what Colic Aid contains. However, a lot of preparations are available in the market for infantile colic and they are prescribed by the doctors for babies as young as 1 month old. But, the results are very variable. There is no ‘right’ medicine to treat colic. As your son is gaining weight normally and he is been checked up by a doctor I presume there is nothing wrong with him. Hunger, swallowed air, overfeeding or even allergy can cause colic. Holding your baby upright or keeping him across the lap with his tummy down or making him burp frequently while or after feeds by messaging his back or gently tapping his back may her her bring up the trapped air. Medications do not always work. There is no simple solution I am afraid.

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