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India Parenting
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Trying since long:what is regestrone ?
Name: rak
hi Archie-

Thanks for your response (to the pills and period below)

We spoke to my wife's gynac who is based in Bombay, India recently (we are based in UAE for the moment).

She advised my wife to take a tablet called regestrone - 5 MG for 5 days (one in morning and one in the evening). After finishing this course, my wife would be getting her period 7 days after this.

Now our concerns are as follows (unfortunately these could not be checked with the gynac over the phone)
- What is this new pill my wife has been asked to take ? What is the objective of this pill
- Will she have to take this the next time around as well

We thought taking the 21 day pill would be a very regular and routine thing and would bring maximum security from unwanted pregancy. Taking the contraceptive itself has thrown her period cycle massively out of gear and now shes been asked to take another pill. Is this normal ?

What are the other pills one can have if Regestrone is not available?

Can you please clarify

regards / rak

Name: Amol
Subject:  RE:what is regestrone ?
Hello Ladies,
Taking pills for every thing is also not so good and you need to be very careful regarding your health and it would be better you would take proper food and be healthy so that you will not face any problems.
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Name: No Name
Subject:  RE:what is regestrone ?
Hello Rak,
Why do you take your own medicines with out consulting any doctor. It will effect the health of your wife. And now a days lots of pre pregnancy pills are available in the market. Please consult the doctor and take the pill.
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Name: jayu
Subject:  deley priaods cycle
hi my wife has deleyed her prioads 15 days deleyed in evry month?someone suggested me regstrone tablets please help me is this right medicine for regular prioads ?? is this right medicine to suggested me???
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Name: mia
Subject:  hi
please consult doctors for such situations than taking medicines suggested by someone who have less knowledge and don't know about problems.
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Name: Archie
Subject:  Comment
Dear Rak,
The Regestrone tablet contains Norethindrone acetate and this is in combination with estrogen like hormones will help inducing period. Same tablet with some suppressive hormone can act as a birth contraceptive.

Take the prescription, but don't know if she would need in next cycle also. This is individual. Some require to use the pill and get their periods normal for a while and then again disturbed.

I mentioned in my last three messages that your wife is facing consequences of BCP. This is normal. YOur bet is her Gynecologist where you live. There are hundreds of birth control pill exisit in market and believe it or not no pill is absolutely perfect for all girls. It's that some girls are fine with one while others require a different pill. May be your wifes gynec can give her new pill to induce her periods and change the prescription for next cycle.

Sorry I could not help much here. This is normal part Rak, don't worry so much. Good to know that you are concerned husband and supporting at the same time.

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Name: rak
Subject:  Thanks...
Thanks for your advise and kind words..

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what is regestrone ?

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