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India Parenting
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Kids & Food:tiffin ideas
Name: Rina
Hi all,
I have a lovely 3 yr old girl who has just started pre-school. I want to know a few things :
I usually send in her tiffin box a sandwich and few biscuits, i'm planning to send fruits as well, but dont know if cut fruits will keep well for 2 hrs in a box. I know apples turn brown when exposed, any ideas on how to avoid this?
Also, i'm planning to send some chappatis/parathas for her, but i see that chappattis turn dry sometime after they are made. Any ideas on how to make soft chappatis that will stay soft for long?
Thanks in advance
Name: sarika singha
Subject:  Bread/jam the best!
Thanks for sharing this interesting recipe. The other day my 3 year old son insisted that I buy him a bread roll dessert from a sweet shop. Now he always asks me to make them at home. He loves bread with fun-filled scoops of fresh and tempting strawberry jam for Breakfast. There’s something about it. Brings back so many memories.
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Name: Maumita B.
Subject:  Tiffin idea
Though its too late to give u an idea, but better late than never, no? u just make pancake for her. mix maida & milk to make a thin batter and fry it like malpua in a little butter/ white oil. u can also mix sugar for a sweet taste can mix nuts, raisins also u can roll the pancake with jam or fresh fruits & cream to make more delicious.
this a sweet option. if ur baby prefers salted item, then u can add boiled egg, chicken mince, some boiled/ sauted vegetables to make it a roll. dont forget to add salt when u make the batter then. u can also add egg to the batter directly. another option is u can make the batter with maida & egg only & add cubed onions, tomatoes, bioled potatoes to the batter & fry like an omlette. serve with pepper, sauce. hope it will be helpful to u. happy parenting.
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Name: minal
Subject:  vegi paratha with roll
hi, u can try this you make a parathlike what asha sugested and after taking out from pan blow the steem by spanking on paratha so u can see tha leare now cut the vegetable whatever u like but should dry, in a pan put some butter cumineseed and turmic vegetable and cook dry if u have microvev put in it tiil it cook but try to make it dry whene it is cold stuf it ni paratha and rool it and wrap it in a foil. i hope shi will like it.tell me dose it work or not.
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Name: kavya
Subject:  soft chapathi
hi rina,
while mixing atta add some milk to will make the chapathi soft for long time. instead of milk u can add curd also.
try this u will get good result.
tell me about the result.
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Name: asha
Subject:  make Paratha
Hi Rina,

you can make paratha or roti with butter put butter in chapathi and fold it and role it. don't aply butter on tawa. it will be soft.

you can give her Spanich rice you can grind palak in mixer with Ginger, chilli(if she liks hot)1 tomato pudina corinder make it paste. heat oil or ghee in cooker put jeera and chopped onion and then that paste and rice, salt,Lemon and cook it. my daughter is also 3years old and she loves this rice. you can make without palak but i like with palak in that way she can eat veggies. i hope u will like this.

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