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You are here : home > Child Development > Speech, Language, Hearing and Vision > Does your child stammer?

Does your child stammer?

Speech therapist Ajit Harisinghani tells you how and why your child's stammering can be stopped at the right time.

Mum..mummy! We wa.wa.wa..won the mmm..mmmatch!" Mrs Sharma's body tenses up whenever she hears her ten year-old son stuttering.  Whenever Amit gets stuck on a word, she gets desperate. Amit's younger brother speaks absolutely normally, and that makes Amit's handicap ever more noticeable. Very often classmates tease him. Last year, he came home crying quite often. Interestingly, Amit has no difficulty when he sings or recites from memory. But the problem comes when the teacher asks him to read aloud in the class. Also when he is very excited and angry. Talking on the telephone is also difficult for Amit. Like Amit, many children face the speech problem. And like Mrs Sharma, many mothers worry over their child's stammering. But mere worry does not help. One has to understand the disorder before tackling it.

What is stammering?

Stammering is predominantly a 'male' condition (80% of stammerers are male) and it usually affects the first-born male child.  A significant majority of stammerers (65%) have a family history of the disorder. Nearly always, stammering starts before the child is five years of age. If left untreated, it peaks in severity around the age of ten to eighteen years and then begins to stabilize or fade away as the person grows older.

A stammerer knows precisely what he wants to say but cannot, for a moment, say it because of an involuntary repetition, prolongation or cessation of the speech sound. Research suggests that the disorder might be caused due to a 'neurological mistiming' during the act of speech which leaves the stammerer confused about when exactly to say the word he or she wants to say. Speaking is not merely the movement of the tongue but involves a fine coordination of both mental and physical processes.  Like all other physical actions, the act of speech is the result of neuro-muscular coordination that involves the transmitting of electro-chemical messages from the brain to the appropriate muscle groups.  Actually, all stammerers have periods of fluency when they are emotionally relaxed but revert back to diffluent speech under stress. Answering the  roll call in a class, or speaking  on  the  telephone, or talking to someone in authority, or speaking in a group, or attending a job interview are some pressure situations which might increase behavior.

What is exactly wrong?

Another interesting fact about stammering is that even those who stammer severely can sing  fluently without any speech  blocks. It is because when we sing a song, we know exactly  when  to  say  what. But in a conversation, people become disoriented and cannot maintain smooth forward flow of words in the form of sentences. Even as a child stammers, he builds an accumulated fear of stammering. With growing years, these fears keep snowballing until the  child  begins to experience tremendous  frustration,  anxiety, shame, embarrassment, and even guilt. He or she begins to recoil from speaking. He fears listeners. In the bargain, he also loses confidence. But, he does not know that except for the stammering, he is a normal human being. In fact, most stammerers are sensitive and intelligent people. 

It is a habit

Speech is one of the strongest habits of our body. And naturally, stammered speech is also a habit. Stammering is not a disease and therefore, it cannot be treated through medicines. The  stammering child  or adult  has to be helped to develop a new, more fluent manner  of
speech  through  specific speech fluency--building techniques. There is no other solution but just to unlearn and undo stammering.

Never hide the problem

A stutterer usually tries to hide his or her speech problem. This attempt at camouflage is counter-productive because it only acts as psychological 'fuel' for further speech-blocks. If the stammerer is open about his speech difficulty, he experiences lesser stress and is able to speak with greater control.

In the final analysis, stammering ans stuttering can be overcome if the sufferer seeks scientific, professional guidance and is ready to work towards achieving speech fluency through regular practice of therapeutic techniques. It certainly cannot disappear by some magic pill. And as a parent, one has to realize this fact.

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Youtube link adlakha speech therapy
Anil Sharma,
Speech is not genetic,its a learnt behavior.
It is not necessary that your father in law & mother in law stutter so your child will also develop stammering.
Your child or any other child might acquire due to environmental reasons. So do not worry.
Enjoy blissful parenting as & when you are blessed.
For more information you go to our website:
Dr.Sajiv Adlakha
Anil Sharma.5 years ago
Hello sir my father in law & mother in law both stammers but my wife is perfectly fine, i just had a doubt are there any possibilities that my children will have the same problem because of this. reply will be appreciated. Thanks
Anil Sharma.5 years ago
Hello sir my father in law & mother in law both stammers but my wife is perfectly fine, i just had a doubt are there any possibilities that my children will have the same problem because of this. reply will be appreciated. Thanks
Visit YOUTUBE:Adlakhas Swar Sudhar Society.See how Fluency is achieved & maintained.
csrao.6 years ago
I have several success reports of relief from stammering and halting speech after practicing 'focusing on breathing'as explained in my web page

This can be taught to children as well. Please practice on your own after reading in my web site or e-mail me through my web site as cited above. I will be happy to help. I hope this information helps .
kiruba.6 years ago
my son is 4 yr old.... he is stamerring ... help me at
P.S.SUSENDHRAN.8 years ago
Does your kid stammer? Or do you? And looking for a stammering therapy that actually works? Don’t worry! Here are excellent remedies which can make you free from embarrassing situation of uttering words with many stoppages. YES, I’m going to show you effective techniques to stop your stammer once and for all.

Stammering is not a disease but a speech disorder, so it can not be cured by medicines. That is very important to understand. There is no instant cure or a secret potion that magically cures your stammer. It also takes a bit of work on your part, and you must have patience and stick with it. It needs a special therapy to cure it and a lot of patience, continuous support and encouragement. Stammering is a very embarrassing situation which forces repetitions of sounds and make speech non-fluent. It has great impact as a whole on the speaker, who feels himself very frustrated for not conveying his message properly. The stammerer is not able to speak certain letters properly. In order to get rid of it they try to avoid those letters or words and use alternative words.

Feelings and perceptions of Stammerers: It is very natural to feel very embarrassed when you are not able to convey your message properly to the listeners. What to speak about the stammerers who feel many obstacles for saying one simple sentence. They have very negative feelings of these unavoidable situations. If others make fun of their inability they feel very unhappy and disappointed. Some are as followings:

Frustration: They feel frustrated very much for not able to express their views in fluent way.

Shame: Stammerers feel ashamed by their inability to talk in an effective way.

Low self confidence: Their self confidence is very low while speaking to others because they feel that they will not be able to convey whatever they want to.

Guilty feeling: Stammerers feel themselves guilty for not able to speak in proper way.

Hopelessness: They don’t have any hope for getting rid of this embarrassing situation. They always tend to hide their inability.

To cure stammering 100% completely, I am providing much effective course namely “SELF THERAPY FOR THE STAMMERER” which contains superlative Techniques & Practices. You can practice these techniques at your home at your convenient time for minimum 4 hours per day for 45 days to get complete cure. If you are interested and require further details please call 09362196536 or mail to: or visit
VIKAS GUPTA.8 years ago

.9 years ago
Stammering is not a disease. It is a defective style of speaking problem, hence it can be effectively cured by practicing breathing exercises and doing vocal exercises. I am an ex-stammerer and sucessfully cured myself using my own techniques. Anybody who wants to get relief from the burden of stammering may contact me. Please mail me at
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