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Trying since long:PCOD
Name: PB Bangalore
Hi all
I am married since 8 years and have been diagonised as having Poly cystic ovarian disease. tried with clomiphene and injections. gone for two sittings for IUI. no luck. Presently i am taking homeopathy medicine, but still my periods r irregular. In between i was under stress and stopped taking any medicine.

Is any one with PCOD has got conceived in any branch of medicine? please let me know the diet and the treatment u followed. I will be very grateful to u.

My husband is very cooperative and he is god' s gift to me. I am thankful to god for that. He don' t have any problem. Presently we r following good diet and 30 mins exercise.(from May Only)

Needs ur suggestion and help

Name: PCOD
Subject:  No help with ramdev medicine
have been taking ramdev medicine for last 15 days still no menusuration begin.

visited ramdev clinic yesterday and they suggested to take ALOES COMPOUND till the time i get periods..

is anyone taking this medicine its an ayurvedic medicine without any side effects
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Name: Aarti
Subject:  PCOD treatment from Baba ramdev clinic
i have been diagnosed with PCOD 2 yrs back, with completly lack of ovalutiona dn menusuration cycles.

i have gone through several failed cycles of clomid and metformin. and 3 IUI doctors have suggested me Laproscopy or IVF. which we dont want to go for right now.

i have visited baba ramdev clinic in new delhi rajinder nagar last week and started following medicines.

after meal 1 tablet each
chandraprabha vati
kachnar gugglu
istri asayan vati
vridhivadhika vati

2 tablets before meal
raj pravatni vati
and 3 tbspoons of ashokarisht and patrangasav

along with this need to take dashmool kwath 2 times a day emty stomach
this medicine is for 15 - 20 days till you get mensurated.

i will visit clinic again once my periods start and keep you posted.
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Name: Harini
Subject:  my advice
Suggested Eating habits for PCOD
5 am - drink one litre water. if you cant drink plant water put some half elachi or soem kissmiss or any flavor that you like. But drink 1litre water.
6am - you are already completed with nature calls and if not, am sure you will be able to do it in another 2 days. Take 1 spoon triphala churna powder and mix in 1 spoon honey and eat.
this makes your stomach ready for all the garbage that you throw all the day.
7am- its time for cofy/milk... but i suggest go for ragi malt. its very easy. make sure you are health conscious when trying to cure pcod. milk and milk products contain fats. it may be avoided in the initial stages.
Just put Ragi powder in hot water and add milk(optional) and jaggery.
------- Its time to do some chore activities at home. cleaning, washing, bathing.... all those which require you.
10am - eat some brkfast.. remember less oil. Eat something which takes more energy to digest than the amount it gives back. Ex: Oats. To get 500 calories from oats, we need to spend 1000 calories in digesting it...

The perfect food for PCOD.
-----------In the mean time, eat the black or brownish sesame seeds.. they have more iron, calcium. They are ultimate sources of female health.
12.30 - eatch lunch. The rice should be brownish.. not the super fine white rice. eat 3/4 of stomach and the other 1/4 shall be filled with water. dont eat till u cant remove the plates on the dining table. :)
Do some house activities or if in office, have a small walk or if not just go and get some water and go to loo.. its ok.. very small exercies.. but worth doing. :) go to printer atleast.
------- eat sesame seeds like always you munch it and your jaws should pain.. remember the days when eating sugarcane, you feel pain in the jaws...
5.30 - eat some snacks. plz make sure you are health conscuious. take time to prepare salads and reduce potato intake. Why to avoid potato, rice, banana is - simple reason - they give instant energy. We dont want that. PCOD people already are having lots n lots of weight :). Watch shows that have lots of healthy foods on display. Its time you should be active.
7.30 - Prepare dinner with items like sambar, rasam important.
9.30 - complete eating your dinner and take the most important thing triphala.
Taking triphala differes from person to person. Some people' s body will respond well with water, some respond with buttermilk and some with honey.
So, in the night, ensure what your body will like.
try with buttermilk and after one week, still if you feel there is motion problem in the morning, take triphala with luke warm water.
and then GO TO SLEEP like a baby. You should have done more physical exercise or walking so that your body is already exhausted and want to take rest.

practice this for atleast one month... and I am sure you will be ready to get pregnant.

Even after all of this, there is some trouble like we maintain weight and not lessing it.
Tablets I have taken
rajah pravartini vati of patanjali - to regulate my periods. take one tab in morn and eve til you get your period.
i used to take for 15days.. :(.. then it got reduced to 2 days..
divya stri rasayan - to maintain female health. daily take 2, morn and eve.
triphala - to remove toxics from body. morning one spoon with honey and night after dinner one spoon with buttermilk or luke warm water
hyponidd from charak - some sugar level balancing, prescribed for pcos. 2 in the morning
m2-tone from charak - female health and menstrual regulator
eating sesame seeds and papaya regularly. - eat sesame seeds for calcium and iron. blood require iron. and papaya is stimulant for motion. try one fruit for 3days atleast. stop eating sesame after getting pregnant. As this is a heat producing seed, it wil abort.. plz take care.
exercise - atleast minimal. remember if u r periods are regular, you can become pregnant even if u r overweight.
metformin compound - to stop liver creating sugar in the body (which we already have too much) 3 daily. 1500mg
modus - tablet to get periods in the english medicine. like regestrone.
Alphadopa/methyldopa - for blood pressure . even during pregnancy we can take this
thyroxin - for thyroid regulation. i got hypothyroid due to harmonal imbalance and pcos.
2 drops of gingelyor sesame oil in nose - this acts like oil in any mechanical devices. like wise brain operates well. you can research on net to learn more on the benefits. it reduces blood pressure also. i have been taking it. breathing becomes normal and nose congestion wil not be there. can be take twice in a week.
emotional balance - laugh and make others laugh.. try to read wt you are more interested and do wht u feel more happier in life. be brave and confident. dont get depressed.

I dont say by all these you are sure to get pregnant but am confident atleast you will build confidence in yourself that you can cross the river at some point. I mean, at some time you will think \" I can also become pregnant\" .

As I have seen people who are on Metformin, clomid cycles and still not pregnant.. the reason could be its not the right medicine for your bopdy. or the diet of corbohydrates or proteins is not the right kind for your body.
I have become pregnant with 1500mg of metformin in the the first month itself. So people.. make changes to your eating habits. it wil save u r life.

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Name: neha
Subject:  Need Advice!!
Hi All,

I have just been diagnosed with PCOD & I really feel very depressed & worried. Though my doctor is very nice & she explains that this will not harm my chances to conceive, I am not convinced, at least from what I have read on internet. I feel a little positive seeing the experiences you all have shared here but am very doubtful inside.

I am 27 yrs old & have been married only for a year plus we have not started trying as of now but I feel my age is running & the age factor combined with this PCOD problem will hamper my chances of having a baby. My husband is supportive but after being diagnosed with this problem, I dont want to wait very long to start a family now.

I have read all the suggestions here but request you all to please advice me more as to what can help me in reducing weight like should I go for Yoga, some specific exercises or ramdev baba' s medicines? Please tell me everything that I can try. I would then make a lit of things that I need to do.
If possible, I would also like to talk to anyone of you on the phone.

Thanks in advance.
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Name: SS
Subject:  PCOS

I was diagonised of PCOS when I could not conceive for a year. I was given metformin for a year and that did not help. You need to see a good doctor immediately and get yourself treated for it. I was induced(harmone injections) for proper ovulation and IUI was done and luckily got conceived in the first attempt. But ppl who have PCOS has high chances of developing Gestational Diabetics and I was one among them.
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Name: uma
Subject:  Accupressure for PCOD
The best treatment you could do is acupressure. Refer book title\" Health in your Hands\" Vol I and II by Devendra Vora.

While doing acupressure avoid taking heavily disgestable foods, milk, curd, sweets, etc., Take as much as butter milk.

For more detail refer the book and if required contact the author.
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Name: mandeep
Subject:  for Komal, anu and Vai
Sorry for not replying earlier as i saw post only yesterday that u all have left message for me. sorry again.

I took Baba' s medicine from delhi. actually it was my mom n dad who bought the medi.( i live in scotland so i was not present there) after explaning to ved in the shop about my pcod and not producing eggs cos of that. I have ask my dad again to find out the prescription as he says he might have kept some where. but what i can remember following were the medicines.

REG. yoga i did but was not regular but use to walk at least 1 hour everyday.

ANU asked me baout IUI yes dear i went through that but it did not wroked for me infect i that failed clomid courses, IUI , IVF when there was dark all around BABA' s medicines was like last hope for me as my 2nd round of IVF was comeing n i was not ready to do again as it caused too too much hormonal problem to me.

Last I will only says go to any Baba' s shop if there is any near where u live explaine them your problem i am sure they will give u medicine n you all will have joy of holding your LO soon. one thing more dont stress yourself as that dont help either.
bless u take care.
if there is any hting else pl. ask i will make sure that i look at this post everyday.
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Name: madhuri
Subject:  please share your experience in detail
hi maya

nice to see that you conceived after 15 years. it is giving me some hopes and now i really feel like believing in god. but i am 36 years old with 3 ivfs failed. i got pregnant but miscarried. we have been trying from 3 years. please do share your emotional journey and your experiences. thanks
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Hi Madhuri, thanks for believing in God. This is my humble request to you that instead of having some hope have FULL FAITH in Almighty. Before sharing anything about my treatment I would pressurise you to do one thing and belive me when you will start doing this u will see how the miracle happens. Madhuri if you can take care of ´ LADDOO GOPAL´ (bal roop of LORD KRISHNA)like your own child, bathing, feeding etc., I am giving you my words if you start it religiously, you will get the result in the same month. If you are not able to do it then also my ´ RAGHAV" (my LADDOO GOPAL) will fulfil all your desires and you will also have the bundle of joy soon. For my each and every moment of medical journey of getting my little angel, pls give my your mobile No., we will talk in detail over phone. With all my love and blessings. Good Luck, MAYA
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Name: Bully
Subject:  PCOD success
Hi all,

I am a 30 year old professional. Had PCOD and cudn conceive for two years. was very dejected but didnot wantto give up. I brought a tremendous change in my diet. eating healthy and excercing everyday without fail. i kept taking my metformin along with dietary treatment. like a magic after 1 year a conceived with a second dose of Clomiphine citrtae under doctor' s guidance and of all GOD' s blessing and prayers of all loved one. am blessed with a healthy son a month and a half back.
through me i see hope and possibility of a dream being successful in u all. have faith and work for it. only medicines wont help.
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Name: Chitra Ram
Subject:  Suggestion
I was a PCOD patient 3 yrs ago i met and endocronologist in Ramaiah Hospital .I was on medication for a year,my next scan reports showed NO Cysts.I suggest you meet a good Endocronologist and regaring your conception please do meet Dr Malathi Rao in Manipal North side Hospital Malleshwarm .She is a very nice doc .
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Name: Archana
Subject:  Need info on doctor
Hi Chitra,

I am getting some hopes after reading your mail regarding PCOD. I also have PCOD and suffering with irregular periods. Can you pls tel me the name of the doctor whom you consulted in Ramaiah hospital. I would like to start the treatment soon.

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Name: angel
Subject:  PCOD
Hi I have read thro few research papers on METFORMIN for infertility and PCOD.Reults showed the following benifits, 500 mg 3 times or 2 times a day

1.Reduction in Testosterone Level
2.Treating PCOD
3.Normalizing Periods
4.Increase possibility of conceiving
5.Some may need CLOMID with this for quick conceve.
6.Decrease risk of miscarriage

So many have benefited using METFORMIN tablets.Check u r doctor on this.Research showed that Balanced diet and physical exercise with Metforming made a completed cure for PCOD and PCOS patients.
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Name: mandeep
Subject:  hi
i was diagnosed with PCOD and went through all the treatment available in this world to have a baby but unlucky me nothing worked until i found baba ramdevji' s ayurvedic medi. i took medi for 3 months n was pregenant at end of 4th month. it deffo worked for me.i had my baby after 8 years of trying.
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Name: Komal
Subject:  Please reply
Hi could you please tell me did you also do yoga with Baba Ramadev Medicine?? And where did you consulted for Baba Ramadev Medicine

Many thanks
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Name: Anu
Subject:  pcos
Hi could you tell us teh name of the medicine gvnby baba ramdevji

I hv pcos , and also wanted to know if any one has tried IUI. As i was told my doc tht IUI is not a gd option for PCOS as there are chances of multiple births
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Name: Vaidehi
Subject:  Congratulations!
Hi Mandeep,

Very good to hear you have conceived after all. Can you please give me then name of the medicines that worked for you?

Thanks and take care!
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