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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My four month old son has been diagnosed with infantile eczema. His skin is very dry, and he has tiny pimples on his body. His legs and hands are dry and the skin is thick. It seems that he is allergic to something because when I take him out, his cheeks go red. When I applied turmeric and gram flour on his body while bathing him, white patches erupted on his skin which subsequently subsided. His skin seems very sensitive. What should be done to avoid allergic reactions?

Pradyumani (Dallas, USA)

A: Infantile eczema is quite frequently seen. Sticking to your doctor's instructions is very important to keep the child symptom free, as the condition is quite stubborn with no permanent remedy. However, the condition is likely to improve over the years. Avoid strictly all those things you have seen that aggravate the condition (wool, gram flour, certain soaps, some eatables). Your dermatologist will prescribe a topical or oral steroid along with anti-allergic medication to manage the condition. This should dramatically improve your child's skin texture. Use hypoallergic moisturisers after baths.

Q: My seven-month-old baby boy has developed eczema on his full body. I would like to know whether this is due to some food allergy or oil massage.

Alice (Chennai, India)

A: Oil could be the culprit. However he could be developing some kind of childhood eczema also. Consult a skin specialist.

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