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India Parenting
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Kids & Food:how to make daliya
Name: Aasiya Darvesh
i have a son of 8 months & have learned from the msgs posted tht daliyaa is good for him.i wanted to know how to make daliyaa pls provide me with recipe.
Name: arti
Subject:  daliya
dear ashiya,
my second son is also 9 months. and daliy a is indeeed good for him.
take a cooker, put a very small amount of ghee in it, and put hanful of daliya in it and fry it till it turns light broun, then add an average glass of milk to it, add sugar as per your taste, and close it. after two-three whistle daliya is prepared. allow the cooker to cool off normally.
another method of cooking daliya is with daal.
fry the daliya till it turns light broun, add green vegetable as per your liking, also add some moong or arahar daal, put some salt and haldi, put some water and after one whistle on lower burner, allow the cooker to cool off normally, and it is ready.
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Name: venky
Subject:  Madam what is daliya ?
Dear Aartiji..
Can u pls expalin me what is Daliya ,is it a toor Dal ,moong Dal am confused ?
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how to make daliya

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