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  Trying since long: Infertility doctors/institutes in Mumbai
Name: BD
Date: 2009-08-04
Hi, I have been trying to search for good doctor in Mumbai but could not find it all the info in one place.
This is an attempt to help myself and others like me, so request you all to share your experiences preferebly in this format or any format which you may suggest.. Thanks in Advance.

Name - Dr. Malpani
Location - Colaba, Mumbai
Cost - Expensive, Approx 25k for IUI and 1.5L for IVF(Others may please share experience with other treatments)
Clinic - Clean and even plays nice music. The approach through basement and then small dingy lift is highly inconvenient though.
Staff - Attentive but dont seem very qualified. He seems to have hired either retired nurses or freshers.
Hygiene - All instruments seem to be clean however since staff is amatuerish, you never know.
Waiting time - On an average 2 hours inspite of taking appointment.
Doctor - Good in talking but not so good with results. I was not impressed.
Others - (1) Makes the woman go past all waiting patients wearing a gown during procedure which is highly embarassing. (2) The nurse at the main desk thinks no end of herself and is many times rude with the patients.
Rating out of 5 stars - 2.5

Will share more soon, thanks

Name: Some one
Subject:  IUI & IVF
Date: 2013-11-04
IUI is very cheap else where, I dont know why people spend 25k. Beleive me Drs are getting very greedy, & they recommend IUI to any & everyone. IUI just reduces sperm travel by dropping it near to egg. So if u are not getting pregnant with average to good sperm count ur doctor must not actually prescribe it. Even I dont think IVF & ICSI should cost so high heard people paying 2to 3 lakhs, & it can all be managed in 50k with good profits to doctor.
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Name: Nikki
Subject:  IVF
Date: 2009-12-21
Hi I have heard from both Dr' s and several friends are doing treatment with them and are successful.

We have a 17 month daughter and have got another positive result.

bobby and Nikki
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Name: BD
Subject:  Question for all Doctors, Dr. Firuza, Dr. Malpani
Date: 2009-12-10
(1) Why are the treatments so expensive where as the procedure in itself is so straight forward? Especially in IUI.

(2) How much is your commission in the injections and other medicines you provide from your clinic like Menogon.

(3) Why dont you give only that many appointments for a day, which you can keep and handle unlike the current scenario, where you are trying to maximise your profits by following the first come first serve and serve all system. The current appointment system is nothing but a sham and you make everyone wait for hours... is the patients time not important?

(4) Why do you become defensive and rude when patient asks some uncomfortable or silly question?
Do you have some thing to hide??
Dont you understand that this is an expensive and new treatment for the patient. They are bound to have a million questions... Didnt you ever do anything new in your life?... how many questions did you ask when you were learning to drive a car?? This is the life of one' s beloved and the beginnnings of a new life we are talking about here.

More questions to follow soon :-) Thank You,
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Name: BD
Subject:  Im back with more :)
Date: 2009-12-03
Hi All,

1st of all, im changing and giving improved ratings to Dr. Malpani and Dr. Firuza for responding. It shows they have some integrity and the guts to face the patient feedback.

Now todays Doctor is Dr. Pai of Lilavati Hospital.

Name - Dr. Pai
Location - Lilavati, Bandra, Mumbai
Cost - Approx 5k for IUI & 1.5L for IVF and here' s the catch, injections, meds and scans etc. are not included. His USP is that he refers you to local doctors for scans etc. Going rate is 30% for commission but to be fair i dont know what is his arrangement. He does insist though on going to this one particular doctor. In short, the total expenses are much much more then what he claims. Oh and by the way, 600-800 bucks for every visit/consultation!!!
Clinic - Nice, clean, big and Very clean, thanks to Lilavati.
Staff - Mostly junior doctors and some of them are very rude in absence of the doctor.
Hygiene - All instruments seem to be clean however since staff is mostly junior, you never know.
Waiting time - On an average 1 hour inspite of taking appointment.
Doctor - Big mouth, talks as if he is god and brags a lot. Seems to be very money minded. Has a hands off approach and the clinic is virtually run by his juniors. Did I mention his Page 3 partner doctor, Ms. Nandita Palshetkar. She was recently on page 3, bombay times having a great birthday bash. So now we know where all our money is going and why the treatments are so expensive.
Rating out of 5 stars - 1
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Name: BD
Subject:  Ratings as on 3rd Dec 2009
Date: 2009-12-03
Dr. Malpani - 3 out of 5
Dr. Firuza - 2.5 out of 5
Dr. Hinuja - 1.5 out of 5
Dr. Pai - 1 out of 5

Cheers, BD
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Name: Nicky
Subject:  IVF
Date: 2009-11-29

Have any of you tried The Rotunda clinic Dr Kadam Koshal in Bandra and Dr Patel in Gujrat both very experienced specialists
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Name: BD
Subject:  Nicky
Date: 2009-12-10
Hi Nicky,

Yes, I have heard but have no feedback on Rotunda or Dr. Patel.

Have you visited them? If yes, please post some feedback so that others can benefit.

Any on else who has visited them may please post some feedback too.

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Name: Dr Malpani
Subject:  IVF clinics
Date: 2009-09-18
I think this is a great idea. If patients provide feedback to doctors, then IVF clinics can improve their services !

Our building we being repaired, which is why the entrance to the clinic was temporarily through the basement.

One advantage is being a free-standing clinic is that patients don' t have to wait in line to make payments ( as they do in hospitals !)

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Name: vilma
Subject:  Hi BD
Date: 2009-09-03
Please dont try in hiranandani. U are definately going to waste your money. Because a friend of mine tried in hiranandani and wasted her money.Then she tried in Ashwini Hospital which is in Ghatkopar and recently she got a baby girl.
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Name: vilma
Subject:  Hi Aliyah
Date: 2009-09-03
Hi Aliyah i can tell u great sucess rate of ivf treatment is in Madras. Instead of trying in Mumbai try in madras. U can also enquiry about it before going to Madras. That is Chennai. Im sure there is a good rate of sucess in Madras. U can try it. Wish u all the best. bye good luck and take care. Thanks.
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Name: VJ
Subject:  Firuza Parikh
Date: 2009-08-18

Did you get treatment at Jaslok? If so, did you get a positive outcome?

Thank you.
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Name: VJ
Subject:  IVF charges
Date: 2009-08-18
Malpani charged 1.5 lakh for IVF treatment? I paid him almost 2.5 lakhs earlier this year. His treatment fee alone was USD 3,500 (almost 1.75 lakhs), and with medications added on top of that, it ended up crossing the 2.5 lakh mark.

I went to another clinic in Jaipur (though, not as well known), and paid 95,000 per IVF treatment, including medication.

None of this matters though, since I did not have success anywhere :-(

I am now researching Firuza Parikh (who has quoted me close to 3 lakhs) and Hinduja (who quoted me 1 lakh) for an IVF cycle. Would appreciate feedback from anybody who has had any experience with these docs? I am more concerned about a positive outcome ...
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Name: BD
Subject:  Thanks, Please keep posting
Date: 2009-08-06
Thanks SLK. Was your IVF with her a success?

Other folks please keep posting, the doctors out there are charging us alot of money and may or may not be giving us the best treatment and this is the only way we can help each other. So again... please post your experiences, good or bad, with any doctor.

Couple of more things on Firoza.
(1) She is fit for NRI and celebrities as she is painfully expensive.
(2) After procedure the patient is left on a strecher for a long time outside in the waiting area in full view of all patients.
(3) She suggests all types of expensive tests which may or may not be relevant and prescribes alot of surgical treatments.
(4) I would give her a 2 out of 5 rating.
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Name: Sangeeta
Subject:  IVF under Dr. Firuza
Date: 2013-08-17
I had given up all the hope of having baby after undergoing unsuccessful 2 rounds of IUI in some other clinic.(Though I still had age in my hands). I was diagnosed with endometriosis and came to Dr. Firuza for 2nd opinion. I am very impatient kind of person when it comes to waiting and I agree due to so many patients seeking treatment and opinion under Dr. Firuza, I became impatient to the extent in my 1st visit that I was about to leave without meeting her. Howwever once I met her, I was convince that I am undergoing IVF under her. She personally attends to each and every patient.I never saw her discriminating any patient. I would highly recommend for patients who have lost hope of having baby.She would never recommend unnecessary tests and medicines.
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Name: Firuza
Subject:  In response to BD
Date: 2009-09-21
Dear BD
This is Dr Firuza Parikh responding to your message.
Being an IVF specialist since the last 23 years I have had the opportunity and the privilege to treat the poorest of the poor and also celebrities. All patients who come to me are treated with utmost respect. Whenever I can we subsidise charges for poor patients (through a fund set up by some of the more affording patients and some celebrities) Being in a hospital setup we are governed by inflexibility of charges which does not apply to private clinics.
About 6 months ago we redesigned and added an operation theatre and an extra embryology lab so patients can recover in privacy. Patients no longer have to be on a stretcher and are very comfortable.
AS a doctor I believe in evidence based medicine and my greatest strength is being recognised as a very ethical doctor by my patients and my peers I cannot recall myself prescribing any test or doing a surgical procedure which was not required.
I hope you are successful in having a baby soon. My best wishes to you
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Name: SLK
Subject:  Dr.Firuza Parikh
Date: 2009-08-05
Name: Dr.Firua Parikh
Location: Jasklok Hospital, Peddar road,South mumbai
Cost:Expensive , For IVF i spent around 2.5 lakh( exclusive of pre ivf test and other treatment
Clinic: Very tiny but clean, toilets are clean but not upto the mark
Staff: All are sweet except head nurse is very rude,.
Waiting time: appointment time was at 1.30pm got to see Dr.parikh at 3.30pm
Doctor: She is good focused,her success rate is good
Others: when u ask how much it may cost of ivf roughly they tell 2.2 but better you mentally preapred for 3.5 lakh.
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Name: Dipika
Subject:  For: Dr. Firuza Parekh
Date: 2009-11-10
Hi Doctor,

Warm wishes to u and ur entire team,

I dont know if you remember me or not, but I underwent ICSI under you in july, unfortunately it was as failure, but I should truly admit that you and the entire team is not responsible of the failure. My personal experience with you was very good and I feel that you give personal attention to all the patients and make them feel very comfortable in all the aspects. I felt that I am under safe hand. you treat ur patients with love and care.

I am so thankful for all your concern, personal attention and your warmth.

I am coming back again in 2011.

Wish u good luck and regards to all the staff menbers

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Name: Firuza
Subject:  Responding to SLK
Date: 2009-09-21
Dear SLK
My apologies for making you wait at the time of your appointment. Delays occur sometimes because some afternoons I am caught up in the IVF lab where I personally superbvise all procedures.I personally check on all embryos and supervise the IVF/ICSI lab and am very hands on. (This is one of the factors that ensures the high success rates that we have.) This delays the new appointment schedule for the afternoon.
We now have 6 qualified gynaecologists and infertility specialists on out team in order to cut down the waiting time.
I have counseled the Head Nurse about your comment of her being rude and explained to her that you are our priority. You can be assured of her empathy and encouragement in the future
Wish you all the best always
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Name: BD
Subject:  Dr. Firoza Parikh? Dr. Pai of Lilavati?
Date: 2009-08-04
Hi Friends,

Pls share your experiences with Dr. Firoza Parikh of Jaslok and Dr. Pai of Lilavati. Heard about some doc at Hiranandani hospital also... how is he?

Any others, thanks

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Name: BD
Subject:  Dr. Indira Hinduja
Date: 2009-08-04

Name - Dr. Indira Hinduja
Location - Grant Road, Mumbai
Cost - Dont know exact cost of treatments however she charges 1000/- for consultation.
Clinic - Dirty, dark, building toilet stinks. Infact her clinic does not even have a toilet.
Staff - Old and rude. Cant even speak proper english.
Hygiene - Unhygenic environment.
Waiting time - On an average 30 mins inspite of taking appointment.
Doctor - She is highly acclaimed, however seems like she has lost her touch.
Others - Highly disappointing considering her reputation.
Rating out of 5 stars - 1.5

Will share more soon, thanks

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