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  Kids & Food: diet for 4 month old--pls help
Name: Karuna
Date: 2007-04-03
My son will complete 5th month on 14th april. Till now I used to bf him exclusively. I have just started to give him extra food-dal paani, carrot puree mixed with milk and banana mixed with milk. Though he takes little bit of carrot paste but doesnt like banana paste. i dont know wht to give him next. Pls suggest as I can give rice only after annaprashana 6th month. Can i give him barley as many websites suggest? How to prepare it?
He looks very lean and looks much less th n his age as his birthweight was 2.3kgs.
Wht other vegetables can I introduce at this age?
Is Cerelac good to give? my doctor suggests tht its good to give only home made food.
Pls tell me whts veg, fruits and cereals I can start with him?

Name: Rajeshwari
Subject:  Menu
Date: 2009-03-04
HI-my twins are now 7 months old. they were born premies but now the dr is very impressed with their weight gain. i give cerelac to them in the morning sometime mixed with a fruit. For lunch, they have khichudi (mashed dal n rice) with a mashed vegie-alu,carrot,pumpkin, chicken stalk,peas mass,laouki mash). In the evening, they have a fruit-somtimes 2 fruits combind in cerelac. Then for dinner they have cerelac again. you could try the same. alternatly you could try dalia, oatmeal or ragi for breakfast.
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Name: Preeti
Subject:  Food for ur baby
Date: 2007-04-16
Hi Karuna,
This is healthy recipe for babies of 4months to 7months old.
1cup rice,
1/4th cup urad dal,
5to 6seeds ajwain

Firstly roast rice and urad dal separetely.Then mix both and make to powder or like fine ravva and store it in a bottle.Take a spoon of this powder and make it like a paste with water.And at the same time take some water in a small vessel and keep it over the stove.Once the water boils add the paste to it and keep it until it boils.It takes hardly few seconds.Then take this paste to a small bowl and let it cool and after it cools you can add one spoon of ghee and pinch of salt or a spoon of sugar.

It' s a very healthy diet for kids.I started this food for my son when he was 4months old.I used to give him s brekfast and as dinner.Initially kids may not like it but gradully they will like it.
Do not worry about ur baby whether she is lean but she should not be under weight.If she is active that should be ok.
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Name: bhargavi
Subject:  diet for my baby
Date: 2010-02-11
my baby was 4mnths old.Till now i used only bf. i m feeding cerelac only once in the morning. She looks very lean. Her birth weight is 3.7kg. Now her weight is 5.25kg, and height is 25inch. Pls suggest as i can give rice only after annaprasana i.e 6th month.pls suggest me what kind of food can i feed her for good health?
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Name: Lakshmi
Subject:  diet for 4 month baby
Date: 2007-04-12
hi my son is also 4months old. am breast feeding asfar as possible. ve started with raagi flour and eve nestum(both not advisable till 6 months, but my feed is not enough am continuing with above said). for 5th month month u can start with daal water and orange juice. from 6th month u can give idly with milk n sugar
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Name: tuli
Subject:  hi
Date: 2007-04-07
you can give cerelac rice, ragi flour, carrot, beetroot any veg you can use, daal, fruit-mango, chicku, apple, papaya. please dont introduce 2-3 type of food together.once you add a new food in his diet continue for one week then start another. thank you
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Name: moon
Subject:  diet
Date: 2007-04-07
my baby is also 5months old here is his diet chart... breakfast-ragi atta with milk(bm), lunch-cerelacwith daal/ carrot/ beetroot/ potato. dinner-dallwith veg .sometimes I give her nestum.11am-curd,4 pm frut-banana, papaya, apple, mango, chikku. hope this help.
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Name: Rajeshwari
Subject:  Regd Ragi
Date: 2009-03-04
Hi Moon
I read that you are feeding your baby ragi with milk in the monring. i wanted to know- someone told me that ragi generates alot of heat in the body. Is this true? Can we give in summer time ?
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Name: hi
Subject:  test
Date: 2007-04-06
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